3 Free, Life-Changing Events to Check Out in January

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As the New Year approaches, many of us are making lists of ways we can improve our lives and better ourselves.

If you’re looking to transform your body, calm your mind, or push yourself outside your comfort zone, you may benefit from participating in one of these three free events from Tiny Buddha friends and contributors.

Transform Your Body

On Tuesday, January 10th, at 7:00pm EST, Tiny Buddha contributor Rena Greenberg is running a free webinar, entitled The Fastest and Easiest Way to Remove Subconscious Obstacles to Weight Loss and Feel Great Fast in 2017.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How to stop the endless cycle of dieting by tapping into the wisdom in your subconscious
  • How to lose weight without feeling deprived, by changing the way you subconsciously think about food
  • Quick and easy ways to change your behavior and eliminate overeating, binging, snacking, and emotional eating
  • How you can lose weight and get healthy with powerful self-hypnosis technology

About Rena Greenberg:

Since 1990 Hay House author Rena Greenberg has helped over 200,000 people, all over the world, lose weight and achieve optimal health. Her groundbreaking wellness seminar for weight control has been reviewed and sponsored in over 75 hospitals and in 100+ major corporations such as Walt Disney World and Home Depot.

Her clients often say they “owe their lives to her,” because she finds the fastest and easiest ways to help people release subconscious blocks to losing weight and find lasting health, happiness, and freedom.

Sign up for Rena’s free weight loss webinar here.

Calm Your Mind

No practice can improve your state of mind more effectively than meditation. It can reduce stress and anxiety, enhance your focus, increase your resilience, and even improve your physical health.

From January 2nd through January 4th the non-profit Heartfulness is offering three free online video masterclasses in meditation, conducted by the teacher of Heartfulness, Kamlesh D. Patel.

The masterclasses will be available online, starting at midnight, and will be accessible throughout the day. Each class runs about one hour.

About the Masterclasses:

January 2nd: Relax

In the first class, learn Heartfulness relaxation for physical well-being, as well as the Heartfulness guided meditation on the source of light within your own heart

January 3rd: Rejuvenate

In the second class, be guided through a simple rejuvenative technique to unwind the mind at the end of the day, let go of stresses and emotions, and simplify your life.

January 4th: Connect

In the third class, learn to connect with your inner self by listening to the heart’s voice. Observe your deepest feelings, make wise choices and weave your destiny.

Sign up for the Heartfulness free meditation masterclasses here.

Push Yourself Outside Your Comfort Zone

Do you wish you could do more with your life, but hold yourself back because you’re afraid of rejection?

Whether you’re seeking new friends, a new job, or any other new possibility, you’d likely benefit from getting comfortable hearing with word “no.” Every “no” is one step closer to a “yes.”

Tiny Buddha contributor Jacob Sokol’s free comfort zone challenge can help.

About the Challenge:

If you’re up for playing, the game will help you…

  • Expand your assumptions about what you think is possible in your life
  • Develop the skill of asking for what you really want
  • Overcome your fears of rejection and develop more courage

The goal of the game is simple: collect NOs by asking for things you’d like.

As a side effect of playing, you’ll stop taking things so personally and start to rewire your nervous system to feel rejection-proof.

Once you get told no, you’ll want to come share about it in Jacob’s super engaged free FB group. The group shower you with celebration and share their own stories of getting NOs.

The challenge will begin on Jan 1st, 2017 and will run until the end of January. It’s completely free, and you can join at any time.

Join the free comfort zone challenge here.

I hope you enjoy these wonderful events!

About Lori Deschene

Lori Deschene is the founder of Tiny Buddha. She started the site after struggling with depression, bulimia, c-PTSD, and toxic shame so she could recycle her former pain into something useful and inspire others do the same. She recently created the Breaking Barriers to Self-Care eCourse to help people overcome internal blocks to meeting their needs—so they can feel their best, be their best, and live their best possible life. If you’re ready to start thriving instead of merely surviving, you can learn more and get instant access here.

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