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Star Davis has a background of 10+ years in the medical field and a deep love for writing. In community college, she started writing short pieces and documenting her mental health journey. Several years later, she feels she’s in a place where she can share what she’s been through. She launched a blog in December of 2023 where she posts weekly sourced articles. She also writes inspirational poetry and positively themed short stories.  You can find her at starpdavis.com.

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A Little Hope and Encouragement for Hard Times

“If your path demands you to walk through hell, walk as though you own the place.” ~Unknown

Trigger warning: This content contains references to self-harm and suicide.

It was in the spring semester during graduate school. I was living alone in a one-bedroom apartment and working nearly full-time hours at night.

The anti-depressants weren’t working so well. I was keeping up with my therapist, but I suppose it was too much.

I felt too much. It hurt so much and couldn’t handle it. You could list out the symptoms of depression, and I had them all.

Unable to deal with …