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Random Acts of Kindness

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The Winners:

“Practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of love.” ~Ann Herbert

An unsolicited financial donation right when you need it. Roadside assistance from a stranger after your car breaks down.  An anonymous gift when you’re struggling and in desperate need of a smile.

These are just a few random acts of kindness that can transform your day and renew your faith in people, and just a small sampling of the type of stories you’ll find in Random Acts of Kindness: Then and Now.

Twenty years back, Conari Press published the first Random Acts of Kindness book, highlighting stories of people looking out for one another in their daily lives.

As the book inspired a movement, Conari started the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, which works with schools and communities to spread kindness.

Every February for the past two decades, the foundation has spearheaded Kindness week, which runs from the 11th through the 17th.

To celebrate the week and the book’s anniversary, Conari has offered five copies of the updated book for Tiny Buddha readers.

Including the original book and new stories sourced through social media, Random Acts of Kindness: Then and Now is an inspiring, feel-good compilation that encourages a more generous, caring, compassionate world.

The Giveaway 

To enter to win 1 of 5 free copies of Random Acts of Kindness: Then And Now

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You can enter until midnight PST on Monday, February 18th.

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  • This is so awesome and really resonates with me. I love random acts of kindness and the stories that surround the acts are just so amazing, inspiring and uplifting. I think random acts of kindness are really like miracles because they come unexpectedly. I am especially drawn to receivers of random acts of kindness because in this day and age receiving is sometimes harder than giving.

  • Kind thoughts, words, and acts are my everyday intentions. Today, I listened to someone who is grieving, and he opened his heart to me.

  • Sunny

    I was at the grocery store with my four month old in a front pack and my 2.5 year old in the cart. The lady behind me helped me unload my cart onto the belt. I totally could do it myself but it really made my day when she helped me!

  • Sascha

    Just having somebody take the time out of their day to listen to me when I needed it was lovely 🙂

  • Lilly

    Offered: calm, presence and advice to someone I hardly know, but that was going through a rough time, and needed to talk.

    Received: 2 umbrellas from a bus-driver on a rainy day, when I had none 🙂

  • My grandmother was always a kind woman. She took care of my family through very tough times and was a saving angel for her late husband and boyfriend. She loved everybody so much and was always saying positive things about people. I miss her, but she taught me to stay positive and do what makes me happy 🙂

  • Rhonda

    My coworkers and I sometimes talk while we work, and it’s so easy to not really listen when we are busy. It’s so nice when I can remember to pay attention, or when they do and a maybe the next day ask about a particular situation, or realize they are going through something and maybe be a little gentler that day. It makes a big difference in how we relate to each other.

  • Angel48

    This one company that I use to work for was laying off staff.( I was with them 8 years) I was going to be one of the last people to be let go my boss told me. Rumor had that this one guy who was just a few years away from retiring was going to be next, I went to my boss and volunteered to be let go to save his job. My boss and I sat on her floor in her office for hours tossing a box of tissues back and forth to each other as I had to talk her into letting me go. She let me go.

    This by far was the most rewarding act of kindness that I have done.

    PS she was not to tell him I did this for him, I didn’t want him to feel bad.

  • Phil

    Yesterday at the coop grocery where I often buy lunch I saw a friend who works as a clerk there. She drew a big smiley face on my lunch box as she weighed its contents. It made me happy all throughout lunch and even made a coworker smile. I certainly hope I passed that happiness on in some way before the day was through.

  • I found a note on the floor of the coffee shop recently: “Dear whoever is reading this, You are beautiful! And please remember that you are somebody’s WORLD.”

    I plan to pass on the note and make others to share with strangers 🙂

  • I was in the market behind a young mother with a large order. Her credit card was declined so she pulled out cash. She didn’t have enough for her entire order and started looking for items to put back. I told the cashier I would cover the difference. The young woman was very appreciative and wanted my name and number so she could pay me back. I told her not necessary, just pay it forward.

