4 Lessons on How to Find the Right Direction in Life


“Life’s blows cannot break a person whose spirit is warmed by the fire of enthusiasm.” ~Norman Vincent Peale

“Something just doesn’t feel right,” I thought to myself as I walked into my house after a long commute from work, being greeted by my exhausted spouse, who was trying to manage the kids after putting in a long day at her own job.

Work hard, save money, buy a house, and live happily ever after. The formula I grew up with didn’t seem all that great anymore. Was it broken? I mean, I worked at a good job but felt as though I was meant to do more.

My stress and anxiety were heightened by the increasing uncertainty in my career, the unpredictability of events, and the complicated, fast nature of life, especially over the last few years.

I became stuck, frozen, and paralyzed by the chaos of life and work I felt all around me.  

With no reasonable approach apparent I stood still. Examining my life, overthinking all the various life paths in front of me, presented a scary picture. Each path looked worse than the other, inhibiting any possible action I might take.

As I was spinning down this spiral of anxiety, my life stagnated and I just felt hopeless.

Then one day, I took an unexpected trip that changed my life and led me down an unpredictable path, where I learned, adapted, and grew to understand myself better. It also led me toward a life purpose that was neither grand nor perfect, but it seemed to fit. It just made sense, and I discovered it by chance.

Or was it by chance?

Breathing fresh air into a stagnant soul, I felt alive again, traveling on a road despite the uncertainty existing around me.

Over the last few years, through my journey of trying to figure out which path to follow, I learned a lot about those factors that led me to ultimately discover what I think I’m meant to do.

As a result, I am currently in the middle of a major life change, going from a twenty-year corporate career to being an author, speaker, and career counselor. While I am not sure how the next few years will go, I am at last open to new possibilities.

Here are four lessons I learned on how to find the right direction in life:

1. Stop overthinking.

So much of our stress and anxiety about the future stems from all the analysis and thinking we do as adults. We ask ourselves all sorts of questions. I recall countless nights lying awake, entertaining ideas, and wrestling with my soul. I tried so hard to figure out where I would end up that I often felt defeated before I even began.

But all the overanalysis got me nowhere; it just burned more time.

The reality is that no matter how smart we may be, we cannot predict the future. Things are moving so fast and we’re so interconnected that it is impossible to predict where you’ll end up five years from now.

You just don’t know. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing, because you will not be basing your choice of direction on a forecast that’s likely to be wrong.

You’ll be making your choice on what’s really important to you, right here and right now, not tomorrow.

By recognizing and ultimately accepting the unpredictable nature of life, we can stop overthinking and overanalyzing, and start living more in the present moment. This helps to open the mind up to the possibilities of today.

2. Try anything. Do something.

When you take action and start doing things, you begin to feel better almost immediately. Instead of thinking about some far-off place in your head, full of uncertainty, you will be working on something that is really certain: your actions.

So many times, I got caught up in the chaos of life and was consumed by it, until I realized that, while I cannot control what will happen tomorrow, I can control the actions I take every single day.

That’s the real beauty of life—knowing that you have absolute control over each of your thoughts, words, and actions.

And by trying, moving, asking, engaging, experimenting, and walking forward, you are one step further than where you were yesterday. And you just never know where that one step will lead you.

3. Follow your inner voice.

I used to feel that if only I knew more, I would be able to make a better decision about the direction I wanted to take in life. But as I dug deeper trying to get more information, the hole got so deep that I found myself buried.

Confused and overwhelmed by so much information, some of it conflicting, I just didn’t know what or whom to believe.

Then, I just let go. I let go of all evidence and started following my gut.

I took chances; I took small steps walking forward in the dark. I stumbled, fell, but got back up and went in a different direction. Then again, and again, and again. As they say, the first step was the hardest, but I eventually found my way, not because some data point on a career chart showed me which way to go, but because I started to trust my inner voice.

Sure, it was often wrong, but it got better eventually because I was out there doing and learning—not sitting and waiting.

4. Believe in yourself.

When I first started exploring new opportunities to find the right direction in my life, I found myself overwhelmed by the competition. There were so many others just like me trying to do what I was doing.

Turning to my friends didn’t offer any respite, because, instead of encouraging me to try new avenues, some of them brought me back to where I began. “Why don’t you be more pragmatic?”

With such seeds of self-doubt sown within me, it took me some time to recover my momentum. It was in the positive voices of so many others, in blogs such as this, in videos, and in social media, that I found encouragement to keep at it. It felt like these voices were talking about me.

And in that positive lens, I found the light inside of me to bring forward the resiliency that until then had lain dormant.

No longer suppressed by someone else’s ideas of the way things “ought to be,” I continued on my newly discovered path. The more I focused on my own voice and the voices of encouraging friends, the more I grew to believe in myself.

Although for some, finding the right direction might require the journey of a lifetime, I do believe there is one direction in which we are all meant to go: forward.

By taking small steps each and every day, putting aside overthinking, and realizing that you have everything you need deep within, you can find the right direction in your life. And while it may not be the direction you expected, it will work out just fine.

Photo by katiaromanova

About Bob Miglani

Bob Miglani writes about learning to move forward in uncertainty in life and work on his blog called  He works in New York City, helps his wife run her business, his parents run their Dairy Queen store and adores raising his two young daughters.

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  • Jenny Szewiel

    Bob, as a lifelong overthinker, I loved this post. Thank you for being one of those positive voices which encourages the rest of us!

  • Lisa Ritchie

    While there are some truths to this post (esp overthinking).. I can’t help but feel that many of us are “stuck” because we have obligations. I’d love to chuck my job and be a public speaker, or writer. .but frankly I have to pay the rent, the medical bills, the car loan, put food on the table etc. It’s one thing to say “everything will work out.. ” but often times it doesn’t. Just look at all the homeless indigent people in the world (especially the U.S.)

  • Ryan Chase

    Thanks for this post. It’s seems a little vague though. I am one who is currently “paralyzed” and looking for change. So what happened with your kids when you made this life change? My family depends on the benefits my job provides. I can’t just up and walk out…even though I want to.

  • mroge

    I think both you and Lisa are missing his point. Ouote from the article:

    “By taking small steps each and every day, putting aside over-thinking, and realizing that you have everything you need deep within, you can find the right direction in your life”
    He is not saying to dump your resposibilities. He is talking about taking small steps towards something different, something more rewarding. Ironically you are overthinking it which is what he warns against. No insult intended, just an observation.

