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I try to foster my personal growth by inserting conscious pauses ("white space") into my life. I write about this process, and the results, at http://whitespace.me/ (AlsoTwitter and Facebook.)

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Does Your Day Start Out Perfect and Then Fall Apart?

“He is able who thinks he is able.” ~Buddha

I really needed to finish up a task. I’d already spent five more days than the one I’d estimated it would take. My boss was getting edgy; my co-workers were looking at me funny.

Every day I’d come in, have my plan-of-attack all thought out. It should have progressed well—quickly even. And then something would happen.

One day, the computer hardware I was using for months suddenly stopped and wouldn’t turn on. (Motherboard bad—two days.)

Another day, the software I installed, which runs flawlessly on several other systems, randomly crashed with …