A Letter from Your Calling

“Every calling is great when greatly pursued.” ~Oliver Wendell Holmes

It’s me. The one who keeps talking to you about that thing. That project. That possibility.

I know you think you couldn’t be the one for the job, but honestly, if you weren’t the one for the job, I wouldn’t have come to you with it.

I wouldn’t have come knocking at the door of your mind. I wouldn’t have come into your dreams, into your imagination, into your heart.

I wouldn’t have made it so compelling to think about me.

I wouldn’t have planted in you the frustration with what is.

I wouldn’t have planted in you the vision of what could be.

You say you want more meaning, more adventure, and to have a greater impact.

I’m offering you all of that, but you keep telling me I’m silly, unrealistic, too big, when here I am, ready to give you the greatest adventure of your life.

I don’t take it personally, but I do weep about it.

I weep for the joy you are missing out on. I weep because you aren’t getting to witness your immense strength and brilliance. I weep for what the world is missing out on too.

When I took this job, they told me much of it would be waiting. Waiting on you.

I want to make sure you know, I’m here, close as breath, waiting. I’m waiting for you to say yes.

We can do this. Together, we can do this thing.

It’s true, part of my job is creating challenges and dark moments along the way—but only enough of them to teach you the most beautiful lessons you’ll ever learn.

I need you. Your hands. Your heart. Your mind. Your circumstances. Your strengths. Your weaknesses. Your wounds. Your wit. Your tale.

I need you, just as you are.

Say yes?


Your Calling

Photo by Ben Fredericson

About Tara Sophia Mohr

Tara Sophia Mohr is a writer, coach, and personal growth teacher. She’s the creator of the global Playing Big leadership program for women, the author of The Real Life poems, and is a regular writer for the Huffington Post. Visit for more.

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  • Brilliant! So beautifully written!

    Even I weep about the joys that I’m missing out on! Never taking a step forward. Worrying about the uncertain. Life was what was happening when I was waiting for that big moment!Time to pursue The Calling! 

  • shruti

    I was looking for a sign and here it is!!! thnks

  • Oh, I love this.  It’s so hard for me to remember that there’s a reason something pulls at me, that I need to meet it head-on – thank you.  xox

  • Kathy

    This great Tara – what a wonderful voice of hope your ‘letter writer’ is. I love the idea of a letter bringing wisdom – we write and receive so few letters these days that they are really so special. So yes is my reply!

  • Truly inspiring Tara. Thank you so much for this! 

  • TeeJay

    Thank you. You have no idea how much I needed this.

  • Amy

    Beautiful.  When I read “It’s true, part of my job is creating challenges and dark moments along
    the way—but only enough of them to teach you the most beautiful lessons
    you’ll ever learn.”  I was reminded that callings are sometimes elusive or confusing … until they’re not.  Thanks for your brilliant, soulful words.  xoxo

  • M_Skinnz

    WOW!! Pretty powerful words. YES! Would be my answer.

  • Vanessavsoto

    Brought tears

  • Thank you for this post that reached in and grabbed me this morning. It’s absolutely beautiful and I already have it printed and next to my computer. Sending love and gratitude!

  • Oooo….yes! 

  • Connie

    WOW! Now this hit home, thank you so very much

  • Kyla

    What a powerful, moving piece that is so well-suited for this time in my life. Thank you.

  • Courtney

    Perfect timing – interviewing today for a ‘dream job’.

  • <3

  • Raven

    If anyone says The Universe isn’t listening–I have some wonderful, encouraging news for you–It does hear every single word we say, and because we are all so deeply connected; we receive on a unified level–which means we ALL receive it because we are completely loved and we all matter (no insult  to anyone who doesn’t agree, just to let you know that our energies are all wrapped around each other, and yes–you are deeply loved–one and all!)!
    I can’t tell you how much this letter from my Calling has ignited that spark in me, removed my plaguing doubt and wrapped me in Love so powerful that all I can say about it at this point is ‘Thank You!!!’; and I truly hope that everyone who received it is also wrapped in the same Love and gratitude.
    Sending Love to all!

