4 Tips to Tell the Truth About Yourself and to Yourself

“Our lives improve only when we take chances and the first and most difficult risk we can take is to be honest with ourselves.” ~Walter Anderson

There’s almost nothing I hate more than honesty.

I’ll give you a moment to let that sink in. You may be doing a double-take, thinking “did she mean there’s nothing she hates more than lying?”

I wish.

Most people probably think I’m an honest person, and in general, I suppose that’s true. I am honest with many people. However, I’m rarely honest with the person who matters most—myself.

As someone whose drug of choice is food, I’m familiar with all matters of sneaky and lying behavior. The best I can pin-point, this probably started for me around the age of six. In other words, I’ve had a long time to practice.

And I have to admit, I got pretty damn good.

I could wolf down an entire meal from McDonald’s on my way home from work, dispose of the trash on my way, and then sit down and eat another dinner when I got home.

I wasn’t as good at hiding candy wrappers when I was a kid—stashing them behind the couch where, surprisingly, my mom did occasionally clean. But I perfected the art over time, learning how to wrap one inside another inside another and then squish them down to make them look like one—instead of fifteen.

Come to think of it, I’m pretty sure I’ve even started a new art form called Trash Arranging. (I should probably trademark that.)

Here’s the thing: I like hiding. I don’t like spilling the beans about myself to a new friend (aka someone I’ve known for five years). I’m squeamish about social events, and if I can avoid the details of where I’ve been or what I’ve been doing, I will.

I realize what you’ve read until now makes it sound like I’ll soon have my own reality show akin to Hoarders, but I promise that’s not the case. What I’ve discovered about my own issues is that we all have them.

Mine’s food, but yours might be something else—shutting down at the holidays, drinking too much coffee, or working just a little (an extra 35 hours per week) too much.

Over the past few years, I’ve started to lift the rock up off my life. With the help of therapy, life coaching, more journaling than anyone probably thought was possible, and an extremely patient partner, I’m taking some steps into the sun of my own experience.

Telling the Truth

I’ve learned a few things about honesty along my path. And as much as I’d prefer to keep them to myself, I’m pretty sure that’s not how it works. So here we go:

Honesty can be hard.

This is the first thing to know because it’s super-duper true. If you’re not used to being honest with yourself, you can’t imagine the suckitude you’ll experience when you start. The good news is that you’ll probably only be able to dish it out in small doses, so you can get used to it over time.

You have to do the work.

If, like me, you are convinced that if you have a problem with honesty, it’s only a teeny-tiny one, hang on for a fun ride. Most of us are deceiving ourselves in any number of ways every day. Not all are dramatic as mine, but all require a commitment to the process.

The results are unbelievable.

Remember the depth of suckitude I mentioned? Well, that’s only rivaled by the heights of awesomeness you feel when you lift the oppressive burden of your lies. Sometimes you only glimpse it for a moment, but that feeling isn’t something you’ll forget.

For me, it’s not dissimilar to the high I feel after eating a really great cookie (or 20). But the difference is that the high of the truth isn’t laden with shame and guilt, which—I don’t know about you—are typically things I prefer to avoid.

Honesty sets you free.

I’ve been on 65 diets in my life. Yep, that number’s correct. But you know what? I swear I still thought I just hadn’t found the right one. That is, until I got really honest with myself and realized that the work I needed to do was internal, not external.

Making it Happen

Now, this honesty thing isn’t only theoretical to me. It’s also for-real concrete, which is really what it has to be if you’re hoping for some change in your life. So not to worry: I won’t leave you hanging without some thoughts on how to peel the layers to your own truthy core.

You got a pencil? (Or mouse to copy and paste?) Okay, here we goooo…

1. Find something to write on or with.

You’re going to need to do some serious excavating, and there’s no place better to start than with your own thoughts. Ask yourself some questions: “Why am I doing X behavior?” “What don’t I want my best friend to know about me?” “What’s my next step?”

As you start to write on questions like this, some interesting things may come to light, which brings us to our next step.

2. Seek help.

No, you don’t need a therapist, life coach, or whoever because you’re messed up. You need outside assistance because you want to undertake a process to set yourself free. And that’s really best done with an objective ear and skills.

I mean, I know your Uncle Frank is a great listener, but seriously—his training may not be quite what you’re looking for.

3. Keep coming back.

Telling the truth about yourself (especially to yourself) isn’t a linear process. It requires coming back and coming back and coming back—even, and especially, after you eat a whole box of doughnuts (if you’re like me).

4. See yourself in the future.

As I mentioned, once you get a taste of the freedom of honesty, it’s hard not to want more of that. So set your sights on a time when you’re living fully into your life, and then go from there—making that reality present a little more every day.

After all, if setting ourselves free in this lifetime isn’t our primary work, what is?

Photo by Esparta

About Anna Guest-Jelley

Anna Guest-Jelley is the Founder of Curvy Yoga, where she writes about yoga as the foundation of a life well-lived. She is also the co-teacher of 30 Days of Curvy Yoga and author of Rockin’ Your Curves: Pose Options for Curvy Yoga Practitioners and their Teachers. Connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.

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  • They say the secret of a successful life is to know thyself..

    This is so true .. You can’t be preaching to anybody else if you are not walking the walk..

  • Hi Anna,

    I agree honesty can be hard.  We all have things that we try to hide.  We all have things that we are not proud of.  But all this hiding is positively draining.  There are times when we just have to face our problems and fears and deal with them.  It works out best in the long run.  I love the 4 tips you have shared to help us become more honest.  Here are my thoughts on some of them.  

    1.  Find something to write on or with

    This is to me the most important step for being honest.  Unless we identify the root cause for our behaviour, we won’t be able to come up with solutions to address it.  But once we have clarity and know why we do what we do, what to do next becomes clearer.  Clarity is vital to making good choices in life.

    3.  Keep coming back

    I agree.  If we could just snap our fingers and get over it, it won’t be a problem we have to deal with.  We should work at it at our own time and pace.  The key is to deal with it in manageable pieces and to never give up.

    Thank you for sharing this lovely article!  