  • Ja

    bought cakes to support a charity today:)

  • Vicky

    Just today, an occasional client of mine dropped me an email about a project and then randomly told me he’d been viewing my website a few days earlier and that he thought it was really good. The unexpected compliment really boosted my confidence and made my day. In turn, I briefly shared the story on facebook, along with a link to an article that encouraged people to ‘Connect With Love’, in the hope that more people will benefit from giving and receiving random acts of kindness. 🙂

  • This is just beautiful, and thank you for the giveaway. I love practicing random acts of kindness and compassion, and do so daily. Today I held space and provided a listening ear to someone who is feeling overwhelmed by unexpected, major shifts in their life. I’d like to think the cup of tea helped too. 🙂

  • Peggy Johnson

    As the saying goes practice makes perfect, it should be part of our daily habits, being kind comes from love your neighbour as yourself, God bless

  • Peggy Johnson

    I travel with public transport, as i was getting of the taxi i offered an old lady to carry her bags to her next taxi. 🙂

  • kswaggg

    I’ve practiced Random Acts of Kinds for years. It’s always nice to read about other’s acts.

  • pickle

    I was in Africa and driving on the main road when i saw a lady looking very confused in the middle of the road stopping passers by. Everyone just drove on and as i was with my male friend i thought it would be safe to pull over. We did and undid the window a little she said she needed a bit of money to put petrol in her car it had run out. I gave her some money and we followed her to the petrol station to make sure she was okay. She looked very disoriented and i was worried about her. When you are in a pickle you really appreciate things like that so i say thanks to all who have helped me when i was in a pickle.

  • Jeet

    This is actually a two-in-one. I helped someone by lifting up her big water container on Thursday evening – right before Nemo hit us in CT – on to the checkout counter for scanning purposes. I put it back on her grocery cart as well after it was scanned. After that, she forgot one of her grocery bags and walked out. I had the clerk hold my bags, and ran out to the parking lot, tracked her down and handed her the bag as well. 🙂

  • Wendy Blue

    I dropped my gloves on the train today – and some man sought me out to ask if they were mine. Always appreciated!

  • Andalucia

    I secretly filled the coffee container to make it last longer before the next buy. And emptied all the recycling in the office… Held the door an extra amount of time too to let the next person through 🙂 Thanks for all the great articles!

  • Carolina

    Ahhhh…. What a beautiful random act of kindness…. I was running into a conference….feeling a bit frazzled…no time for breakfast,…just got the Valentines ready for my special needs kiddo to take to school….feeling spent and a bit overwhelmed and ….ah a friendly smile and a warm steamy cup of coffee….this simple gesture offered by the kindness of a stranger was all I needed to change the course of my morning! I paid this forward by doing the same for another at the conference!

  • Ashley Philpott

    A co-worker’s 10 year old neice was looking to buy an iPad and only had $100. I knew someone selling for $250 – and donating the money to charity – so I covered the difference (secretly). My co-worker is happy, we helped sick kids in need through charity, and his little niece is going to be thrilled 🙂

  • Bernadette

    This would be a great book for a down day or to give to someone else who is need of some support. . .any ideas or thoughts to make this a better place to live is always a good thing!

  • Nico

    When I was having a bad day at work a few weeks ago, one of my co-workers drew me a silly picture and left it on my desk to cheer me up. It’s still stuck to my computer monitor, and every time I look at it I smile. The littlest things can make big changes in someone’s attitude!

  • Vday baby

    Random acts of kindness is a very simple way to pay it forward and infect the world with good things. Like paying for the coffee of someone behind you at Starbucks.

  • I need to commit myself to doing random acts of kindness. It needs to become habit.

  • I remember yesterday when I noticed an old woman carrying a lot of groceries and was having a tough time going whereever she was going. Although I was in a hurry to catch the bus..I stopped and thought that although I had my own hardships, I shouldnt forget others needs. So I went and I told her that I would like to help her by carrying her groceries to whereever she was going. She told that she was going to catch the bus so I ran to the bus and told the bus driver to wait for her and carried her grocieries and held her hand and walked to the bus stop with her. We both made it on time and the bus driver was so nice for waiting for us.

  • There was a guy ahead of me at the convenience store yesterday counting small change for his snacks so I bought it all for him. 🙂 I try to do random acts of kindness as often as possible!

  • Heather

    I look forward to these posts everyday! Thank you!!

  • Tracie Darmon

    I love, love, love the site where the material is from, I have a few entries myself. It’s such a warm fuzzy feeling you get from visiting it 🙂

  • Michelle

    Every time it snows I have to shovel the bit that the plow truck leaves behind in front of my garage. There is a sweet, older lady who lives across the hall from me and I have made it a habit of shoveling her garage, too since it is right next to mine.