  • bobmiglani

    Hi Lisa, thanks for writing. I hear you. I go through the same inner conflict at times and for years that conflict kept me from even trying. I gave up before I even tried debilitated by my own thoughts. But when I started small actions, irrespective of what they were, I began feel the possibility of things. Balancing financial needs with life’s desires is the struggles of our modern times and what I’m suggesting is not that we ignore it (e.g. I too have a mortgage) but that whatever we desire to do…to pursue…that we start taking small actions towards that goal and see what happens. And it doesn’t necessarily mean quitting the job. Hope this is helpful. warm regards, -Bob

  • bobmiglani

    Hi – thanks for your question. I understand what you’re saying as I too have a mortgage and a family that depends on me. What I’m suggesting is not to walk out of a job and do what they do in the movies…but to try something small…anything. I spent a lot of time before I actually found where my interests lie (in writing and being creative). But the fundamental problem I learned to address is that whole overthinking about ‘what to do with my life’. I spent so much thought thinking about it and analyzing it that I froze because all paths looked terrible. And I did nothing…for such a long time…and you get this spiral of stress.

    So the idea that I’m advancing is this: Try something, however small. Take action. For me, I stopped watching tv and wasting all time that I used to think was ‘down time’ and just experimented during any free time I had. I did most of my between 5am and 7am every single Saturday and Sunday before I had to take my kids to soccer practice. It wasn’t easy to do it but when I took action and tried, I felt so much better releasing the creative part of me wanting to be expressed.

    I think @mroge:disqus said it well…that it’s not about dumping responsibilities but in fact trying out something new and see where it leads…in a way that fits into your schedule. Wishing you the best in your journey…I’m happy to talk further.

    Best wishes,

  • bobmiglani

    Hi @mroge:disqus ; Thank you for writing. I really appreciate your thoughts and that is exactly what I was intending to say. warm regards to you! -Bob

  • bobmiglani

    Hi Jenny – Thank you for writing. Your words encourage me to keep going too!!! best regards, -Bob

  • Bob, great post. I find that most of my friends that I trust and admire the absolute most are the ones without a concrete direction.

    They are the artists, the lovers, the wanderers. They are have no direction because they pave their own path; they lay the ground for a new direction.

    I also find that the adults I admire most in my life did not have a concrete direction when they were younger. Now they are the happiest and most self fulfilled people I know.

    With patience and hard work, good things come.

  • Thanks for sharing your story Bob. In the past I had the most fear and doubt with number 4. But when I implemented 3, 2, and 1 it became a lot easier to follow my heart without being overwhelmed, scared and anxious.

    All the best on your journey Bob!

  • suzie

    Hello! I feel like i have always taken the safe path in life, and it had made me happy, but i always knew something was missing. I finally realized that as a mom i always put everyone elses desires and dreams before mine. So i fixed it.i started small with a5k race and it grew into 2 years later,i finished a half marathon Saturday. One small step, and it blossomed into this 6 day a week training. I couldn’t be more happy 🙂 Bob, you are so right, take a baby step!

  • Bob Miglani

    Love it, Suzy! Keep going!!!

  • Bob Miglani

    Shelly – you are so right…it is scary. There are good days and rough days but if we keep going and believe…it’s possible. Self doubt is a friend that it trying to help but we don’t have to listen all the time…

    all the best

  • Bob Miglani

    Thank you for writing! Great observation…the ones who don’t think so linearly often enjoy the moment and end up living a path less traveled with much fulfillment. And it does take a lot of hard work, doesn’t it?

    All the best in your journey!

  • Naru

    hey Bob,

    Thanks for the wonderful post. While reading I felt so many things are similar in my life too. Few months back I started thinking about life a lot. Many times wondering why I am doing this job. It was like I don’t want to do this, I don’t want to do that you know that inner feeling we get. So I started exploring my interests one by one in free time I used to get. After trying and spending time doing around 5-6 things I am still confused exactly what I wanted to do? How to get out of this?

    Thanks in advance.

  • About ten years ago, I found myself stuck in a place I didn’t like. I had responsibilities and children who depended on me. So I couldn’t just leave my 9 to 5 job, but I knew I needed to start moving toward something different. I looked back and tried to remember the dreams I had as a teenager about who I wanted to be and what I wanted to do. I think we all have dreams that were put on hold by events in life. Mine was to be a pilot. So I decided to find a way to take flying lessons at the age of 43. It was the best decision of my life. I didn’t leave my 9 to 5 job right away because I had “responsibilities” to meet. But eventually, I found myself in a position to move on to something that was a better fit for me. It wasn’t quick or easy, but taking small steps made me feel like I wasn’t stuck. In other words, there was a light at the end of the tunnel.

  • Bob Miglani

    Hi Naru, I was in the same boat sometime ago with lots of choices. And over time I realized that trying all of those things wasn’t helpful. So I gave myself 5 things I would try and try them for 3-6 months and see how it went. And what I learned is that when things got tough on one path, I lost interest…then I went to another…and another more quickly until I tried what I’m doing now. And I found more fulfillment in it. I think the learning for me was to: 1) Focus on that one path and do it…just go for it 2) If you like it even during tough times, then that might be it for you. I think the key is to TRY…to DO…to TAKE ACTION on just one thing and see where it takes you. You just never know! All the best!


  • Bob Miglani

    Hi Robert – What a great story!!! That’s exactly what I’m talking about…using your free time to find what makes you groove…and I’m delighted that you’ve found that and CONGRATULATIONS!!! It IS hard work, as you say…but worth it! All the best and thank you for sharing your story…very inspirational!


  • Mike

    A wonderful article Bob!

    I am an educated thirty year old that is trying to find my path in life. I am currently unemployed, but thankfully I have a VERY supportive family. Anyway, in trying to “find my way,” I often find myself over-thinking, which usually spirals down into feeling very stressed and worried and depressed. I start thinking about past decisions and things I wish I woud have done, and it just makes things worse. But, my point is that I am coming to realize that letting go of the past and following advice like you give in your article is the path to getting through current struggles and “finding my way.” Your article made me feel confident that everything WILL work out for me in some way! Thank you!

    A quote from one of my favorite bands/songs to remember…

    “Over-thinking, over-analyzing separates the body from the mind” – Band:Tool, Album/song: Lateralus

  • Bob Miglani

    Thank you for writing and sharing your story. You’ve said it right on: Let Go of the past. That’s so crucial to learning to stop overthinking and move forward.
    Wishing you the best and hope you find your path!