    Irving the Vizier

  • shinigamipunch

    I enjoyed this post, I can relate to it a lot.  I have a lot of food allergies and still to this day I will tell myself: “A little bit won’t hurt me” or “It’s so tasty it’s worth potentially risking dying!” as silly as that sounds, it’s true.  It’s not something I enjoy talking about and my boyfriend has kind of gotten to the point where he just sits there and waits for the allergic reaction to wear off (in case it doesn’t and I have to go to the ER).  I’ve been trying to be more honest with myself about that and the reasons why I think I can still eat these things that will kill me.  I’m finding out it really has nothing to do with the food item and everything to do with me not wanting to be a burden to other people.  Thank you. 🙂

  • barbara

    truth hurts

  • Kerry

    I’m not one to comment on blog posts. But, after reading yours, I feel compelled to let you know that I sincerely admire not only your new honesty policy but also your willingness to put yourself out there to share your lesson with us in quite a vulnerable way. Best of luck to you as you continue down life’s long and winding road.

  • Turtle

    I really enjoyed this today. It is a timely message I needed to read. Congratulations on your quest for honesty…as the saying goes “the truth shall set you free.” I relate to so much of what you expressed…not the food part, but the wanting to hide, not disclosing things about myself (not trusting easily), hating social situations. I recently started to seek help from a professional in regards to wanting to hide. I live with alot of “what if I tell them who I really am and they judge or worse reject me.” I hate feeling like everyone else has “the magic” and lives their lives happy and care-free, while I turn down that invitation to that event due to my OWN negative self-talk and judgement. Often times we are our own worse enemy. Perhaps some of us are TOO honest with ourselves, to the point of inventing horrible things about ourselves. I too journal alot and it is extremely liberating. Thank you again!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!!!

  • I find your honesty so beautiful, and thank you for sharing it with us.

    I’ve gone through a process of being honest about who and I am why I do what I do. It’s not easy, and you’ve done wonderful work – both in the process and writing about the process.

    I equate the process of being honest with yourself with wearing pants that don’t fit. It’s an uncomfortable and awkward feeling, but then we grow into the right size, grow into who we are supposed to be. 

    I love your tips, especially the part about needing outside help. 

    Best of everything to you in your journey!

  • I completely agree with this post. Honesty changed my life.

  • Very true. I always feel better when I tell the truth, even if I’m scared of what people might think. I’m estranged from my biological family, and it’s always a little awkward when people ask about my family. But I just take a deep breath and admit that I haven’t spoken to them or seen them in a decade and I’m OK with that. Most people are fine with it and don’t make it into a big deal. Of course, it’s always affirming to me when someone looks at me and exclaims, “ME TOO!”

    We may not want to tell the truth about ourselves, but everyone else is hiding something too…and sometimes you’re hiding the same thing.

    Great post.

  • owlbina

    thank you for your honesty! this hits especially close to home for me. food is also my DOC, and i have myself become quite clever at hiding it from others. on occassion, i’ve even gone so far as to order 2 beverages at the drive thru in order to protect myself from the truth and potential judgment for ordering enough food to feed 2 or more people. food for me has always been an escape, a crutch, a high, and has more recently become a way to procrastinate and delay other things that i should be doing since i’ve begun working at home.

    and my truth is only ever hinted at through my weight, the fit of my clothes, or my insessant removing of tags from pictures of me that have been posted on facebook. but i don’t own it, and often avoid it, even when it’s glaring back at me from the mirror. i do whatever it takes to squash it, keep it from the surface. forever hiding it.

    i have been on nearly every diet known to mankind. i also exercise regularly, but it only ever is enough to somewhat offset my high-calorie intake. i can’t imagine what i’d be facing now if i didn’t manage to excercise.

    as a step forward, i recently purchased Thich Nhat Hanh’s book “Savor” in order to learn to eat more mindfully, but have clearly overlooked an essential first step to changing my ways – and that is the learning to be honest with myself about why i am eating the way i do. 

    thanks so much for sharing!

  • shinigamipunch

    Sometimes too it helps other people if you’re honest to them.  I’ve known people who have wanted to become estranged from their family, but didn’t because they thought it was unacceptable.  Hearing your honesty about your family situation might help them to understand it’s possible and sometimes necessary.

  • This was very interesting for me to read, as I am someone who has always been “honest to a fault” so it’s almost the opposite for me.  This was such an open (and, well, honest) piece and it really touched me.  Thanks for sharing yourself & your experience here – it’s obvious that it really resonated with many people!  Best wishes to you.

  • Otterspace2001

    We are as sick as our secrets (recovery saying). To own those aspects of ourselves that we deem bad or wrong and feel shame about,  is necessary to grow into your own wholeness and your health. Another recovery saying is “more will be revealed”. The process of coming clean with yourself about yourself is gradual and needs to be gradual. One layer of the onion at a time. Honesty and self acceptance is hard work and we need to rest a bit between revelations. Be gentle and reasonable with your self.

  • S P

    What a insighful and truthful post, loved it, thank you!

  • Thanks for your thoughtful feedback! I think your point about clarity is so spot-on. I know that for me, as I get clearer about what’s really at the root of what’s going on in  my life, I’m better able to make the choices I need to live the life I want.
    Thanks again!

  • Oh, I am SO with you on this! I also have a couple allergies and tell myself the same thing. Mine aren’t life threatening, but they definitely make me feel terrible. I think the burden component is really key — and that the more I can see that for what it is, the more I can remember that when I’m on the other end, I’m happy to accommodate people. And I’m sure they feel the same way.

    Thanks for your comment!

  • Gosh; it’s so true, isn’t it? What I’ve been finding more and more lately, though, is that it really hurts in the moment, but in the long run I feel better than when I’m in hiding mode. 

    Thanks for your comment!

  • Thank you for sharing your experience, Turtle. I related to it so much — especially the part about negative self-talk. I wonder if, instead of that being too honest, it’s rather us not being honest enough. I know that when I’m in negative self-talk, it’s easy for me to just fall further and further in — to the point of just making up things that are pretty clearly untrue, like you said. The interesting thing I’ve been working with is finding a way through those moments to the real honesty (as I see it) — that I’m hurting, or angry, or whatever other emotion might be going on at the moment.