  • Elle

    How to choose? I feel remarkably fortunate to say I witness random acts of kindness frequently. Let’s start with the most recent: Last week, I had to take an afternoon off work to get my clunker of a car looked at to determine whether the battery could be saved. It was a tight situation as I was losing money (taking time off) to try to “save” money (resurrect this useless battery that the sellers swore was in “great” condition!), so I returned the following day noticeably stressed. Cleaning the office the very next morning, I peaked out the back window into the parking lot only to discover my boss, heavily bundled up in the Michigan snow, bent under the hood of my car replacing my battery with his own two hands! His wife and co-owner hugged me and said it was in appreciation of all my hard work, but I truly feel nothing could quite repay that act of kindness.

  • I was at one of the food stalls at the airport. The young lady (well, she was younger than I am, maybe college age?) ahead of me was purchasing her food and her card wasn’t working. I told the cashier to charge both my meal and hers on my card. She was thrilled and thanked me.

  • Random acts of kindness aren’t only something for special occasions or after catastrophic tragedies…they are a beautiful way to live your life. There is amazing energy that is created and nurtured within ourselves when we give selflessly to others. Happy Thursday, friends!

  • I drive quite a lot due to the fact that I work 60 miles from where I live. I always stop to offer help if I see somebody stopped on the side of the highway. The latest instance was about a month ago when I saw three middle aged women struggling to change a flat tire. I changed the tire for them and they tried to give me $50! I’m also a graduate student so $50 can always help but I don’t believe in taking any compensation for an act of kindness and I graciously declined and explained why I could not take the money. I think next time, because this happens to me every other month or so, I’m going to ask the person to donate the money to charity or buy a stranger gas with it or something.

  • Cheryl D

    Being kind to all and helping out others who are down on their luck or just having a bad always make you feel good and puts a smile on our faces.

  • jennifer

    The other day I paid for a four-hour parking sticker at a meter, and only used 15 minutes. I left the sticker by the pay station, hoping that it would make someone’s day!

  • I work for the county hospital in HR. A young lady came in to get help doing her application and resume. I spent a couple of hours walking her through the process. Well i found out yesterday she got hired!! Talk about validating my work! She made my day and brought me jolly rancher’s! I didn’t thin she would remember i told her they were my faves!

  • kiran

    I love this!!!!

  • Tania

    Looks really interesting! The world needs more acts of random kindness, and this seems to be a great inspiration! <3

  • XHX

    We were walking to the shops one day when we came across an elderly lady asking about getting the train to another town. She was asking directions, but seemed extremely confused. We walked with her down our road a bit further & asked a lady who was in her garden if she knew the elderly lady… cut a long story short, we managed to track down her house round the corner & it turned out that she had dementia & her husband (who was her full time carer) was ill & she had managed to get out of the house without him realising. Thank goodness we hadn’t just left her!!

  • Christine

    I donated to an animal rescue organization for a dog that needs a live-saving operation, in honor of Valentine’s day, since I don’t have a Valentine!

  • Angel

    I saw an article in the local paper about a local town needing donations for its food shelf so I gathered up a bag of canned goods and pasta,went through the clothes in my house,gathered the best ones that we never wear and dropped them off at the food shelf.

  • Patricia

    I love the idea of random acts of kindness. It is a gift we give to ourselves and the universe. I am a caregiver for mom with dementia. Two weekends ago I put on a Celine Dion CD and we danced. A spontaneous dance party to lift her mood!

  • my coworker brought me a coffee this morning as a R.A.K. Such a sweet gesture and I will be paying it forward. My tweet as well:

  • Sam Hodder

    I try to do random acts of kindness frequently, and to encourage other people to do so too! I recently donated many items to a local homeless shelter.

  • Paula Sharits

    I was in a burger joint ordering lunch. After I paid for my order, I handed the cashier a $20 bill and told her to use it to pay for the young woman who was with her son in line behind me. The young lady came to my table to thank me and proceeded to tell me how they had just come from the doctor, that her son has cancer and is preparing to start his treatments. He is 5 years old. I gave her my name and email and asked her to please keep me posted on his progress and to let me know if there was anything more I could do to help.

