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Tina is a student of Buddhism, meditation and yoga.  She writes about cultivating happiness through mindfulness at her own blog, (Modern Mindfulness).  Tina lives near cottage country in Ontario, Canada with her husband and two dogs.  Also a vegetarian and animal lover she enjoys photography, travel and nature.  But mostly she’s just a free spirit trying to follow the path.

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How to Eat Mindfully and Actually Enjoy Your Food

“Smile, breathe, and go slowly.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

It’s Sunday night. A steaming plate of spaghetti is set in front of me. Salivating with wide eyes I grab my fork and prepare to dive in. We know how this will end. I will say to my husband while patting my tummy and undoing my top button, “Tomorrow we will start our healthy eating plans.”

This scene raises a number of questions:

Why can’t I resist the urge to inhale my meal like an out of control Scooby Doo bingeing on Scooby snacks? Even when my body is screaming “Enough—you’re …