    I’m glad that you find journaling liberating; it has been such a gift for me. Thanks again for your comment!

  • Thank you for your sweet wishes, Marion! I LOVE your analogy of not being honest like wearing tight pants. I think many of us know that feeling — it’s icky and you just want to put on something that feels good. That is so right-on as to how I feel when I’m not being truthful with myself.

    All my best to you!

  • That’s awesome, Jenn! Thank you for your comment!!

  • Thank you, Alannah! We really have to approach our honesty with self-care, don’t we? I know that for me, it’s key to being able to stay with the practice. And it sounds like it may be true for folks who tend to fall on the other side of the spectrum, too. 

    Best wishes to you, too!

  • Beautiful! Thank you for sharing these recovery gems. And thank you also for creating some space for all of this to unfold exactly as it should — one loving step at a time.

  • Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it!

  • Couldn’t agree more, Jack! Thanks for your comment!

  • Kerry! I am so touched by your sweet comment — and that you took the time to share it. All my best to you!

  • Thank you for sharing your story, Owlbina. It resonated with me SO much; I know that “trade-off” cycle so well. 

    I love that you have Savor on hand. I think that mindfulness is such a powerful tool for addressing these issues. And I think you’ve hit the nail on the head when you identified that it all starts with awareness — mindfulness of the “whys” (as in what else might be going on with you) as well as the “hows” (as in savoring your food).

    Thank you again!

  • Ah; I think that’s so true, Sage. I’m always shocked by how much freer I feel telling the truth — even when that’s the last thing I’m expecting to feel. 

    Thanks so much for your comment!

  • I really believe that, when we’re ready to tell them, we help each other — and ourselves — through our stories. Thanks for this reminder!

  • Anonymous

    Girl, every time you post I think we’re long, lost, equally-messed-up relatives. Hahah! Loved your insight, and the “what don’t I want my best friend to know about me” is definitely getting journaled tonight. 🙂

  • Love the honesty of the post, Anna.  (Is it ironic to be so honest when writing about dishonesty?) 

    I think many of us would call ourselves “honest”, but what we really mean is we don’t outright lie to other people.  But I think many (most?) of us tell lies of omission to others and certainly lie to ourselves. 

    So many of my clients express they are half living and that they’ve been in denial about it (aka: lying to themselves) for years. 

    Thanks for starting the conversation.

  • Anna – Thank you for sharing your journey and your process. I appreciated your sharing the level of suckitude that first comes from learning to really ‘see’ yourself in an honest way. It’s important to know the roadblocks ahead for those new to the self-honesty path so when they butt into that suckitude they don’t give up!

  • Anonymous

    Great post. I’ve done the ‘hiding food wrappers’ thing, and sneak-eating, although I’m extremely fortunate to be a naturally-super-slow eater who savors each bite–I’ve not had a whole meal before a whole other meal, but I’ve had too much dessert instead of a meal, for sure. Empty calories, whee! ;p

    Seeing the comment about recovery principles reminded me of something I learned from my therapist, many years ago–when you’re uncovering painful stuff, you do have to move around it slowly, like a bowl of hot rice–if you have some from the middle right away, it’ll burn you, but if you slowly move around the edges, working your way in patiently, by the time you get to the middle it won’t be steaming-hot anymore. ;D

    I don’t *think* that food is “really my problem”–I come from a family of emotional eaters, but I don’t generally have a dysfunctional relationship with food. But there are other things in my life, where more self-honesty would improve my overall state of being. So thanks for the reminder. ;p

  • Oh, lovely! I love the bowl of hot rice example — SO true. Thank you for sharing that!

  • Ha! So true, Kate. That’s something I wish I would have known earlier in my own journey; it kept me derailed for a long time not knowing how challenging this work can be at times — and also how you can move through it. Thanks for your comment!

  • My pleasure, Jennifer! I agree; I think so many of us are affected by this, regardless of how it shows up in our life. Thank you for your comment!

  • Awesome, Amber! And yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s true. 🙂

  • Conquer59

    I like your post and certainly see myself in there. Something I’ve learned is that we’re already free – we just have to wake up to that truth. Here’s a quote from one of my favorite teachers:
    “Enlightenment is a destructive process. It has nothing to do with becoming better or being happier. Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth. It’s seeing 
    through the facade of pretence. It’s the complete eradication of everything we 
    imagined to be true.” 
    ― Adyashanti

  • Absolutely great Insight. I loved it, thanks so much

  • Vs

    My feedback- I think the article is wonderfully written.The mix of serious and life changing lessons in a humorous shell is outstanding.

  • Vs

    Need to ask this- do you think hiding or not disclosing a potentially hurtful truth is equivalent to lying?
    I read somewhere t”there is enough misery in the world already and lets not add more to it by avoiding it whenever we can” Say if you you dislike somebody, how straightforward (honest)  would you be in expressing your opinion?

  • Dlacaria63

    Hi very interested about this. Is there a book I can buy about To Tell The Truth? I really need to read because I want improved myself. I got myself in trouble. I want changed to be honest than lying.

  • TED Talks, the power of vulnerability takes a much more in depth/scientific look into the value of just that, vulnerability and telling the truth. Amazing talk.

  • I have problem with honesty. I am honest. In this society that is a personality disorder.

  • Christopher

    As a male, I love female singers. That includes Lana Del Rey, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Paramore, and some others.

    I also like Linkin Park, Shinedown, Lil Wayne, Five-Finger Death Punch, Slipknot, and many other rock and metal bands.

    There are also several songs on Pandora that are piano based with no lyrics that I LOVE. I have, quite possibly, one of the strangest musical tastes ever.

    With all that said, I have never admitted publicy that I LOVE the Lana Del Rey album, Taylor Swift, and Katy Perry, and I sing all the songs, even the ones talking about boys. Chances are, nobody would even care. They might call me strange, but that would be that. Still, for some reason, I don’t bring it up.