  • I gave a random person a $5 Starbucks gift card 🙂

  • Regan Bennett

    There is a woman in a woman’s group I belong to
    that has recently found herself in a women’s shelter with two children.
    They have all lost everything… including clothes. She posted the need for a few
    items and I got her address. I am in the process of organizing clothing in her
    size, her children’s sizes, as well as sheets and blankets for their bedding. I
    am also going to build a basket for her and her daughter that are filled with
    soaps, sprays, barrettes, hair items, etc. Because, as a woman, she needs to
    feel good about herself…as well as her children. I have obtained the address of
    where is currently living, and arranged to have things delivered. A lot of
    those donating are doing it anonymously. It’s not just MY random act of

    But it’s a community coming together.

    I am interested in the book giveaway… but do not have a twitter account. I am going to repost on google+.

  • tagurit

    It’s not my RAOK, but my son’s (which I try to have a part in through raising him right and offering up good examples). We were pulling into the parking lot at the grocery store and I slowed to allow a woman cross in front of us with an extremely full cart. As she made her way, two 12-packs of soda fell off her cart and busted open sending rolling cans of soda in all directions. Without thinking twice, my 14 year old son jumped out of the car and chased down the soda, brought it back to the woman and helped her reload her cart. It made my mommy heart proud. 🙂

  • Marisa

    I often carry an extra energy bar or granola bar in my purse. When I happen upon a panhandler, I always have something to offer since I don’t have a lot of money. I am humbled and grateful after these interactions.

  • Jazzygurl21

    while visiting a friend of mine right after they had baby (she had a c-section) I did everything I could to preoccupy her 16 month old and to help her with the little one as she couldn’t move around very fast. She really appreciated the extra unasked for help! 🙂

  • My dogs got out of the yard recently – A woman sitting in a coffee shop saw them heading down the interstate ramp. She left the coffee shop, got in her car and drove down the ramp – she was eventually joined my 5 other cars. several people risked their own safety for my dogs. Instrate traffic was stopped, my dogs were captured and brought home to me. I shutter to think what would have happened were it not for that one woman making the first move on behalf of Rocky and Chester. An act of kindness, and an act of love.

  • Kifferie

    just last week, I was approached by a young homeless guy asking for change. I usually look them in the eye, smile and say no…which I did this time as well, but as I was about to leave I realized I had a nice warm blanket in the car (it was going to be chillly that evening) so I went back and said I don’t have much change to give but would you like a blanket. he smiled and said yes and we hugged. It was great…not sure what was better sharing the warmth of the blanket or the hug that he probably never receives from a random stranger. i’d love to share the stories from this book with my son and my kids yoga classes <3 with gratitude~Kifferie

  • Last week my son and I saw an old classmate of his and her Mom walking to the lightrail station… Instead we offered them a ride home. A small act of kindness, but kind none the less. 😉 Wishing you all enough love on this LOVE day.

  • Tracy Strickland

    There was an older couple that did not speak English in front of me at a check out counter at Sears and it was right as the store had opened. The women had bought I think $53.00 and some change of clothes and the gentleman gave the cashier a $100.00 bill. The cashier, rude as all get out, told them that she couldn’t take the money because she had just opened and her till did not have enough change in the drawer (I used to work at Sears while in college so I’m certain she still could have called a manager down). She insisted she needed a smaller amount of money. The couple didn’t understand her and they didn’t have anything else to give her, he opened his wallet and it had no cards or no other cash. So I stepped up and paid for their items and sent them on their way. The cashier even had the nerve to say “hey if you want to take someone else shopping and spend money on a stranger you should call me”…not gonna happen. I cannot believe she wouldn’t help the couple. You should have seen the look of gratitude in their eyes…you need no words when you can see the eyes of the soul light up like that.

  • Laura Paquet

    A little while ago, a woman saw I was overloaded with grocery bags and walked the two blocks from the store to my house to help me carry them. So kind!

  • shannonemerick1

    Today, I gave all of my coworkers a small Valentine with some candy. I think everyone deserves a little something on Valentine’s Day. 🙂

  • Chelsea

    I’m doing a year long spending freeze in order to pay off my debt. My coworker knows this and brought me back half of her black bean burger after lunch! She had no idea I had forgotten to pack mine. Completely turned my day around.
    (My blog about my journey to debt free life!