  • Kadque

    I feel like crying right now, I don’t even know how to start with my comment. Lol

    I’m in a state of over thinking right now. I just got declined for a Master’s degree program, quit my job for that opportunity, and ended up not having any back up plans. All I know is I will work again if ever I don’t get admitted. Now I ask myself, work where? What kind of work? I’m just letting frustrations take over and hopefully, if my chest can endure it, I’ll get better later. As of now, I just want to have clarity of mind. I keep telling myself I’m already 22 I should be living a life of a 22 year old. No, not the parties and a lot of dilly-dallying but taking advantage of my energy, enthusiasm and opportunities for self improvement. Unfortunately, I feel stuck. My inner voice keeps on telling me that “It’s alright, you don’t have to beat yourself up with what happened. At least now you can make use of the money you saved for that master’s for a stock market investment or maybe a car.” But I just don’t know. I also realised while typing this that I feel frustrated at myself because of the people’s pressing expectations. I didn’t pass. So what? I feel ashamed for not passing. I feel ashamed for feeling ashamed about the whole rejection thing. Why do I even need to please these people? Because they invested a lot on me. I’m in a point in my life where I want to give back already even when I haven’t even done anything worthy for myself yet. Oh life.

  • Bob Miglani

    Hi Kadque,

    Thank you for sharing your story. I’ve been in a similar situation years ago when I was trying to pursue an MBA. Eventually I did earn it after working very hard for a number of years. What I’ve learned are two things that may help you:

    1. You do this for yourself not other people. So don’t worry about what other people will think, say or do. Focus on your needs and purpose and let that be the driving force for you.

    2. You are so young to be worried about planning out all of your future. Yes, it’s good to have goals but don’t overthink where one thing will lead to.

    For me the best way to get unstuck is to throw myself into work or a purpose that allows my energy and my mind to express itself in a way I can contribute. It’s been a few weeks since you posted this article and while I’m not sure you’ll read my response, but I bet you feel better already…a few weeks later.

    Please stay in touch.


  • Raja

    Hoping to find my direction. Thanks for the great post. Reading this type of post gives me more and more ways to find my direction. Thanks again. Bookmarked this page 🙂

  • Garey Lopes

    Great blog

    26 and I realized I need more out of life I got 2 mortgages and a low paying job my partner is the bread winner and I feel like crap that I am so lost in this world

  • tim


  • tim

    Bob: Great message !! I am so stuck in overthinking. I am 52. Raised 5 kids and put them thru college. I have done the provider gig the way I thought is was supposed to be.
    I am in a place in life where I feel life is passing by. I replaced and passion or dream I had with providing and trying to do the right thing. Now I feel empty. I would love to have a dream or passion to get excited about.II just have to step out in faith as to what I think the passion might be and “just do it” …if it does not feel right I will try something else. I have biological clock ticking out loud making me wish I did not have to search but already knew what it way…..thanks for the share.

  • andy

    its a amazing post. its is the worst illness to overthink and do nothing.
    evn being aware of this im not able to come out of it for last two years. it seems i have almost failed in very aspect and now scared to take further decision as i just dont have further strength to face worst. also the word small action gives so much to think 😛 🙁

  • reza

    hi Bob!
    it was fantastic article.i got it. thanks. i wish u all the best.

  • Reena

    I feel like I am at this point in my life where I need to pick a path, but its the confussion of which path? which job? and how to go ahead? but find it challenging to answer my own questions right now because i dont know how to answer them or how to go about planning for the path ahead and choosing a direction. Have you ever been through a stage whereby you dont know how to answer your own questions or what to do ahead.

  • Sunny Monroe

    Great post. I’m glad you were able to find a better path. That search seems to be a common theme these day.

  • jem

    Wow. You sure know what you`re talking about. Im in the process of a big life changing decision. I acted on it and I was overwhelmed by what I did. And I just wanted to go back and just live my life the way it was. But, I took a huge step already. I guess I need to give this a try first and just hold on to it.

  • fred hill

    Thank you. i resonate with this quite a bit, and i could say, ironically, that’s almost exactly how i feel….esp. with number 3

  • Amalia

    Hello Bob, I happened to stumble across this blog after googling, ‘in my 40’s with no direction in life’. This is exactly how I feel. I married young, have raised 4 children, spent the last year studying and now have a diploma in a field I’m not even interested in working in. I’m artistic and creative, but like a lot of artists I’m full of self doubt and don’t know how I’d respond if my artistic pursuits suddenly became lucrative. I’m almost willing myself to fail at everything I attempt. Where to go from here?

  • M. Antonio

    Hi Bob,
    I read your article while working during midnight. I’m tired and have, by routine, thought of how I can get past my career which I’ve had for the past 19 years. I am afraid of the consequences of leaving my job, especially given the economy.
    So I searched for articles for motivation, just so I can get through my helplessness. And I found your gem of an article.
    I have to start doing what I’ve been telling myself to do for the past 5 months – write. I have an outline, I have a plan – but I freeze doing the next real step – start writing. I end up over analyzing what I need to do when I should just start writing.
    I feel relieved that I’m not the only one who’ve felt differently about corporate life after working almost two decades. 6 years ago, I told myself that I wouldn’t want to be stuck in this job after I’m forty, but it was drowned with the excitement, indifference, fear, successes and failures that work brings. It shakes you enough that you’d just want to be in a safe zone and be complacent. Now, here I am, 41 and still here. I need to move on.
    I commend you for taking the step. This gives me the inspiration to take the next step (I’ll probably not leave my day job yet…).

    I wish you luck and happiness on your current endeavor.

  • Alasdair

    Thank you, am currently at a point in life where I have a decision to make regarding business, particularly agree with point 1. I have spent the last 6 months thinking and getting nowhere apart from run down and tired. I’m thinking about the best for my family and have become so low that even making the decision (which to others i speak to is simple). Because I think about it night and day I’m overthinking it and only think of the what if it goes wrong side of things not the positive side. It’s very difficult to chose the right direction for the best but will take your points on board thank you

  • BuddingPhotographer

    This post resonates so much with me. I am struggling to find my direction and I’m finding it more and more difficult to remain upbeat or optimistic. I’m 42 and single parent to a 4 yr old. I chose my path to parenthood so yes, I understood the challenges of parenting solo. However, I did not anticipate I’d be facing a desire / need to reinvent my career at this stage of life. I’ve been with my company for 15 years in varying roles. As an individual contributor, I was happy. As I moved into management roles, the satisfaction decreased as I became a generalist. The challenge…more than likely, I’ll need to return to school for a Masters to change career directions. I can’t quit my job and go back to school. Any educational pursuits have to be online (I don’t have supports to assist with childcare after work or on weekends). The thought of balancing online classes with a small child and a full time jobs that drains the life out of me each day is depressing. I’ve spent the last 2 years over-thinking things and assessing multiple directions to the point of feeling defeated before I even start.

    I had a breakthrough recently as I found a passion for photography. While the self-teaching route can be successful, I learn best in a more structured environment…which is just about impossible for me as most reputable photography programs would require me to be on campus after work or on weekends. I register for workshops when possible but they are usually few and far in between to structure a self-learning schedule.