  • David cz

    a pen writing of thoughts seems to me as helpfull,i will give a try.
    Thank you very much

  • dis cover

    fat or thin, we all have covers- the un truth of our thoughts. i send you love. just
    the way you are, now. the process of un covering the lies we have fed ourselves in
    why you are here. the pay off is beyond being thin or happy or what ever you think
    you want.

  • lisa

    I am a drug addict trying to hide it from everyone. I lie to myself and say I have it under control. My whole life is a lie. I lie everyday to the people who love me the most. I sneak around buying pills or stealing pills. I lie about why I don’t feel good or why I’m going to the doctor. I lie about everything and would love to have freedom from that

  • Frederic Kahler

    Buddha is not interested in your money. Each of these intertwined articles leads to a soft-sell adventure that will cost you at least $147.00, and I have shared this realization on Facebook already. We know that we carry masks, we know we insulate ourselves, we know life can be cruel. We also know instinctively what we need to do, to respect the Buddha in our own temples. And that costs nothing; indeed, you will save a lot of money in your lives from now on. Good words cost nothing. Good luck and much love – Frederic Kahler, Apalachicola, FL USA

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    I don’t care what you want little man. Get it from the people that you trusted and liked over them being as vicious as you are as one. You lost me due to them being as vicious as you are. Your rejection by me is needed and to be accepted forever. I demand that you remove yourselves from my life and my kids lives forever. All of you. Go murder your own lives as usual. And stay away from my last dog that you haven’t murdered yet too.

  • Julia Lewis

    You do not like that answer? Tough luck you have then. Go believe more slithering skanks and scumlosers for yourselves then. It must be your norm.

  • Julia Lewis

    Let me know buddha if you allow people who are not your faith to call your an apothecary? Over their violent religious terrorism. Abusing buddhist belief systems in order to do it upon me one woman against an army of vicious religious lunatics. I refused. They made feel as if they were making me their old and new testament. You buddhists only always taught me the best of your religion. Not the worst. Now I know both. Tens of thousands of people taught me. And what do people who live by their Old and or New Testament state to me? To rebuke all that has been done by these people to me and my life. The black racism has been the worst by these people. I had to undergo being targeted as a white woman by black women just two weeks ago falsely and viciously where they once they recognized their actions started panicking over their evil. They started fasting over their behaviors of arrogant, ignorance and stupidity. After they accused me of what they as women did. I am done with people like them. No more of your black bigotry as women. You are horri hd people. Accept that fact. I am not of your ethnic, cultural and educational background. Accept that fact as truly continuous beasts for women more than the rest of you. You are what you are as people. And your own people across 3 nations agreed with me and stated that you are only as limited as the color on your own skin and what’s under it. For all of you. I agreed. if you call me an apothecary than what does that make you as hypocrite bigot arrogant racist sexist pig? A scumloser and skank of the limitations in your own mind where not for anything my family was not even in your civil war. My white supremacist x in laws were as Confederates who lost that battle with Mr. President Lincoln. They are x in laws due to their hypocrisy and bigotry as confederates that angered at the wife who was a yankee. Now you people have all been too arrogantly limited for me to ever have to deal with ever again. Get out of my life. You were told the truth and that truth cut you deep as violating people requesting confrontations with me in regard to the kinds of people that you are and I have never been. Go back to your civil wars. That is something that none of you have matured in regards to obliviously. No OBAMA, KEEP YOUR SKANKS AND SCUMLOSERS OFF OF ME. BIG MISTAKES WITH THE IDIOTS AND MORONS OF THE CENTURY IN MY OWN FAMILY AND DIVORCED IN LAWS DUE TO THEM AS LAW BREAKERS. YOU KNOW THAT KIND OF PEOPLE, DON’T YOU OBAMA? HOW ABOUT YOUR LAW BREAKERS ALL LEAVE THE COUNTRY AS VIOLENT VICIOUS LYING CRIMINALS. HM HIM LOVING ME IS NOT DOING A VICIOUS VIOLENT HATE CRIME TOWARDS ME. AND THAT IS ALL THAT THIS HAS AMOUNTED TO AS KING DUMBASS OF SCUMSHITVILLE. So, how dignatary are you as violating women these days falsely and wrongfully? hm. I don’t care what you seen. You seen yourselves become vicious beasts for people. That’s what you saw. Do not even try your apathetic little excuses for any of you being vicious little you as usual either. You become the sum of your own fears as predators being the victims. You feel better as the violent predator to ease the comfort of your minds that you can be that psychopath/sociopath lunatic who hunts you. My forgiveness towards you as violating beasts for people is futile. You do not have to like me. You swore an oath Obama. As I did. I lived up to my requirements in those two oaths. You did not. None of you did. You allowed the powerless little liar that wanted to make money to violate me. That defines you as no different that he and she is in terrorism. You had signatures? Really, I have solid vows by men and women to fight such people in this country. Ten of thousands