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Xander Zweig is a freelance writer, voiceover artist, and podcast host from Cape Town, South Africa, based in Asia with his life partner, where he's been studying Buddhism. Xander writes about life, spirituality, mental health, and mindfulness. A passionate lifelong learner, completing countless certifications and courses and fascinated by culture and languages, Xander is reinventing himself by challenging his past trauma and depression by pursuing a new life after returning to university at 41.

How I’ve Navigated My Grief and Guilt Since Losing My Narcissistic Father

“One of the greatest awakenings comes when you realize that not everybody changes.  Some people never change.  And thats their journey.  Its not yours to try and fix it for them.” ~Unknown

In 2021 my father died. Cancer of… so many things.

Most of the events during that time are a blur, but the emotions that came with them are vivid and unrelenting.

I was the first in my family to find out.

My mother and sister had gone on an off-grid week-long getaway up the West Coast of South Africa, where there’s nothing …