    Thanks for the post. Its a reminder to take an action each day, no matter how small.

  • smileriraq

    You know what, a simple 2 minute search directed me to this page and youve highlighted something I never really considered in that I have been overthinking things, normally I take great pride in being prepared as I can be for every eventuality and recently Ive been extremely stressed as life has thrown me a few unexpected twists. Ive been trying to “think” my way out of the issues Ive been facing with no improvement

    I am on the mend but still there’s something missing Im trying to find out what it is I want to do I must have been one of those kids who never had a burning desire to anything specific mainly because I was so busy playing sport, I have achieved a few things that many people never get the opportunity to do and Im proud of those achievements but those achievements are in the past and I need to look to the now/future

    I think some of the points raised here definitely resonate with me and I need to look into some of the ideas presented in more detail

    any tips as to where to start??

  • Gene

    I totally relate to this post. I feel stuck and just need someone to set me on the right path, not even walk with me, just show me the way. That’s how, a few minutes ago, I typed “how to find my way in life” and, fortunately, stumbled on this post. I don’t know about anyone else but those four points in this post are all I needed, no need for tedious 10 steps or so approaches that are scattered all over the net. It made me become aware of those few things I do but that have such a huge negative impact on my life and growth. Pessimist will be a right word to define me. After reading this article, I examined actual facts of my life and could clearly see that worrying never really brought me anything or circumstance I really wished for: sometimes it will lead to a surge of adrenaline which pushes me into action when I’m really under pressure but the results of such action are never really satisfactory but just keep me safe, moreover, such surge of energy quickly leave me totally spent, so does worrying in general, making it even harder to keep up with life and, thus feeding my worry tendencies.
    So, thanks to you, I have decided that no more worries is my way out, focusing my time and energy instead on consistent and constructive action. Noting that not worrying is NOT being negligent, but should go hand in hand with being prepared and living a life congruent with one’s values and aspirations (by following our inner voice).

  • Gene

    What must happen will happen, wether we worry or not. So let’s just give our best, trusting ourselves and living a life consistent with our values. The resulting inner peace will enhance our capabilities and improve our achievement. Therefore, I, too, believe that in time things will work out.

  • irish01

    What’s the point?

  • Shamon Temple

    Thanks was feeling a little lost your words helped .

  • Jason Bella

    I just went through what seemed like the best two years of my life. I met a great friend that I have gone on many adventures with. I got separated from a woman that think was definitely more of a friend than a lover and got much more out of the relationship than I did. I felt free for the first time in over ten years. I absolutely loved being single and meeting new people. Especially the beautiful women! My business was running itself and I’ve been living almost semi-retired for the last two years playing golf and spending time with my kids. In one breath it was the american dream. But recently it seems that I have lost my way. Like my whole world has just crashed and I have no idea why. I feel lost. I feel like I’m frantically searching for something and I have no idea what. In one breath it’s great that I don’t have to work.. but in the next breath it’s very isolating. It’s almost impossible to meet new people. And when my friends are busy like they were this past weekend.. I feel myself paralyzed and incapable of even making a decision. Bored out of my mind but I have no idea what to do. I feel like I want to work on something again but I have no idea what. I feel like I don’t see a future anymore. With each passing day I feel less and less hope and feel like I have no energy at all to fix it. Almost feels like quicksand. What the hell is wrong with me?

  • Enlightened

    Thank you for writing this article! I stumbled across it accidentally, but it’s exactly what I need to hear right now. My wife and I are in our late 20s and struggling to find direction. Financial struggles keep holding us back from having the life we want to live, and we recently decided to take a small step toward the future by paying off our debts. It will be a very difficult journey, but one that’s worth it in the end. I’m a constant worrywart, and the future terrifies me. Thanks for reminding me I’m not the only one and I don’t need all the answers right now to live a happy life.

  • zengal

    I too feel the same way, as mid 40’s and currently going through a mid life crisis. I’m also very artistic and now feel the need to pursue this. I’m almost willing to live in my car with my dogs if I had to to survive and follow my dreams.

  • Clare

    Have you any religion, would you think about finding a religion to help you through? Having a faith (finding God really helping me and other people through some truely dreadful times). maybe that is the calling? Hope you find what you need.

  • george

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  • Steph D.

    The point is that we are already here. We exist already and we can do something with this life. We can try to make something of it. I will never stop searching for what it is that I can do, what I can become. As lost as I may feel right now…I will never stop that search to be something. To find my peace.

  • ifeellargerthanlife

    I am feeling lucky, i’ve learned to put thoughts into actions Thank you 🙂

  • Medha

    hi Bob,
    Thanks for the post … i stumbled upon this article while a google search on ‘what to do with my life’…i have been working for 10 years, recently divorced (my ex-husband and i are still very good friends), just completed by MBA and pretty decently contented with life…

    but i still feel something is amiss…i dont want to continue hopping from company to company to fill that space…i guess not having responsibility of family also might have brought me into this position of “providing choices”…

    i know its usually a good thing and a lot of people would kill what i have right now…just that i know i am not capitalizing on it, but just dont know how to either…do you think there is a way to wriggle out of this?

  • Latoya Evans

    That’s exactly why it doesn’t work out, because some think that it wont. If you would like to speak publicly no its probably not a good idea to quit your day job. Start small schedule some public speaking time on your off days or after work, build an audience, slowly but surely work toward the goal of being a public speaker. It’s about movement in the direction you want your life to go in.

  • John

    Being that I am 25 years old, It is quite refreshing to read your blog on this topic. I often cope with the same internal battle about obligations clashing with the real things i want to do in my life. I don’t always know what to do and I always hesitate. I often look to people of older generations to possibly receive some guidance and I thank you for your wisdom in this post

  • Jack

    I think the thing people need to remember is finding true happiness is vital. People who work in fields they truly enjoy don’t have issues which root as deep as some people have mentioned here. It’s enlightening to see that we share these problems and hiccups in our lives, and others are here to help. Take the step in whatever direction you want to go. If others have then surely you can to. But, be realistic, and aware of you’r actions.