of them. Easy to sign your names when it is not your life that is being targeted by beast. You tell that vicious little woman that started this that it is she that is responsible for all of her actions against women with her little unmanly men. Men all over this country angered over what they called as little men trying to blame a woman while it is their own woman not me that they are angered with. I am no man’s woman. I do not care if he waited a lifetime or not. He is a delusional man according to men to make statements of lunacy that he waited 20 years for me. They laughed at him and his arrogance. Thousands of men laughed at him to make that statement to me. How’d that turn out for him? He marry the woman that he waited for? She isn’t me. I refused. Did I throw enough women at him in order for him to find the right one for his scumloser dumbass? He found a dumbass skank like him correct? Tell them I told him so. May she beat the shit out of him every day. He will love the abuse. And she will. She is his type. Those kinds of women do beat the shit out of men like him. Had enough of the men running in tears to me for decades in regards to their women. He doing the, wah wah wah wah she done this, she done that wah wah wah wussy wah wissy was pity me she is so cruel to me she beats me wah wah wah wah have sympathy for me wah wah wah wah dance? They all do it. ok. All of you men constantly have done that wah wah wah dance. My name is not Rhonda and its not the Help me Rhonda dance. He can flip that song now getting you all to believe his complete obsessive bullshit in regards to me. ok. I am not an idiot for not wanting him in my life. He is an idiot for getting a vicious violent army to target me and destroy my life for not loving him. That is a scumloser. When you love someone, you do not attack her violently, falsely, wrongfully and viciously. What idiot do any of you know thinks that he deserves the woman that he did this to? sign by x with your signatures as lunatics x………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
    He married and is with the woman that he truly wanted to beat. I am not her. Too late. Remove your apathetic lunatic obsessed vicious dumbass from my life moron. Do not start your whining. I don’t want to here the wah wah wah wah wussy. Wah wah wah wussy to everyone else. I am done with those wah wah wah wah wussy yes I am a dumbass. Yes I am apathetic wah wah wah. I am a lunatic wah wah wah. I am a vicious idiot wah wah wah wah. I am a moron wah wah wah wah. Too late. You found your skank. She is not me. You are stuck with her. Take your bullshit out on her not me. I am not her. She is your skank with her beast scumloser. SCAT. I don’t care. Your destiny is to be with the skank like you as a terrorist scumloser. I am not her. Ok she can be happy all that she wants. She ropa doped. GOOD SUFFA. suffa suffa suffa. Take all of your bullshit out on the correct woman. psychotherapy 101. I am not her. Dumbass. Settle for her, ok. She is whom you really want. Psychotherapy 102. Hypnotize yourself to stay with her. Be a good little scumloser dumbass. Psychotherapy 103. Psychotherapy 104: Die with her and the hell out of my entire life and kids lives. No you are delusional. You need to stay with your hallucinating woman. This way the both of you can continue in your little worlds of arrogant illusions of granduer. NOPE…I STATED NO WAY IN YOUR HELL WILL I EVER WANT ANYTHING TO EVER DO WITH YOU. SOMEONE PLEASE GET A MONKEY TRAINER FOR HIM TO TEACH HIM, YES AND NO. PUT HIM IN A CAGE WITH ALL OF THE OTHER RHESUS MONKEYS THEY WILL TEACH HIM. YOU BELONG WITH THE WOMAN THAT YOU ARE WITH THAT YOU TOOK ALL OF YOUR BULLSHIT OUT ON ME FOR. HOPEFULLY, SHE WILL BEAT THE FUCK OUT OF YOU CONTINUOUSLY TILL THE DAY YOU DIE. I AM SO COOL WITH THAT. BEAT THE FUCK OUT HIM. YOU ARE A NEANDERTHAL AND YOU ARE WITH YOUR PROPER NEANDERTTHAL FOR A WOMAN. I DO NOT CARE WHAT YOU WANT. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED ANY WHERE IN THE VICINITY OF ME IN ANY FORM SHAPE OR MATTER. IT IS OVER. REMOVE YOURSELVES FROM MY LIFE. I DO NOT WANT ANY OF YOU IN IT IN ANY CAPACITY WHAT SO EVER FOR ETERNITY AND A DAY. TAKE YOUR HATE UPON THE CORRECT WOMAN. I AM NOT HER. GET OUT OF MY LIFE. SCAT RAT. TOOOOOOOO LATE. You steal my ideas as skanks and scumlosers. Violate my entire life to destroy it. Then call me psychotic when it is you who is. Then you call me an apothecary? When I don’t even believe in your religion as people,? While it is you that is a religious terrorist? While it is you trying to become me? If I state that I do not want your pathetic ass in my life, you do not turn around anger at me not wanting a pathetic apathetic little man and woman in my life. My anger has and will be appropriate against all of you profiteers of trying to become me instead of yourselves. Hopefully, your vicious little skank of a woman that started all of her bullshit upon my life comprehends what she has caused my life due to her as an overt little bitch of a woman. How dare you people spy upon me over you having psychoses in your lives and try to pin them onto me. You saw everything? Then when are you committing suicide? The sooner you do it the better. Get out of my entire life and stop trying to undermine who I am and have been while it is you that cannot live with yourself. You leave the country you skank. You are not me. I am not you. There is and has been nothing wrong with me other than trying to get your pathetic little ass out of my life. No I don’t love you. Accept that you are HATED. I do not have to do anything. It is you who do. You are not forgiven for being a religious lunatic for a man and a woman upon my life.