  • Sarj Sa

    This hit home thanks!!

  • Katie J

    This message brought tears to my eyes – so beautiful, timely, and impactful!

  • Lv2terp

    Love this post, writing it from “your calling” perspective, that is refreshing! Thank you! 🙂

  • AmyK

    Thank you!!!! I needed that!

  • Carolyn Iyer

    my favourite post on this site. ever.

  • eluna


  • Angelina Garza

    Oh my gosh, I needed this! Thanks so much!!

  • Angelina Garza

     It brought tears to my eyes too!!!

  • tears flowing down my cheek as I type this

  • Big Yay for tears! Always a sign of important movement. 

  • So glad! 

  • Thank you Raven! I”m moved by your comment.

  • Sending hugs. 

  • well I suppose that means your calling is really talking to you!!! 🙂 

  • I’m so glad Kyla, you are so welcome. 

  • Connie, I’m so glad it hit home. Sending hugs to you. 

  • Sending love back to you. Time to go for that calling! 

  • I’m so glad it came at the right ime. 

  • Yes – our callings matter and, I believe, deserve our respect. 

  • Kat

    Also perfect timing! Making the scary switch from medical to vet! Yikes! Thanks, I needed this! Very inspiring 🙂

  • Meghan

    Thank you so much for posting this. I recently decided to move across the country from my home state of Florida to Colorado. Financially, it is rather impractical, but something just keeps pushing me towards it. I interviewed for a job this week, and am confident that it will be offered to me. However, I am terrified of starting a new chapter in my life. This morning, I put in notice at my current job. Before leaving for work, I was absolutely terrified, a walking nervous wreck. I imagined my boss would be angry with me for leaving at such a busy time (I work in tourism). I went to Tiny Buddha for encouragement, and I saw this post. It brought tears to my eyes. It was just what I needed to hear.
    PS – Much to my delight, my boss was not upset with me for quitting at all, but very understanding and encouraging. 🙂 I know some people might think I am crazy for quitting without being 100% sure that I have the job, but I am confident everything will sort itself out.

  • Julie

    This took my breath away.  It stunned me into a strange, eery silence, which allowed me to stop making excuses in my mind for a few minutes and take it in. Your writing is powerful, and your imagination is a beautiful gift!  Bless you!  I’m beyond grateful. 

  • Felt every word. Beautifully written, If I may say. This is something
    that we all need to safe on our desktops, and read it when we are not
    sure of ourselves. Great work!

  • I LOVE THIS!!!

  • Cindy

    What a powerful letter. Like many others, I’m starting to listen to the inner voice for guidance & this just felt so personal. Thanks

  • Fridakello

    Wow…of all the things I’ve read on Tiny Budha, this moved me like none other!  Tears as well!

  • nupur

    such a lovely letter …so so nice

  •  I moved to Colorado on a whim…lots of people here did, too.  You are not alone!

  • solitairebala

    Respected and most revered Madam,

    SriBuddha preached of five principals [Panchseel in Sanskrit] NEVER CHEAT OR STEAL,NEVER KILL OR HARM ANY LIVING BEING NOT EVEN BY WORDS, NEVER INDULGE IN EXTRA MARITAL SEX , IN OTHER WORDS DON’T FALL PRAY TO TEMPTATIONS FOR SEXUAL PLEASURE,NEVER LIE EVEN IF IT MAY RESULT IN CERTAIN DEATH,NEVER DRINK ALCOHOL OR INDULGE IN DRUG ABUSE.If a person follows the above five principals in life he will be not only a blessed soul,but will get connectivity to the eternal light of the godly wisdom or will be enlightened in the process he/she will be able to crush the ego inside and can be termed a perfect example to be emulated in life for others to follow for a righteous living without being a sinner.     

  • Eelaras

    I have been pursuing a teaching degree and along the way I have felt that I may not be smart enough, even though I am making A’s in my master’s classes.  I guess I am worried that I will mess up future generations.  This made me feel like I am choosing the right path, even though I have doubts.  Thanks for the post! 