  • chipping in to raise funds for a life-saving kidney transplant in Nepal today

  • buddhamom

    My daughter’s art teacher offered her a free class this week because she had extra space and thought she might enjoy it. That was a really random act of kindness that I greatly appreciated!

  • Chi

    I live on a street where a lot of exchange students without cars also live, a few miles from the university, downtown and grocery stores. I will offer rides to ones I see walking along the side of the road (there is no sidewalk for the first mile), especially in the rain or snow. Occasionally, we are going to the same destination for the same amount of time, and I also offer them rides back.

  • Rissa

    This morning, I saw a guy who goes to my school walking as I was driving there, so I gave him a ride 🙂

  • artlife

    i baked chocolate chip cookies and took boxes of them around to the post office workers, my car mechanic and left some for my garbage collector ~ great delight for the recipients and a lot of personal pleasure in the act

  • Rissa

    Oh…and yesterday, a different student who was excited about passing his exam gave me and my instructor Godiva covered cashews as a gift to celebrate:-)

  • I think about doing random acts of kindness often; do them occasionally; will instill this in my children by example & including them:)

  • I ride the bus in LA, yes unheard of, but recently while standing near the front, a lady was having a hard time getting her huge suitcase onto the bus. Everyone was watching her, seeing if she could do it. After 2 attempts, I moved my way passed 5 people, got her luggage onto the bus, smiled and said your welcome after she said thank you, and walked back to the middle of the bus. Strange no one said anything to me as I walked back. But that’s LA for you.
    Also, the other day I had some extra bread from lunch. Thinking I would probably see someone asking for change after work, I kept it aside, Walking to the bus after work, I did see someone. All I said was, here you go, some bread and handed it to her. She smiled, I smiled, and continued on my way.

  • Gift

    letting a woman with two little kids go in line ahead of me. smile to a stranger while waiting for a crossing signal.

  • Cory Bosy

    A few weeks ago I was visiting relatives and a random woman ran out of gas in a busy intersection while it was raining. Two other guys and myself just banded together and pushed that car through the busy intersection into a gas station. She was thankful, she was no longer blocking traffic and I know I sure felt good.

  • Catherine

    After hearing me talk about wanting to read a certain book, a friend insisted on loaning me her autographed copy even though she hadn’t read it yet.

  • Cindy L

    When I buy my coffee at Whole Foods, I pay for my $2 cup wiith a $10 bill and ask the lady to buy coffee for as many people as it can. I love to watch the people smile in amazement as the cashier tells them their coffee has been already paid for. The best part is that one or two people will usually give the money they would have paid for coffee to buy the next person in line a cup. I love the trickle down effect! Awesome!

  • The other day I was at the grocery store and I saw a small, elderly man reaching up for a case of cat food when he finally reached it they all came crashing down. I helped him pick them up and get them in to his cart. On my way to the register I was behind a lady in a motorized scooter. When she passed a sale bin several items fell to the floor. I picked them up and put them back for her so she and everyone else could pass through the isle. In line at the register I saw these two cute old ladies dividing their few bags and leave. As I was driving out of the parking lot I saw them walking to the main street. My heart just broke because they looked for frail and struggling. I pulled over to offer them a ride to their destination but they lovingly declined stating that they were taking the bus home. They blessed me and I went on my way.
    What a wonderful way to end my day after a long hard day at work. <3

  • My children were recently approached by an older couple in our local cafe. The couple gave them each a coin with which to treat themselves, because the couple commented they were so well behaved. It wasn’t as if my children had been sat there in silence, they had been chatting and laughing away. It was a lovely unexpected gift, that my children really valued. It has really made them want to engage in some random acts of kindness themselves, so having the book would be a great inspiration for us all.

  • While on an internship abroad I found myself stranded with a train strike in Belgium. I was alone when I had my first panic attack- I knew a girl I studied with lived there although I didn’t know her well, I reached out and gave her a call. She walked me through every alternative to get to my destination but it was no use- she kindly offered her parents house (even though she was in London) and her mother even cooked me a meal when I arrived very late at night. She is now one of my closest and most treasured friends and while her & her family brushed off my gratitude as being no inconvenience to them it meant the world to me as it saved me from being stranded, Oscar Wilde was right when he said “the smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention”

  • Abby Odiet

    I shovel snow for our elderly neighbors as wells as my own. I got the neighbor’s sidewalk done and about a quarter of the walk done on our corner lot. 7 to 10 inches of snow had fallen and the snow was getting really heavy to hand shovel. A neighbor who I never met before came walking down the sidewalk with his snowblower. He plowed the rest of the walk and our little driveway. I have been experiencing really negative acts from people lately and this random act of kindness inspired me to pass it on, I gave out some of my homemade potato cheese soup to a gentleman that lives on his boat all year round (we live in Wisconsin….burrr!) even though he can be a sour puss at times, it really brightened his day and mine. Pay it forward!