  • Julia Lewis

    You people do not like the truth told to you as you seek it. You attack the truth as fundamentally blindsighted limited people. I am not as limited. And I am able to block people like you from my life that will violate me and what I can see that you are unable as lackers. I can anger any way I want about all of what you people as violating beasts for people have done to my life. I just met a hip hop artist. He is better than the one that you people used as a weapon upon my life as a druggie street rapper. I did not like his music. I am allowed not to like his music. I am allowed not to like the way he so arrogantly portrayed me in that music as a woman that he had anger issues with as a black bigot hypocrite religious lunatic of a man. This hip hop artist isn’t like him. He doesn’t spend his days and nights so wrapped up in his hallucinations of crystal meth and call me a lesbian when I am not one. He actually stated, sure I would love to borrow your organ to play music with. He did not intend to steal that organ. Where you people did as violating beasts for people who took your angers out upon the wrong woman in your uncivilized workplace and domestic violence upon my life. Where I am correct in regards to all of it. You are not. You get the pathetic who were and are always trying to steal my ideas and who I am and have been as a woman. And you get stuck with them without me. Congratulations on your triumphant terrorism plan upon one woman verses your psychotic army of people that you attained in losing me.

  • Julia Lewis

    Feel better in regards to yourselves as predators who are actual victims of your own violence as people? See the mirror image of yourselves in the destruction of my life for your selfish gain trying to become who I am and you will never be? Feel better in regards to you feeling little you as little you as usual? Need an army to attack a woman? Need to lie in order to not feel little you to her? I am that woman that can stand up in front of you little man and call you the piece of shit that you are and will always be to me. You belong with your skank little man. I don’t care what you are with her. Just remove yourself from my life. I do not want you in my life or my childrens life as you being the skank and scumloser little you trying to profit upon who I am and you are NOT. My anger has responded appropriately to the immense incivilities of who you are and I am not as people. Remove yourselves from my life and know that it is you that is the limited simple minded little beastly you as usual upon my life as predator that I HAVE REFUSED TO BE IN MY LIFE as that little reject of the limitations of your mind as you have been calling me that I am. My limitations were that I couldn’t wrap my mind around all of your psychoses for years. All of your viciousness as an army of pathetic apathetic people seeing in me what you can never be. Especially, you secondhand skank that you landed with who thinks that laughing at me makes her a better woman. While I kicked you out of my life. That requires for you to remain out of my life.

  • Julia Lewis

    Now everyone that knows you that has been involved in violating me as the skanks and scumlosers of my life recognize what you are in fact, yet? You are that man wanting to profit over who I have been in his limited mind. You are that skank that thinks he is funny by being a rejected little toad of a man in my life. You leave the country. I can leave your vicious violent beast who lost me. HE BELONGS WITH HIS SKANK. NOT ME. And it has been proven. You are vicious violent people. Nothing more to me. You harmed me over your lies. Your deceit. Your viciousness. Your profiteering. Your ridiculing. Your mocking. You mentalities as limited people. You are as malicious as to anger multi millionaire who did nothing but want me to be happy against yourselves calling me that dead drunk man as a vicious malicious woman attacking me falsely. You are that murderer who swarmed around another man in order to kill him for his money as a group of vicious people. I allowed that murder to occur without warning him due to your police brutalities as limited beasts for people. Why due to your druggies and boozies like yourselves who manipulated the truth against your lies and lives as limitations of yourselves in yours not mine. Know that that man’s blood is upon your hands that in your obsessions as little overt people I chose to not warn that man of you swarming beasts upon him as I normally would. You involved went to prison due to an entire community of people angering at the same kind of limited little beasts that you are like them. Congratulations upon your murder of that man as people like you thinking it was even funny that you got away with it. Overt little scum and skanks like all of you. He was a man that you targeted for his money. I am that woman that you targeted for her money. There is no difference in who you are and I am not. I am allowed not to save a life if I so chose. I am allowed not to get involved with people like overt little you. Since you think you are magnificent omnipoints as people than use your super powers and conjure up that man like all of you and try a different option in his death. It would have been me deciding if he was worthy enough to save or not. It would have been me deciding if that man has the ability to comprehend what I would say to him for him to have his life saved or not. Lawrence was that same kind of man. He died knowing that I warned him. Where were any of you omnipoint magnificent to save his life with your capes? He was swarmed around by people like yourself. Overt. Pathetic. Apathetic. Beastly. Ugly. Vicious. Malicious. Torturous. Violent. Jealous. Envious. Threatening. Tyrannical. Terrorists for people. Nothing more. His death is and was a mirror image of yourselves and the people that you are and I will never become. And you mock me out of my love for my dead cousin? You are that beast that will not ever learn the beauty of love. The essence of the boundaries of love that you thought that you could cross that line due to your hate. You are very selfish people. Unwarranted lies, slander, corruption and everything else that you have caused me. With the very same beasts for people that killed him. How dare you. It is time that you face yourselves and the people that you are. You are that man’s murderer. You are Lawrtences murderer. You are that person that I demanded out of my life due to you having issues about and in regards to yourselves. I had nothing to do with. You were told the entire truth in regards to both murders as murderers who thought that violating me would change anything that has occurred. Not. Your presence only caused me to not want to help that man that people like yourselves were all swarming around to murder. Like my cousin. Lawrence did not die in a drug deal. He became the dead drunk man due to the kinds of people that you are and I am not. Your police made a statement that I am street savvy only. No I am much more than that. I watched you in your drug deals. I watched you as dead drunk men and women for many decades. It is me that decided not to have you in my life at all due to it. You are to get out of my life and remain out of it. You saw what you caused and your actions as vicious violating beast for people. Nothing more. You become the sum of your own fears as people. Nothing more. I am able to face men and women like you everyday. With every pore of my body I am able to analyze who you are and who I do not want in my life due to you. Each pore is now an eye against uncivilized beasts for people that you know that you are as them. Why? Because I know your psychoses. Who I do not want in my life and aim to rid myself of people like you out of it. Do I have to confront every single one of you beasts for people? Because I have confronted many of your kind with your limitations as them my entire life. You know the truth as I do. I do not want to hear your pathetic apathetic excuses for you being pathetic pissy potty petty little you as usual. You are oblivious to yourself. Listen love is not a hate crime in which you have done to my life. What you intended was a horrific side of you being presented as vicious violating beasts for people upon my entire life. And that is all that you have amounted to. I don’t care that psychopath little you is happy or not. You are that vicious little skank that has always been that vicious little skank due to your scumloser who I do not want in my life. And he must accept that is a fact. He deserves the little woman that he is with. Not the better woman that I know that I am in spite of your attacks womanizing woman. I know your kind. You have been in my life continuously since birth. He gets stuck with you as an obsessed about me little man like you. He is that man that got kicked to the curb by me. While he drove off with both of you as overt skank and scumloser. Trying to profit upon who I am and neither of you can or will ever become. The womanizer and his womanizer. Nothing more as petty pissy pathetic apathetic little people. I have lived my entire life with having people like you swarming around me constantly. It is time that you all face who you are and become and whom you continue to be as people. No matter who you think you are. You are that kind of person. You want forgiveness? There is none. You want pardoning? There is none. That window of opportunity ceased to exist due to you. Don’t worry forgiveness by me is futile. You are terrorist. You treated and called me as if I was Osama Bin Ladin. How many people still hate him? While that man is you. Not me. While that woman is him. Not me. You are too hated as people. You enjoy being hated as them. You enjoy being that little miserable beast for man and woman that causes severe hate in others towards you. No one in tens of thousands of people that heard the truth in regards to you felt that any one of you deserved nor earned forgiveness. Only the people like you. Three people out of tens of thousands of people. I was not seeking all of my answers from those people. I was seeking education in regards to your psychopathic behaviors as beasts for people. And how to combat your kind.

