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Rosalie Davis is a transformational life coach, reiki master, and storyteller guiding clients to come home more fully to their true selves. She helps them unearth the beliefs, stories, habits, and patterns keeping them from living life consciously and in alignment with their most authentic selves, moving them toward empowered choice. She also facilitates women’s circles aimed at creating community, connection, and sisterhood. She works 1:1, in groups, in-person and virtually. rosaliedavis.com / Instagram / Facebook.

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How Our Emotional Triggers Can Actually Be Great Gifts

“Be grateful for triggers, they point to where you are not free.” ~Unknown

Your triggers are your responsibility. I know, it doesn’t land so nicely, does it? But it’s the truth. The moment you truly understand this, you let others off the hook and you’re able to actually see triggers as gifts pointing to where you’re not whole.

I’ve heard this many times before and felt like retorting with, “But, he/she/they did….” Just because your triggers are your responsibility doesn’t mean that others won’t do hurtful or infuriating things. It just means the only thing you can control is your …