  • mj

    I volunteer and this week I was absent due to illness, and I received a note saying that I was missed. It was unexpected, really appreciated, lets me know that when I show up I am of value. I was touched by the kindness, a good lesson.

  • Jill

    It was a hot 105 degree day in Tucson, AZ and a woman with two small children came on the bus. The woman apparently didn’t have enough for the fare and the bus driver wasn’t going to let her on. I intervened and paid her way so she wouldn’t have to be out in the heat with two kids. I do this for people when they are short change or don’t have it. I always tell the person to just pay it forward.

  • latheresa

    A woman in line to get food forgot to bring money, so I offered to buy her meal! 🙂

  • JoyP

    My beloved Golden Retriever, Abby, recently died quite suddenly and without warning. To say I was shocked and devastated was an understatement. An elderly friend of mine at the Y where we both go every day was very worried about me since I had also been very ill during this time. Aside from offering me her condolences, she took the time to make me homemade chicken noodle soup (nothing says comfort like homemade chicken noodle soup!) and my favorite cookies. This simple act of caring for me in a kind, loving and compassionate manner did more to put me back on the road to my physical and mental health. Since my own mother died decades ago, I haven’t been used to someone caring for me and I am so grateful for her kindness and her friendship.

  • John

    a co worker and I were working cutting lawns on a hot day. The owner asked if I’d like a drink I replied yes I’d love one thanks and my off sider would love one also. The owner produced a bottle each of cold sparkling mineral water. a seemingly small act but it made both our days and seemed to lift our energy levels. we talked about how nice he was as we left the job smilling

  • Tim Elliston

    Random acts of kindness should be our way of life. Passing on car park tickets with an hour left on them to the stranger who parks in the space I have just vacated to giving a lift to a lady in a wheel chair as she struggled to push herself along in the snow. These things take nothing and mean so much in moment to the other person when seen in the vastness of simply loving. Gaze upon the world with soft eyes answer the wonder. (

  • My daughter was having a blue day overseas as we spoke to each other the other day. I listened to what was happening in her life, we then picked out something and had a good belly laugh! She said later in a SMS that the laughing had shifted her and made her feel better ! Which was joy to me! She also said ….. I love you Mum so much……and my reply Ditto Darling! …..Laughter is so powerful my motto had always been ….. A day without laughter is a day wasted 🙂

  • Dea Angan

    It happened more than 5 years ago when I was still in the secondary school. I took a public bus to school. There was a blind girl – a student – who always waited for the bus with me. I thought she lived not far from my house because I sometimes walked behind her to the bus stop. I wanted to talk to her, I didn’t know why, but I was afraid. That one day, while many walked fast to the bus stop, I saw her walking with her blind stick, trying to cope with people’s pace. She looked like she had difficulties to find a clear way for her stick, so I approached her and offered to help her. She smiled and nodded her head. We talked awhile while waiting for the bus. And since that day, I helped her walking through the crowd every morning. I became her walking stick. She got a simple help from me, and I got even better; a new friend.

  • marybeth

    My weekly random acts of kindness happen every week. When I go to the bank, I always bring three small pieces of wrapped chocolate for the tellers at my bank. (there are only three tellers on duty at all times) It’s not a big deal but they look forward to my visit. : ) Also, once a week, I write a random gratitude card to someone I know. I love to send it snail mail. I know it’s not the ecological thing to do, but then if I send it by e-mail it’s not random and I don’t want people to know it’s me..

  • Dixter

    I’ve thrown a couple of quarters in a parking meter set to expire. That could save someone a $70 ticket..

  • Sherri Ross

    I did the #26ActsofKindness a month ago after seeing it on NBC. I did various things like buy houseless people some food or clothing to giving rides in the rain or cold and paying for the person behind me in checkout lines.

