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Vaidehi is a teacher and mentor who is extremely passionate about pedagogy, writing, and the arts. She enjoys long conversations, writing, and music. She runs her own website at www.alearninghut.com. She also curates a magazine called the Halli Times, with the aim of reviving old fashioned habits like reading and writing.  alearninghut@gmail.com

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“Old” Isn’t a Bad Word: The Beauty of Aging (Gracefully or Not)


“Mrs. Miniver suddenly understood why she was enjoying the forties so much better than she had enjoyed the thirties: it was the difference between August and October, between the heaviness of late summer and the sparkle of early autumn, between the ending of an old phase and the beginning of a fresh one.” ~Jan Struther, Mrs. Miniver

As an adolescent, I was always keen on looking and acting older than my age.

As the youngest amongst three, I always felt that my siblings held more power and their grown up lives seemed more glamorous to me. They would prance off …