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Sharif H Joynson is a writer and coach based in London, England. He is also a dad, dedicated life partner, personal trainer, and self-defense instructor. He works with men and couples to make them stronger in themselves and their relationships. Visit him at www.sharifhjoynson.com.

How to Stop Neglecting and Abusing Your Inner Child

“Hold the hand of the child that lives in your soul. For this child, nothing is impossible.” ~Paulo Coelho

You’re probably an abusive parent. Even if you don’t have children.

In each of us lives an inner child. This child isn’t just a sub-layer of our personality; it’s arguably the real us, the deepest aspect of ourselves.

Like many people, I’ve been aware of the inner child idea for some time. I thought of the concept mostly as another way of explaining our personal sensitivities or the childish behavior we all are capable of at times. But it’s not …