  • Julia Lewis

    Your excuse as vicious people is that you have had a crazy and chaotic life and that you want forgiveness over you as psychotic lunatics for people. It will not occur. Accept that fact. You are not the only one that has lived a chaotic and crazy life. I have before you decided to ever force yourselves into my life while I was forcing all of you out of mine. Your excuses for yourselves is as fundamentally limited as the kind of predators for people as primitives that you have become. Nothing more. If and when I make a statement than I expect that statement to occur. Remove yourselves immediately from my life. You are not wanted in it. You get stuck with the same kinds of swarming little neanderthal primitives that you all know that you are as violating people. You did not like the truth being confronted with you in regards to yourselves? Than do not viciously lie at my expense for you to become me. Who is the better of all of you as a woman. You as vicious men are only allowed your limited skank overt little woman that cannot become me. I don’t care if you are happy or not. Your woman is not me. And you are reject as a man. You belong with her. Not me. She is your kind of woman. I am not. And it has been necessary for me to confront all of you attacking men that have been upon me over your issues and problems of unmanliness taking your issues of violence out upon me as displaced anger due to the scumloser idiots for men that have all lost me in their lives like you who deserve that secondary kind of woman that he is with. Not me. If that angers you good. You are with that beast like you as man and woman. No matter who you are as a man and woman.

  • Julia Lewis

    I sought help with tens of thousands of people. I have written down the truth in regards to you beasts for violating skanks and scumlosers as terrorists for people. I have seen my future. I have spoken to psychiatrists that could not and would not wrap their minds around the kinds of limited people that they are even in their dysfunctional minds. What they do is learn from me. I become the teacher to the psychiatrist. He and she learn from me. And it is due to your violence as vicious people. Just as medical professional learned from me for decades. I made them a great deal of money for my actions as a woman. I enabled them to heal what I could not as a woman. You are no longer trusted as medical professionals due to your actions against me. I am not that kind of RN. I am the one that did save your practices for your mistakes. I am that woman that did recognize your lack. I am that woman that did fight against an army of vicious little people without that kind of knowledge, experience, education and wisdom that did amaze all of you while I was a professional that many of you abused as one. Why? Possibly due to your somehow inferiority complexes and issues regarding me as a healthcare professional? I could never figure it out. I was the hand that you could not understand in my practice. I was the hand that even you who send me to vicious violent mobsters for people grabbed and asked my forgiveness for them as murderers, rapists, and criminal. Some of them begged me for my forgiveness. I chose to do the most logical out of the reply. That I am not that woman. Now that I am that woman against so many of you violating vicious people like they described themselves to be, I understand more fully why I decided to state that correct and appropriate answer to their quest for that woman’s forgiveness more fluently. She was that murdered woman. She was that raped woman. She was that kind of woman that beasts like you attacked brutally over your issues. Over your problems. And what was the outcome to those kinds of people? An anti psychotic and psychological therapy. Now all I do is evaluate your instabilities. With every pore of my body. You get your assessment as people immediately. You are told that you are not wanted in my life as that kind of person. And you are immediately reprimanded to remove yourselves out of my life as them. The questions now are immediately are you a psychopath or sociopath or both? 3 simple questions. Most people state, I am psychopath. Why because they are part of a sociopathic system that you are as a limited society of people. The womanizers of society that blame everything that you are and have done upon women not yourselves as limited minded people in your limited minded hemisphere of limited mentalities for people. And I do blame women for that outcome. It is only they that can stop the madness upon women in society. Not the more simple man. It is the woman that used all weaponry that they are aware of against me a woman. You are to blame as women. I am not. You allowed you vicious little man to attack me violently. And it is he that listened to your womanizing little words as overt women. I did not. I blamed you.

  • Julia Lewis

    It is only the beast of a woman that attacks another woman viciously. And you as women need to comprehend what you are and what you have done by your actions upon me and my children. You are the skank that violated me viciously as woman. I am not you. I do not want to be you. You cannot become me. What you can do as women is to recognize what you are as them. Nothing more. You are that psychiatrist that showed me that you are as dysfunctional as to be afraid of people walking next to you as a germophobe. You are that kind of woman that is simply living in her own cage as one. You are that woman that spies upon other women as predator due to your predator that victimized you. I am not her. You are not me. And you must define those boundaries within your mind where you as woman cannot see.

  • Julia Lewis

    The terrorist upon women that are women are as limited in your own minds as the limitations that are in mine in regards to your vicious psychopathy as them. He is your man. Not mine. You will not place blame upon me over your actions and instabilities as people of your own lie in regards to yourselves. I am that woman that can reveal to you the kind of woman that you are and I am not. I am that woman that identifies what the young beautiful educated lovely woman needs to hear in regard to the overt woman that hate her due to her being that beautiful young ambitious educated woman. She stated yesterday, thank you. You helped me in seconds in regard to women that enjoy oppressing me as one. And I must accept that I am that beautiful. I am that educated by my actions. I am that intelligent. I am that kind of woman that most men want to have in their lives as that package deal and that womanizer that is my boss as a female who tries to oppress me is only jealous of me. My ambitions. My abilities. My creativity as a woman. And she is only a womanizer that fears me. Where you as a woman tries to encourage me to be the best of woman that I can be. You as woman are my mother today who inspires me. Does not oppress me. Tells me that I can achieve anything that my heart desires as my neighbor. Not my eve. Not my anything but a woman who sees the truest of beauty in me. I told her. Don’t let that woman oppress you and keep you down to her level rise above her and don’t allow her to use any of her vicious little men to try to oppress you due to what she is unable to see in regards to herself against you. It is the beauty of that young beauty that I needed to see in me and not allow vicious people to attack me where I am still that woman that she is. The young. The ambitious. The educated. The courageous. The woman that he is not and wants to be. The woman that she is not and wanted and wants to attack due to the inability to see that she is nothing more than an oppressor for a violent vicious little skank of a woman who attacked me. Where with that young woman I am that non oppressor who does bring out the beauty in her and tells her. You are not that kind of woman. What a pity. He earned you oppressive little skank. And he earned his scumloser title. The world pities limited little neanderthal you as primitive beasts within society. Tens of thousands of us world wide. You are that vicious skank that violates other women due to your complexes and issues regarding the woman that I am and the woman that you will and can never become. What a pity.