  • Kirra

    This made me cry. I held back from sobbing. Thank you for putting the effort into writing this. My favourite piece I think I have ever read. 

  • Sarah

    Beautiful and absolutely perfect timing!

  • Tashastraveltroves

    I was at a cross roads with my career …. I now see the path ! I’m trusting my vision through its voice from this article ! Thank you for this !

  • I have a big dream for about 3 years now. A wonderful project that I have been nourishing inside and wish to realize. Last weeks I took a course, where I spent a week analyzing the ins and outs of my project. It became more realistic, now I see how much work and money is needed,  how many people I need to get involved, etc etc and the whole project became so huge and scary….can I do it? how to get people on board? how to secure it financially?…..and here I am, hesitating, worried about what the future might bring, what i shall do with my life, waiting for my calling….while it might just be that my calling is waiting for me.
    Thank you for the post Tara, besides that it made me weep too, now I know that I have no other chance than to go on.

  • bheretoday

    Tara, I have a big lump in my throat as I write this. Just saying thank you for words that stir my soul seems inadequate. I’ve been aware for some time that my lifelong yearning is growing stronger. There’s a shift occurring and each God-moment–like reading your post–brings a little more clarity.

    Warm blessings,

  • JKersey

    Love this!  Just what I needed, exactly when I needed it.  Thank you for this great reminder.

  • Jacie

    Love this!  I am 55 years old and contemplating a return to school (again)…but this time for what I really want to do.  This posting is so motivating!  Thank you.  

  • like!

  • Re-Tweeted this. What an amazing and relevant message to so many women entrepreneurs. We are embarking on a new feminine business paradigm and many women need to receive this message so they can stand more fully in their unique capabilities. Bravo.

  • Yardfarmer8822

    Life’s simplest treasures are the greatest. This short read is so full of life’s truth. Learning, earni.g and giving back. I love this! Perfect timing too. I was caught up in the transition from earning vs. giving back. Now I have my focus re-aligned. Thank you so much!

  • Negeen333

    That totally brought tears to my eyes. Wow. 

  • Angibustmante

    hello calling, i am calling you back! loved this post. inspired to take action, some little baby step to propel me towards the calling in my life. 

  • I think mine’s given up the wait and gone home before I ever got up to answer the door, so now I don’t even know what it looked like.

  • Erin

    What an inspiring and insightful post. Thank you for this. 

  • Calmspace

    Was at a crossroad and this had to appear. Thanks

  • Absolutely beautiful. And totally what I needed to read as I’m re-connecting with my calling – it’s really been on my mind lately. Funny how this stuff reaches you at just the right time. =) Thank you!

  • I just had to say I’m sending good vibes your way…I hope you get the offer and your move goes smoothly!

  • Liz Schufman

    Volunteering at an HIV/AIDS camp for kids this week and had an emotional day…just read your piece and it truly summed up how I felt today, making me overjoyed to have decided to pursue my “calling” a year and a half ago, completely change careers and become a nurse.  I have been so touched and inspired this week and your words captured my thoughts exactly and made my heart smile.  Thank you for writing this truly beautiful piece.

  • Now if only I can identify what that calling is, forward movement can occur.

  • Mariachanneling

    Great inspiration!

  • Rich

    Welcome to Colorado.  We’re also from Florida.  16 years here and not looking back.

  • For you my dear!

  • So beautiful Liz! Thank you for sharing.

  •  Yes – it shows up when it needs to! 🙂

  • So glad to hear it.

  • This may help point you in the direction of your next calling…it’s never too late. A new one will show up.

  • Woo hoo!

  • Interesting! Would love to hear more about that.

  • Yes, yes and yes! I’m so on the same page with you about that!

  • Fabulous! I hope you go for it! I’m cheering you on from here. 

  • You are so welcome.

  • Beautiful. It sounds like you are on the edge of some major transformation!

  • Beautiful. This may help with those fears that are coming up.

  • Oh Kirra, I’m honored. Deep bows.

