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Tom is a life adventurer, who loves to explore and immerse himself within the world through travel, meditation, and yoga. Creative outlets such as writing and playing music help fuel his passion to help others on their journey of personal development.

Moving from Heartbreak to Happiness: How to Work Through the Pain

“Pain makes you stronger. Fear makes you braver. Heartbreak makes you wiser.” ~Unknown

There I was, sitting in my lounge room, waiting for my girlfriend to return home.

We had just bought our first house together and had been living there for a week. It was a chaotic time, balancing moving, work, study commitments, and an obscene amount of renovations. However, the heartfelt joy of settling into our own place overshadowed the chaos.

Our new home held the dreams of a future life together. The thought of raising a family there filled my heart to the brim.

It was an …