  • Shannon

    This morning I gave the people at my Sonic $25 and told them to pay for all the people that came through this morning just purchasing drinks. Later I saw where two friends had posted on Facebook about how excited they were to get a free drink at Sonic this am! So fun!

  • Hannah

    I have picked a name and address out of the phone book before and posted someone a card with a lovely photo of animals or landscape etc on it. i wrote in the card that id picked a random person to share some positive thoughts, followed by a positive quote. The card was anonymous. I also asked the person receiving the card to pass on the kindness and to do the same, to keep passing on the positivity. Just to make someone have a nice day and give someone something nice to open in the post that is a surpirse and isn’t a bill!

  • Bethany

    Not pulling up in front of an entrance and exit that was on a busy street, held back letting cards behind me back up while sitting at a red light during heavy traffic time – small but I bet it meant something to one of the cars that passed through and was probably in a hurry

  • SamuraiTwinkie

    My boyfriend recently broke up with me. I hadn’t been eating or sleeping much. I met up with one of my friends to go walking and she gave me some snickerdoodle blondies when I saw her. I normally don’t eat sweets all that much but they tasted awesome – probably because they were made especially for me with love 🙂

  • jessminda

    my coworker offered to bring my stack of valentines to the post office the other day. thank you, teresa!

  • Dragonflyoga

    For the Lenten season instead of giving something up my family has committed to doing 40 acts of random kindness each.

  • Fumingsalmon

    One of my colleagues at office looked visibly sad..I could sense that and instead of asking what was bothering I just held her hand and said..this too shall pass..she cried on my shoulder for half an hour and then left for the day she came over to me n said that had I not shown small act of kindness to just held her hand and be there for her she was contemplating on a suicide. We are no longer in touch bt whenever I feel sad the thought that I made life of a difference in someone’s life makes me feel motivated to be there for ppl who need me in their life….tiny Buddha has changed my life in so many ways…I love every word of it…

  • Beck

    My random act of kindness is letting people out when driving especially in peak hour traffic. It makes me feel good and I hope it makes them happy too 🙂

  • Wings

    I helped an elderly lady in a motorized cart get her aspirin down from the top shelf, I was with my 7 year old son, and my son said, ” mom, that was nice of you to help her”. The lady smiled and so did my boy!
    🙂 share your love (:

  • I stayed late at work to help my older co-worker finish up what she needed to so she could go home.
    khbride at yahoo dot com

  • Justina

    While at the MVD getting a new drivers license the lady helping me gave me a little kindness coin because I was being so patient with her. Made my day brighter for sure.

  • Sometimes when I’m feeling depressed I go to a website for people with mental health problems and post replies to other people’s messageboard posts. It’s a good distraction and also helps me feel a little bit better knowing I might be helping someone else.

  • Dianne da Mata

    It really does renew your faith in people when a random act of kindness is extended. So many people just go on with their own lives and never step out of the space surrounding them. I am glad I came upon this book giveaway – its a good reminder of something we should all practice every day.

  • Amber

    Until a recent move I used to walk to work everyday and on the way I’d pass this young boy on his way to school down the road from my work place. This morning it was raining and cold driving to work and I saw him walking up ahead of me, I can’t explain the feeling that came over me but I promptly stopped the car and offered him a lift – he was very grateful and I was glad to help out with a random act of kindness!

  • Lois

    Yesterday, Valentines Day, I had an ‘almost’ act of kindness but was moved by the situation none-the-less. I was just about to leave the parking lot of the grocery store when I saw an elderly man having great difficulty pushing his cart. In the cart was one item, a bouquet of flowers, punctuated with red carnations. I thought how wonderful the recipient will feel, to know he’d gone to so much trouble and discomfort to give this thoughtful gift. I was just about to get out of my car to help when someone else saw the situation and quickly walked over to help him.

  • Laura

    My mother-in-law just booked a flight to take me from PA to TX to see a top doctor who could potentially properly diagnose and cure medical ailments that have been plaguing me for years. I am so grateful for this tremendously generous act of kindness and the hope that it inspires in me.

  • Emi

    My partner and I regularly take a class at the gym and befriended a classmate, the owner of a restaurant. Yesterday I didn’t go to the class, but when my partner went to grab some take-out from the restaurant, the owner threw in a free meal for me!

