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Stephanie is a recent Silicon Valley transplant to the Colorado mountains. As a tech leader, mom of twins, and caregiver, she finds refuge in writing. Get her free Mindfulness & Self-Acceptance in Crisis Guide, a companion to this article to support anyone going through hardship.  Stephanie is a regular contributor to Mindfulness Incubator, a resource for overwhelmed professionals to live with more intention. Sign up to get awesome tools & resources delivered to your inbox, or find them on Instagram.

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4 Ways to Save Your Sanity When Life Gets Hard and Overwhelming

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.” ~Jon Kabat Zinn

In December of 2020, we noticed Mom’s speech seemed difficult. Like she had stuffed cotton balls in her mouth, and someone was restraining her jaw from moving. We asked her about it, she said it was nothing.

We hadn’t seen each other since we got together over the holidays. On New Year’s Day 2020, we clinked glasses filled with sparkling wine and shared bold predictions about how this was going to be our best year yet (spoiler alert, it wasn’t).

With every passing week and conversation, …