  • Julia Lewis

    Get out of my life skank and scumloser. That requires your entire army of violating vicious womanizers like you. You are not me. I am not you. And you are only as limited as your mentalities are capable of seeing. You are the lackers of society. What a shame. You can become sympathizer who seeks the sympathy of others like you. I don’t care what you think you are as a womanizer for a woman. You are only that oppressive little skank. If you do not like your title as violating woman that do not think for a second that you as a woman can judge the better of us two. You only require your man to enable what you are against me in battle. Which is and has been a losing one against me. You are the three who violate, destroy, oppress, as womanizer. Nothing more. Should we have sympathy for you instead of the hate as hateful nasty ugly people? Probably. Because as oppressors for two women with your third leg as man, he is obeying the two of you as oppressor when he is able to see how unmanly he is for believing you as one. The rejected of my life. He gets his two hookers as usual. The two prosttitutes for women who he wants in his life and I want completely out of it for trying to treat me for what you are. For what you have become as that vicious third party who think that they are cookies while you three are only trying to gather up the crumbs of your brutal plan of assault as two women wanting your third leg of man to do your vicious violent crimes of hate upon me. Nothing more. Go be his two hooker prostitutes for he is only as vicious as your third leg as the two violating skanks that he is with have been to me. He gets that kind of two beasts for womanizing women. Not me. If you as woman do not like being called a skank than do not represent yourselves as them to me with your vicious violent third leg as man.

  • Julia Lewis

    That is the summation of my behavioral study upon society who womanizes women for what I am and you cannot ever become. What a pity. You are only as weak as the kind of woman that you are. No matter what your name is. No matter what professional credentials that you have after your name. No matter who you think that you are. You are termed only womanizer to the womanized. Requiring your vicious beast for a man to perform your dirty work as you as two women manipulate him in order to do it. You are only that kind of woman of the limited kind with your limited third leg of man.

  • Julia Lewis

    You are uncivilized beast of society as the three. I am of the fourth kind.

  • Julia Lewis

    You as predator of uncivilized actions due to yourselves need to leave this country which has been founded against the three of you as them. And the woman that can fight that argument truthfully against you. You are only as strong as the army that you use to attack. You think you are a nation of beasts in society than that is what you are reflected as them to other nations. Nothing more. You are injustice. I am liberty holding that torch against your injustice. Bow.

  • Been There Done That

    Truth: self centered, narcissistic, spoiled moma’s baby, not too attractive, fat ass blimp of a person, using every excuse to cheat on yourself, lost of self confidence. It’s all in you. You can attract the good looking men in your journey, all you have to do is speak up the truth. “Hey guy! You look good and I would like to…” Give up all soft and diet drinks, sugar, and all bread products. Gives your self 3 months and you will weigh 50-70 lbs less. get some new clothes, change your attitude, open up your legs and get some air. start a small excersise program. Go to a good non denomational church. Get out and meet people. Get the hell out of the house, walk every morning for 40 mins.

  • A. Danielle

    This is all true. Being honest with myself is a process, i struggle with accepting truth. I talk myself out of it. The moments I’m honest feel good, I feel more awake and more alive. I feel like myself.

  • Starr

    I’ve been trying to overcome some very hard things, for what feels like, Forever. Its gotten steadily worse. And when I left to college I thought it was a fresh start. But even if you leave your past behind, your habits and character come with you. I am trying to be better for the guy I plan to marry, and its been so hard to change. I just read this article and it has changed my way of looking at things. I’ve always let my fear of admitting my faults to someone control the amount of progress I could be making. And I still am, but I know it will be worth it in the end if it means there is a brighter future for me and him. Thank You for your inspiring and honest words. You are a wonderful person.

  • H’s mom

    Dear Anna,
    Thank you so much for your honesty! You articulated some of the exact things I do and go through daily. It was so comforting to experience, through your words, the raw truth from a fellow “hider”. The past year, I lost my 23 yr old son to suicide and things have spiraled out of control. Your article helped me a lot. I intend to get to the work of being my honest and best self!

  • garvin greaves

    This message was very informative to me mainly because I have a problem telling the truth, I literally get scared and just for the other person to be happy or have that sense of comfort I would just lie. Which is so wrong and I defiantly need to change that about me, so reading this blog just give me the encouragement to do the right thing.

  • Didi B.

    Hello!! I don’t know if anyone will answer as it is an old post, but i am in this situation where I try to just let out what’s deep inside of me and speak it up….the problem is that what comes out can be negative, as in, I feel I’m not as open-minded and tolerant as I would normally be, or I’m judging, etc….and I feel like if I speak those things up more and more people will start disliking me. And I also dislike myself.
    What should I do? I find this very confusing lol

  • LexD

    Didi B.
    I’m definitely no expert, and even though it’s a old post maybe the author will get back to you :). In my opinion it sounds like you’re concerned about how what you say might make other people feel. To me that shows empathy and kindness. If your intent isn’t bad and you’re trying your best to be open minded. Then you shouldn’t not speak your mind in fear of what others might think. It’s okay because not everyone is going to agree on everything, but people should respect your opinions as well. So as long as you know you’re not trying to be negative or judge others, just try to communicate that, and do your best not to offend others…. that’s all that matters.

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  • Confused

    I have made decisions on important things with out talking to her first and i really start trouble over it cease I’m afraid she will get mad but it only makes her madder at me and I know it’s wrong,but still do it help

  • PM

    I agree that telling the truth is the best course of action;however, telling the truth has a negative consequence as well. Most people do not like hearing the truth. In fact, most people only hear what they want to hear. I have had nearly 49 years of negative responses because I spoke the truth. The phrase: “being a company man” means speaking and acting in preferred way even if reality does not support being in such a way. Being polite is one thing, but being less than honest is another. To conclude this post I will ask readers how many honest politicians became President of the United States?