  • We always feel not “up the task” when it comes to our callings. Feeling like we don’t have what it takes is a telltale sign of a calling.

  • Honored!

  • Cindy, I am so glad you are starting to listen to that voice!! 

  • Thank you Julie! 

  • oooh! good for you! 

  • Raminsaghafi


  • Rachelle

    You said it all! Xoxo

  • Rachelle

    So this is my second timke reading this! As the others have said it came at the right time! This whole year has been a transition for me in soo many ways! Finding an art community a writing community. Yoga. Deciding to go after my passion and be happy and not do things to get by. To be brave and actually try to go for the daydreams that constantly repeat in my mind! The perspective of it being from your calling and it saying exactly what is true is so moving! Thank you! Xoxo

  • Meghan

    Thank you so much, Kaylee!! 🙂

  • Meghan

    Thanks, Rich! I’m glad you like it there. I am super excited 🙂

  • Meghan

    How did the interview go? 🙂

  • Beautiful.

    Our calling sure has a way with words.

    I’m a fan of “do the job you love, or love the job you’re with.”

    The beauty is that when we know our personal success recipe of purpose, passion, and values, we can take our game wherever we go … and sometimes the best way to find our calling, is the same as with happiness … grow it right under our feet.

  • SP

    What a beautiful take on this – I love the way its written and the ingenious way it comes from your calling’s voice. Thank you for sharing your Light with us, Tara!

  • This is a great post. :”’) I’m posting it on my board at work and somewhere in my house where I can be reminded daily. Thank you for keeping us inspired! <3

  • What a beautiful, simple message. I think in today’s cool, practical, busy society, there is great pressure for us to supress our big ideas… our calling. Thank you for writing this and reminding me that our time here is short. Why wouldn’t we embrace that voice inside and make the most of our opportunity to make a difference?

  • Aquarius Company

    Utterly beautiful … thank you – namaste.  <3

  • Roland F Cummins

    Moving my dreams on the back burner and bringing the pot forward to cook start cooking the contents

  • Moving my dreams off the back burner, and bringing the pot forward so that I can cook the contents. Its time to make things happen

  • Sarah

    I read this just before pressing “send” on a submission to my favourite website. Thank you for helping me get up the courage to start chasing my dream.

  • Bright Little Socks

    So beautiful -thank you! It really spoke to me. Thank you for bringing me and my calling back to the table to talk about this 🙂

  • uthinkithink

    Brilliant!!!!! Cheers!!!!

  • Mario

    This is a letter I plan to read to myself every day in the morning. Very moving and inspirational. I felt a deep connection with how important, and even transcendental, it is to follow my calling, even though it seems “silly, unrealistic”. It’s not just about me, and my life, it’s about how the world wll benefit from it.

    Thank you, Tara and Lori, by saying yes to your calling.

  • I like the way you explained about “A Letter from Your Calling.”
    Keep posting stuff like this I really like it.


  • Caitlin

    I just said yes a few weeks ago and it’s amazing how quickly things are moving now! Thank you so much, this was much needed on my ever changing journey!!! love

  • Thank you 🙂

  • I wept when I read this. It speaks so directly to the heart.

  • Laure

    I honestly thought that was lovely and insightful and it has inspired me.
    Thank You

  • Graham

    An open reply to my calling:

    You said:

    “It’s true, part of my job is creating challenges and dark moments along
    the way—but only enough of them to teach you the most beautiful lessons
    you’ll ever learn.”

    Apparently I’m too stupid to learn what you’ve been teaching. I can find beauty in none of it. Please pick something else or a different method of teaching.

    It is a poor teacher who keeps trying to teach calculus to someone just learning fractions.

  • Ni

    brought tears to my eyes too <3 lots of love!

  • Ildiko Somogyi

    I found your words so powerfull, that they reduced me to tears. In fact, now that I know what I have been fighting for so long with an arsenal of ammunition of self doubt and negativity could actually be my saviour, I feel quite at ease. I cannot wonder why I did not find you sooner. Wish me luck!