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Tinesha Renee' is a Certified Medical Intuition System Practitioner and Transformational Energy Healer.  She works with people from all walks of life to remove spiritual, mental, emotional, and energetic blocks so they can live their best life! When she healed herself and changed her life around and then helped heal other people and change their lives around, she realized how vital healing is for every one of us! Get Free Energy Healing Here: www.LifeUnBlocka.com/freehealing

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Why They Wanted to Deny She Was Buddhist in Her Eulogy

“Live and let live.” ~Unknown

So there I was, sitting in front of the Zoom meeting, when it happened. The overwhelming grief just hit me like a freight train. And no matter how much emotional training I tried to dig into, or self-help tricks I tried to muster up, nothing could stop the train in that moment.

The emotions flooded over me and forced me to stop and break down with the simple, plain, beautiful, and powerful truth: I miss my friend.

I had been so busy in this new Covid world, gathering up pictures of her for her obituary, …