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Shanice is a Dutch (screen)writer and director. She was selected as one of the five winners of Netflix New Voices 2021 and also made the semi-finals (50 out of 8000) of The Academy’s Nicholl Fellowship for emerging screenwriters. Her short film called “Other” featuring couture by Iris van Herpen premiered at Imagine Film Festival 2021. She’s currently writing a sci-fi series for Videoland as well as directing commercials for both national and international clients. http://shanicekamminga.com/

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No, You Don’t Have to Work Harder: The Truth About Finding Success

“Ease is the sign of grace in everything.” ~Marty Rubin

Work harder. Never give up. Believe in yourself. Get out of bed earlier. Shout self-affirmations in the mirror. Adapt the habits of “highly successful” people…

How many times have we heard those things? In award speeches, articles, self-help books… All those who have made it seem to imply this: If you just work hard enough, long enough and believe in yourself, you will be successful.

But, like…will you though?

I can’t disagree entirely. It’s not that these things don’t contribute to success. They can. But they get way more …