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Opera singer, voice teacher, cancer survivor, black belt, Mom. Tania Solomon makes her home in Los Angeles, California. Tania is a two-time breast cancer survivor whose life's mission is to help people enrich their lives by learning to sing. Tania embraces life and all its lessons and seeks joy in everyday living. Visit her at thrivingsinger.com.

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Lessons and Gifts from Grief: What I Learned After Losing My Baby

Today marks the twenty-year anniversary of when I lost my first baby.

I was, at the time, happily married and we were excited to start our family. My pregnancy was planned, wanted, and blissful. I was six months along. I was showing, and the baby was kicking vigorously. We had just moved into a wonderful house only a few blocks from my parents. Everything was absolutely golden.

It took me a little while to find an OB-GYN in the area, so I was about a month late for my baseline ultrasound. We were very excited to get a clear view …