  • Marissa

    Thank you for writing this easily understandable, relatable post! I have to say that as a freshman in college, I am not even close to the same stage in life as you at this moment, but as humans we all have similar experiences (just taking on very different forms). I found this post because I googled “I need direction”- tells you how lost I feel right now! Simply reading this, though, applied to feelings I have all the time and gave me a greatly needed and appreciated sense of perspective and peace. Thanks again! 🙂

  • micha

    hello my names micha and im 21 in the past year or so iv been working in the care industry, im currently a support worker im feeling so lost and in such a dark whole these two jobs that iv recently had iv had nothing but negative people around me making me feel so upset treating me like im dirt on there shoe, I don’t have much self confidence in work, iv been told that I should speak up and say whats on my mind but im not that kind of person I like to get along with everyone, its got that bad that im handing my notice in tomorrow im so anxious of going into work because I working with two women that don’t really care if they hurt anyones feelings and always blame everthing on me even though iv only been at this company under 2 months I have no idea what I want to do in life I feel like im jumping from one job to the next I just feel really lost.

  • Sarah K

    I’m twenty-six, I haven’t got a degree – only my GED. My life seems like it has no direction, I have a wonderful husband! We have been married for almost four years now, no children, living with a brother-in-law. Not the best situation considering he can be verbally abusive at times. Maybe I’m depressed but I’d rather not think of it that way. Currently at a dead end job that doesn’t even pay the bills but I’m trying my best to put myself out there: Job fairs, applying to companies that are advertising on online job boards, ect. My self esteem is not so comforting, I lower my expectations and gain anxiety like symptoms during interviews. Since 2008, I have only been able to find dead end jobs to at least cover our groceries. As an individual, I’m fairly shy and tend to lure myself away from large crowds if possible. Am I heading nowhere?

  • Mohsen

    I just afraid to step in a path that is leading me toward a future that I regret. This has significantly affected my confidence and courageous, made me stuck in a stationary point by overthinking and over-analyzing my future path because I don’t want to defeat in the future. I don’t want to waste my life by choosing the wrong way. I don’t know what I have to do? I am 25.

  • Richardth

    I had a wonderful career of 41 years behind me. Always on top of my game and earning good money all the time. A month ago I retired and is now really stuck. Don’t know where I am going to next. Thus searching direction and landed up on this page. I am 64 and ready to start my second career, but not what I previously did, something new, something exciting and something delivering on inner pease and fullfillment. I will definately follow your 4 steps and see where it leads to. I think that my issue is really doing it alone without the help and assistance of all the collegues which I had in a corporate environment. However, in the corporate I was always the leader and seldon the follower. So, I will getup and go forward on a daily basis. Right now, doing some stuff, but it is more of the same and really want to break away from that. Will rather go into space with SpaceX.

  • Ariane Bueno

    Hi, Sir Bob. I know I’m too young to over think because I’m only 20 yrs old. Maybe I am really in the stage of finding who really I am and where I am going. But it really feels there is something missing. I want to do something worthwhile. It’s like, I am okay now then later not.

  • Rachel

    I have always got what i wanted….but VERY LATE…by the time my wish had come true my life had priorities were changed….so i could not enjoy life even i got what i wanted.

    I do have lot of self guilt, as i missed lot of opportunities due to my own false decisions….am finding it VERY VERY HARD to forgive myself…am suffering everyday. My friends say i have to move past with it…but its very HARD :-(….this post is an eye opener.

  • cpet

    Sorry, not sure what your name is, but have you considered going back to school or doing an apprenticeship somewhere? Now is the time to make changes in your life especially since you don’t have any children at the moment. I’m sure you can applying for student loans, grants or something to help with the cost of schooling. You’ve got the power to change your course in life! all you got to do is take that leap.

  • Zara

    Rachel, I feel the same way as you do. I got my wishes at times when they didn’t matter any more. Recently I have been thinking about the amazing opportunities I got in life that I didn’t make anything of because I never Dared. I feel guilty about that too but I believe we have to be as patient and forgiving with ourselves as we are with children when we are teaching them about life, about anything.

  • med

    I ‘m looking for change, couse I’m unhappy with myself. But I ;ve got so many things on my head, responsibility, manhy thing I must manage. I think thtat bug changes are posiibe fo free persons, when they at this moment of life, when they just more “can”, than “must”. It’ s it what make us to do something. I think that this stories are jst fairytales for students, when tehya are sponsored by parents. Only one duty oh them is to find their ways.

  • Yasmin Whip

    I am 32 and my partner of 5 years left me 9 months ago 6 months pregnant with our 2nd child my 4 th. I currently feel so lost and stuck. I have no idea what to do or where to go. I moved back to my parents place to help out a little but it’s a small town and has nothing to offer, my oldest, child starts year 7 this year so I need to make up my mind so she can have a stable high school. What ever choice I make I have to consider my children and what’s best for them but I really just don’t know what to do.

  • Akangsha Sharma

    I am 23 and currently working in an IT firm with a good post but what keeps me tied and uncomfortable is that I am not happy doing what I am doing. I am not married and I do not have to take care of anybody but myself but I feel so stagnant. I am a writer or was one but now the this sector keeps me tied and I feel I am dying bit by bit. I do not enjoy my job and I had never thought there would come a point in my life where I would be in a situation like this. I want to be a writer, traveler and basically find my soul and happiness. I need some direction. What do you suggest?

  • Abhay

    My name is abhay tiwari , i am 25 years old . i am fedup with my life , yet i have no job , no future plans & just nothing ! I can’t face the people & i dont like it to talk with my freinds and family , i have spent so much time on internet surfing ! every passing days i am loosing my confidence & going mad .. i dont know what can i do 🙁

  • vineet

    nice information sir, sometimes we are stuck at one point of life where we sit and ponder over our life course.self belief is the key. Such encouragement does help.

  • Grateful guest

    You did a good job here by writing this post. As is visible from the comments, you are giving hope to many who feel lost in their lives. Thank you and God bless you!

  • Guest

    I love the part where you said, I learn from doing – not sitting and waiting. I decided to try a cooking internship. I didn’t make it to the finish line because I got in the way of myself but I learned valuable lessons from being there that I never would have had I not tried. So… think of every failure you have as a stepping stone where you probably learned something valuable for your next effort. Whatever it may be. Being there I served more people food than I ever have in my life… that’s a lifetime memory now that no one can take from me. 🙂 Your dreams may change, your direction may go here and there and there might be twists and turns. but you’ll be alright as long as you love and trust yourself and surround yourself with people who got your back rain or shine. Good luck to you in your new career aspirations. Your right. It’s time for me at least to take another few steps another leap into the unkown.

  • Lu

    Thank you. Sincerely. This post was a comforting, but encouraging shoulder to cry on. I feel a little better about my stagnation, and small steps in the present doesn’t seem so daunting or futile. You’re a wonderful person.

  • Alex A

    I am at a cross roads of my life at present and was looking for confirmation to follow my heart. I believe everything has a purpose and when we pay attention to that purpose our life’s are brighter for it. I pray that when I awaken in the morning, this thought will have grown. If it hasn’t I will keep trying although if it has, I thank the universe for that gift.

