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Stefanie Ruth is a #1 best-selling author of the book Your Sacred Journey: The Ultimate Guidebook to Align Your Mind, Body, & Spirit. She is an intuitive Reiki Master Teacher, Karuna Reiki® Master, spiritual life coach, tarot reader, and Akashic Records Reader. Stefanie offers a variety of healing sessions and classes to people worldwide. She is featured in ReikiRays, Spirituality+Health Magazine, Medium, and Authority Magazine. To learn more, visit her website at https://liveandbreathereiki.com.

If You Aren’t Happy with Yourself and Your Life Right Now…

“For the person that needs to see this today: Your heart will heal, your tears will dry, your season will change. Rest tonight knowing the storm will end.” ~Unknown

When I was fifteen, I officially started engaging in the diet scene. As a teenager who was trying to fit in, feel pretty, and gain acceptance, I thought that food was the fix. Food—or the lack of it—would be the solution to all my problems. All that thought really did was make everything worse.

As a child, I would visit Europe every other year, to visit family. The culture and the …