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Sharee James is a naturopath and a yoga and meditation instructor who has been leading spiritual retreats in the Himalayas of Nepal for the last 6 years. Check out her upcoming retreat to Nepal or sign up to her free online meditation course.

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How Meditation Can Help Us Heal from Trauma, Pain, and Loss

“In the midst of conscious suffering, there is already the transmutation. The fire of suffering becomes the light of consciousness.” ~Eckhart Tolle

I still remember the first day I met her.

I was running a bodywork clinic from home at the time, and she came to me one day for a treatment. Let’s call her Miranda.

Miranda had something about her that I noticed immediately, a palpable sense of peace and clarity that shone through her eyes and radiated out from her very core.

She seemed to be the most spiritually grounded person I had ever come across. I conveyed …