    Alex A

  • gina

    I love this article and will save it under ‘my favorites folder’ so I can read it often. Starting off by doing things I love little by little will definitely work for me. Hopefully and eventually I will be able to become successful in whatever I decide I really love to do. Thank you

  • Guest

    Thank you so much for sharing. I have

  • Paige Reid

    Thank you so much for sharing! I am so happy I stumbled across this page. I am 25 and have been overwhelmed with what direction I want to take in life, and who I want to be. I haven’t been true to myself, or listened very much to my inner voice. I can feel my true self, my spirit telling me to make changes. This article has helped me recognize the simple changes I can make to start getting myself to move in the right direction. I am such an over-thinker and have a hard time with change, especially taking the first step. Thank you for sharing, and to all of those who’ve shared your stories below. I feel inspired to start moving forward, and that is a wonderful feeling.

  • Paige Reid

    I absolutely love this story! Thank you for sharing Robert – very inspiring!

  • Hamish Ludbrook

    Brilliant article mate. I’ve got two paths ahead of me, both exciting fortunately, but one that feels like I’ll experience myself at full potential career wise, and one that I’ll experience myself at full potential love wise. I’m going to choose love because it ‘feels’ right, sand I’ll find ways to keep my passion flowing in my job.

    Thank you for the article. I read it at the perfect time.

  • sincerely

    I don’t have many obligations. I feel this way because it’s my personality plus I have negative people in my life who try to bring me down that are related to me. So it’s harder to ditch their thoughts. I need answers for dealing with toxic family, because then when any outside negativity hits, it brings me even lower emotionally.

  • OrangeSoda8

    Ok Bob. Allow me point out the problems I have with your suggestions.
    1) Overthinking. Sure it can paralyze, but a naïve person acts in haste. Especially when circumstances need to be analyzed thoroughly, so that you can execute a plausible and responsible action to move forward. You could have very easily avoided the clutter by sitting down one evening (or morning) and made a list of what’s bothering you or the pros and cons of what would make you happier, more successful, or explore new directions you’ve been daydreaming about for months or years. (and yes, the song Conjuntion Junction from School House Rock was playing in the background as I wrote that paragraph)
    2) Try something. Do something. Throwing caution to the wind is what landed me into a bankruptcy that nearly reached 6 digits (making watercraft of my own design and USCG approved), made me admonished among my own community that I lived in for 15 years because I went into the poor house, and where I am in life right now. Facing yet another loss of work because the corporation permanently closed my DC down. It seems wherever I have worked in the last 15 years, has permanently closed down. But I digress, the point I am making here is, planning is crucial and idleness is detrimental. Sometimes luck, or lack thereof, plays a pivotal point in life too. I see you that you may understand that much, but I’ll reiterate/stress that people shouldn’t hastily do something before they stop and look for the possible consequences.
    3) Follow your inner voice. One of the biggest new age pile of hooey platitudes most people use. I don’t fault you for saying it, because your intent was clearly made to help. Naïve but admirable. Making decisions or actions from your gut isn’t necessarily a spur of the moment, instant epiphany flash of wisdom. It comes from your collective experiences and a bit of common sense that sometimes can congeal and give you that “a ha” moment. It’s not magic, it’s just a form of forced coincidence that answers something that you knew the answer to all along.
    4) Believe in yourself. Another platitude that is way over used. People get it, self-doubt is caustic to a productive step forward in life. Those who didn’t see that before and they are adults are either half-wits or dumbed down by today’s educational practices in the United States. Even worse in Texas. Here’s the thing, at a young age, when you’re the most plastic, if you were faced with abuse, pain, and victimization until your mind consolidates its self-identity, you’re pretty much hosed. Like me, it should be fairly obvious that it shows, but I make no bones about it. Now it’s grand puzzle to solve, and I made it like a game on how to get around those barriers that are ingrained and frozen in my mind. One of my hugest faults, I hate being successful. I hate being in the spotlight. But I love to be praised and validated. After the first 10 minutes, I am done and want to move on. Any praises or accolades given to me later are seen as glib, fraudulent words used as an attempt to manipulate my feelings or direction. Even if it’s for the better. So there ya go.
    Enjoy Bob.

  • OrangeSoda8

    Actually irish, I feel the same way. While people may or may use platitudes to look at all your options. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they are all good or an escape. Just hope for a lucky break in your future.

  • Susan Cavanagh

    hear hear .. I was an ambitious teenager from the wrong side of the street (apparently :)). I worked hard so prove myself and compete with the world. I followed a path into teaching having being told I could make a difference. I did to so many. However, the system changed the goal posts, family grew up, close friends came and went and now I feel lost looking for a a new path in life. Your post has helped me see I am not alone. I need to be brave again and do something for me, regain my enthusiasm and stop worrying about what others think of me.

  • Ardo Al-Jaf

    It’s funny how lots of these articles about people not knowing what to do have something in common. They all finally find direction in telling other people how to find direction… By given the same advice I’ve seen time and time again. It’s easy to tell other people to think positively and listen to your inner voice. It’s nothing new. I know what I should do, and I’m great at giving those around me advice, but following my own advice is another ball game. I just wonder if these guys actually have found their direction or made a direction out trying to find direction.
    But props to you sir, if you’re happy that’s great.

  • Hina Murtaza

    Hi Bob, Thanks very much for such a helpful piece. Hina

  • Jentle Acopio Gobenciong

    Sir, thank you so much. This is just exactly what I needed..

  • Regulus Antares

    Indeed we all have obligations, but thinking only in that obligations will just stop us. We need to see the biggest picture and rearrange our priorities in order to achieve more personal goals, not only the ones that we’re obliged to fulfil. . .

    PS: Believe me, even the homeless people in the U.S. are richer than most of the poor people in other countries.

  • leo

    Hi …I am grateful to all the people who have shared their experiences here ….I am just 28 …and was thinking that I am too late now to follow or try to find out what I want to do…

    But seeing people even in their 40’s were able to find their passion and now happy me encouragement.

    As mentioned in lot of posts, their is no need to be totally free from obligations to find or follow your passion…the beauty of doing what you believe in, lies in the fact they doing it is untiring…you actually get more energy by doing it.

    Cheers to all of you….If I feel low sometimes…I will visit here

  • Ximena Jattin Balcazar

    Hi… It sounds lovely… but I do not know how to listen to my inner voice… being so wrapped up in what i dont want… I thought I wanted to do a double degree with vet… but when I started studying it… it just felt so wrong. Now, I feel there is no space for breathing or just being away from the issue because I have no breaks… I have to study, I have to work and I am just so emotionally tired and there are deadlines for everything.. and to add my relationship blew up in my face. I want to leave and start fresh somewbere but I feel …pressured and handcuffed. Help, please….?

  • J

    You are rediculous. Plain and simple. Bob said take baby steps and that it could take try after try after try, that’s really the gist of his post. Also, this is for people looking for inspiration, not looking for another lifeworld hating pessimist.

  • OrangeSoda8

    The only ridiculous thing I am reading here, is a twit who is responding to a 10 month old post, and that people like Bob hold a very unrealistic point of view about real life. If people want saccharin pep talks, they should speak to church leader, a teacher, a coach, and not a some 20-something know nothing at all, vomiting rainbows and sunshine. So I suggest that you Mr. Guest, have a huge cup of STFU, and go whine to someone who cares.

  • OrangeSoda8

    Outstanding, a guest can come in and troll me, yet my comment is removed? Amazing.

  • alexah

    Thank you so much for this article.
    I’m struggling so much right now, and have been for a year or so…
    And reading this feels like it’s coming straight from my own inner self. Reminding me to just be, just do, and just live.

    I know I’ll keep finding myself.
    I’m not lost. This is all just part of the journey. I “have everything [I] need deep within”

  • Samantha McKenzie

    Your article is a positive one and one i want to beleive in but at the moment i struggle with this one
    Positive thinking and having passion are not always ingredients for success. There is a famous quote by George Minbiot…. which reads : ” If wealth was an invetible result of hard work and enterprise, every woman in afica would be a millionaire.”
    Now in addition to this quote is is not wealth i seek. In deed the opposite. I wanted to downsize my life, give up my home and live in a van and travel Europe doing odd jobs whilst im out there. Ive been working towards this goal for 2 years and ive met every obstacle that life can throw at me. Its almost like fate wants me to stay here in bricks and mortar and work like a slave to earn my poverty in a property which is making me ill. I have no objection to hard work but so far hard work has not got me very far with my plan my dream.Tell me something, does the writer of this above article really beleive that dreams come true by working hard at them? Does the writer really think that hard work alone is enough to produce the results we want in life?
    Because from where im sitting hard work doesn not guarantee that your dreams will pan out.
    Ii want to beleive in this article… I think you have left out one vital ingredient that people need to fullfill their goals and that is a large dollop of “GOOD LUCK”
    At the moment I have had a lot of BAD LUCK with my plan and earlier plans in life. Very little has come to fruition. So tell me buddy what are we all doing wrong.
    We create our own luck yes… so are you saying im not working hard enough at my dream, im not lucky enough, dont have the right attitude to life, dont have enough charisma, enough drive, desire, ambition?

  • Samantha McKenzie

    I have to agree with you Lisa. Hats off to those positive people and positive action and I admire articles like this however, Its very easy to write an article about something that youve acheived. But not all of us are in a position to acheive our goals because of obligations that we can not just walk away from.

  • Kurty

    <3333 Thanks for putting your time into this, I really needed it

  • Joel Kirsopp

    But what if like me your not tied down by a mortgage etc but you have no direction in which to go and no matter how hard you listen for your inner voice it just does not speak. So you just keep plodding along doing your boring job, suffering from depression. Knowing that life should be better but not knowing how or where to take those small steps.

  • Tj Meagher

    Hey Bob,
    Just wanted to reach out and let you know that this article was intensely pertinent to my situation and outlook in life right now. I am 22 years old. I studied philosophy at university and came out with more questions instead of action points.
    I feel I am constantly thirsty for more knowledge–which is great–but profoundly dizzying and paralyzing, as you say. I feel as if I am trying to craft an entire life before I act, avoiding any possibility of failure, and yet can’t ignore the intuition within this article.
    I struggle with acting in the face of uncertainty, because, for one, too many choices and desires rip me apart into multiple directions; and two, I am afraid to fail–I think. I understand intellectually that we all must fail many times in order to succeed, and I am working on that.

    This article really punched me in the face with a thought which hitherto lay dormant in my peripherals.

    Thank you Bob

  • Josh VS

    Nice post. Thanks for sharing. I’m currently 38 and starting over, went back to school at the University I went in 2000, struggling with letting go of a strong identity I created the last 15 years, or even if I should let go, or have too? Being passionate about many things and having people always tell me to “just pick one!” Which I understand but it’s hard to do. It’s as if you have to let go of part of you, and in doing so, when you experiment with that, you feel like you loose a bit of yourself. I’m not sure that’s right (for me)? And the multitude of other things, personal and practical, that life brings. So it was nice to stumble upon this post. Thanks Bob. Appreciate your courage to speak out (write out:)).

  • Pavan Darkprince

    “I do believe there is one direction in which we are all meant to go: forward.”

    Nailed it man,exactly the direction I needed.Thx
    and abt Overthinking,been burning my time always overthinking.Hope i could move forward

  • Amanda Benavidez

    HI! i just wanted to thank you for your post. It brought me to tears of relief, it was just perfect timing! It’s as if you took my thoughts and wrote them in a much better way than i could explain. i have notes upon notes of getting out of my little feelings of “stuckeness” and what to do to take the next step forward. Yesterday i was literally paralyzed, not knowing what to do next. I kept thinking of the infinite decisions i could take at this very moment and didn’t know which was the right one to take. so I just took a nap, i needed the recharge. So today i just typed into google “how to know which path to take” and it brought me to this post. The relief i felt knowing i wasn’t just going through some sort of mental implosion was much needed! We are all works in progress, and life is just a whole bunch of learning lessons. I very much appreciate people like you who are so open with your life experiences, it definitely helps people like me who need the little push forward. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

  • Sonia

    Not to be negative, is not my intent, just make a point here. I had been believe in myself and doing all I need to do in order to accommodate my life to a better future. Make amazing plans and set goals, work everyday to accomplish and to move one day at a time, then found that is not only what you can do, is what others also can do around you. They can destroy your future or they can help you build a better one. The options always are two or you success or you fail. in the process of success, many factors contribute to the actions and decisions you made and which are the ones around you to facilitate that process. in the process of fail is the same but with a negative impact. The second one is a boomerang that continuously attack my inner life and try to get away desperate from negative and manipulative individuals can be a challenge when you have no control about what happen in your surroundings. Is not a manner of trying or do your best, is a manner of circumstances that unfortunately can keep you behind due to interferences, wrong intentions, bad people, and limitations. Specially at the financial level. I get stuck due to the interferences and wrong doing of others around and because where multiple and many the actions were repetitive and intentional to destroy. What can you do when the giants get together and plan to destroy your life and circle you and take all you have? Just survive and do your best and hope for the end of those interferences and pray for have a life a real one.

  • Ian

    Oh Reena. I thought I was the only one out there

  • Ian

    Suzie…good for you. I have one issue about most of these posts.
    No one can seem to answer me or I cant seem to find the right answer…how do you take the small step if you don’t know in which direction to take it. I have total loss in life…total loss and despair and Im closed off and closed in always rushing to do everything in one day because I need to do ”everything in life” because I don’t have focus on one thing

  • Ian

    im 30 and no kids and so lost….pure loss

  • Ian

    What if you never had a dream Robert? I mean I never got to that stage. More just existing

  • Mandy Marie

    This resonates with me so well. I’ve been so lost the past few years.
    Being only 28 years old, I’m at a major crossroad in my life. I guess this is my quarter-life crisis, and God is it unbearable. I haven’t worked in over 6 years. My father walked out on my mom, brother, sister and myself when I was 15 years old. In my junior/senior year of high school, I attended a vocational school part time as part of a program my high school had. I went for culinary arts. During my senior year, I was accepted into JWU for culinary arts, mailed out the deposit I needed for dorms, but couldn’t make the financial aid and scholarships work for extremely high tuition costs. Seeing as my mom wasn’t working at the time, there wasn’t any money for me to attend. After i graduated from high school, my life changed drastically. After quitting a job at a pizza place, I just gave up. Life was too overwhelming, so I went into hiding after a failed relationship that ended badly. He made me so scared that I hardly left the house. My brother is mentally/physically disabled, due to me not working, my mom started working for a janitorial company that’s she’s still with today, while I’ve taken on the household responsibilities while simultaneously taking care of my brother. I’m grateful that he’s still living with us, since placement for him has been a subject for the past couple of years. I know that time will come eventually, but right now I’m trying to make it less of a reality, which makes me feel so selfish for doing it, especially if it can provide a better life for him. Back in November of this past year, that’s when reality slapped me right in the face and has me so overwhelmed because I don’t know what direction to take in my life. I have no college education, and wish to do so, but don’t have the funds to do it, seeing as I take care of my brother and can’t be paid for it, since the state sees it as a conflict of interest. I basically have to start over from scratch again. But I don’t even know where to start, I don’t even know what I want out of life anymore. I either follow my own path (whatever it may be), or follow the path that’s been ingrained in society for as long as it has existed ( career, house, marriage, kids, etc.).I just feel like I’ve failed as a human being. There’s just so much guilt and shame attached to me because of how much I’ve screwed up. As far as passions go? The only one I know is cooking, but the thought of being in a busy kitchen further increases my anxiety. I love cooking and being able be creative with it, but I’m unsure on where to even begin. There’s so many different paths you can take in the culinary world that it’s overwhelming. I just want to be able to provide a better life for myself, and make my mom a bit more comfortable.

  • Anonymous

    I want end this my life is a hole, I’ll be forgotten

  • J

    As strange as it may sound to most of us, this carries a lot of truth. I have destroyed my life due to being wild in my younger years. Got out of prison at 42 with nothing. I showed up in the town I currently live in with two bags. Five years later have several trucks, a good job that I am moving up in, and 4 kids (two dogs and two cats). I work around 60 hours a week at my regular job. But I also have my own business where I mow yards, build stuff, and other projects. Yes part of my success is a direct result of my wife. Never been in trouble, manager all her life, etc. But what I have found is she is not happy. Talk about a totally safe person. However, since we have been together, we have paid down a mortgage from 50000 to less than 20000 in the last two years and we do not make great money. We are probably in the high poverty level to lower middle class pay wise. We have taken a couple of weekend vacations, are building a woman cave, and enjoying life. I happen to love working outdoors and my extra stuff does not make me much money. But it is something I enjoy. It has kept me sane through all this growth. Two things are to be said about this: one is that I have not had a direction. I have just followed my first mind. Yes I have wasted a lot of money on failed directions. And this has not been without its failures and setbacks. But we keep going on. A wise man once said that life is a few days of trouble. Now that is truth. Second thing is we live below our means. I could go buy a new phone. But here is a thought for you: A new phone bought with a contract/monthly payments will cost you around $800 with interest and all. That is a week and a half to two weeks worth of pay. When you get up in the morning to go to work for the next 10 days tell yourself “I go to work today to pay for my phone”. I currently own a $30 phone that will do just about everything your phone will do. Then after that 10 days pick something else you have figure out the total cost and how long it will take you to pay for it and continue telling yourself “I go to work today to pay for …..” Is it worth it? I once read a book with a quote in it that I have often thought about “If you will live two years like others refuse to live, you can live the rest of your life like everyone else only dreams of living” Wade Cook “Don’t set goals”. That is not exact, but close enough.

  • Joseph Robinson Jr

    Dantards.. I was with you until you used the homeless comment. I beg the different that you can compare rich and homeless in the same sentence. Homeless is homeless regardless of what country you live in. Do we more resources in the U.S? Yes.

    As far as taking baby steps to get to where you want to be, circumstances controls the outcome unless you’re sitting on a lot of gold.

    One must find the positive out of set backs. Also, one must find the positive in accepting reality.

  • Joseph Robinson Jr

    Everyday.. I’m trying to figure it out.

  • Sorry it was a nonsense comparison. Answering the question about my nationality, I’m From México. What I do believe is that a lot of countries lived in a abismal gap between the rich and the poor. And I’m not completely sure that the U.S. is one of them.

    I’d really want to read your opinion.

  • K

    Whats happened in 4 years??

  • Ioan Oprea

    I am sorry to dissapoint you my friend, but, as some others said here, you were one fucking lucky guy that had support from wife in order to try different thing and that could afford to be wrong or fail. On the other hand, some of us struggle every single day to pay the bills even with a good salary and a 100% reliable job. If we quit the job we hate, the next month we lose our homes, destroy our families and become homeless beggars. Some of us cannot take that leap of faith because we are the pillar in our family and if we fail as the pillar, the house crumbles behind us with everything within it. I read the small description about you witch sais that your wife has her own business … well, I am 100% she suported you in this step and, maybe I am wrong by saying this, but I got the feeling that she is the pillar of your house. If you fail, your house will still be there because your wife got your back. So, for the rest of us is much more complicated than a simple “just do it”. I live in a country that cannot assure you that you will still be able to pay rent after you get pension that’s why is very important to own a home while you can still pay for it. It takes a long time (30 years in my case) to pay for my home but at least I will not end up on the streets when I get old. I will barely be able to pay my bills by that time. If I would find something to do in my spare time and that passion becomes a job that brings me at least same amount of money as my current job does, that I quit my job and take the leap, otherwise, I prefer myself being grumpy and frustrated than my family to suffer. Sorry for my bad english.