  • laura

    If everyone would practice just ONE act of kindness daily then everybody would be happy. 🙂

  • Shirley

    I was mailing a package to my sister when this teenager came in looking for a phone- none available for him- I offered my cell phone to which he proceeded to call his mother- who was giving him a bit of a hard time- I advised him to tell her he was using a borrowed phone thinking it would help diffuse the discussion & also I could retrieve my phone-he ended the call & asked if he could call his boss-we walked to the lobby & he called his boss-I stood patiently-A sweet distressed teen who was lost & just wanted to go home which is what he told his boss- afterward he said miss can I give you a hug- I said before I walked away don’t worry it will be alright…

  • cg79

    I have really enjoyed reading the other acts of kindness and find the others generosity and creativity inspiring! Every year my family and I drop anonymous baskets full of gift cards, books, decorations… to people in need. We don’t limit it to holidays we just hear about a person that might need a little boost/love and we drop them off around 9 pm and run. We also watch for individuals or families listed in our community newspaper that need a financial donation due to illness or other catastrophic event. We make a donation to them even if it can only be a small one.

  • Talia

    I try to do and encourage my girls to do random acts of kindness regularly. It’s nice, however, to have a reminder!

    I gave a co-worker a candle she was admiring. She supports her family and has little extra money for such things. It brought me great joy to give it to her – her smile made my day!

  • xanthi

    i always try to give to people begging for money, either some sweats (when its children)or a packet of rice/spaghetti when its adults…my co drivers seat is always ready for this kind of actions full of goodies bags for the poor ones

  • Cathie Dalziel

    I was a receiver of kindness. It was on Valentine’s Day (and I know you’re thinking well that’s too be expected). My son, age 23, came home with flowers and chocolate roses for me. It is my first year being single on Valentine’s and I expected it just to be another day with a good book and a gratefulness of life. It was, but this was totally unexpected and brought a smile to my face and heart and a deep gratitude that my son has grown into a kind, loving young man.

  • Cathie

    Very nice way of paying it forward. Thank you for sharing this.

  • Whitney

    I was recently riding to the store with my aunt. On the way, she stopped to get gas–I got out before her and said, “I’ll get it.” I filled her gas tank–she was so thankful as the gesture was so unexpected.

  • Every Friday I treat myself to Starbucks. I try to make sure the person behind me is also paid for and a few weeks back I was paid for by the lady in front of me. I kept up the chain…I think it’s such a great way to make someone’s day (and mine too)!!!

  • ~ gave my dogs pepperoni this morning instead of fake bacon treats…..

  • cf

    when i started going to a support group, i was totally intimidated by the people and the topic, i was a mess… but, just getting a smile from someone who i thought didn’t really like “anyone” made me feel special and kept me coming back for the first few months… and i have now been attending for 18months! it feels great when a stranger smiles at you – not a fake smile – but a “glad to see you sticking this out” kind of smile, made the meeting a ‘safer’ place for me until i found my own footing.

  • Keiki

    I recently ended a five-year relationship and have been going through a difficult time adjusting to being single and living alone again. I would have preferred to forget that yesterday was Valentine’s Day, but lucky girl I am, I received several phone calls and cards in the mail from my friends and family. They all went out of their way to make sure I felt special on a day they knew would be hard for me. Their kindness and thoughtfulness reminded me to pay it forward, because you never know what even a small gesture will mean to someone having a bad day.

  • Angela

    After a not-so-random act of violence was thrust on me, by what I had thought was a friend the other day I realized that the best thing I could do was pray for her. Forgiveness has to play a big role, without that I won’t heal.

    A man ahead of me in line at the store the other day was short on cash. The man with me said he would buy my donuts, which was awesome…it enabled me to pay for the other mans things.

  • Doug Harris

    I walked past a street guitar player yesterday and didn’t give him anything because he wasn’t playing, but resting between tunes. But then I thought I would go back and give him £5 so that he might play for some other folk and brighten their day with some music, so I did. His thanks were warm and genuine and I still feel good about it 36 hours later …

  • Alix

    A couple of months ago, with camper trailer in tow, I was driving up in the snowy mountains when I slid off the road into a ditch. Many people stopped to help, offering to call road side assistance when they got someplace with cell phone service. A few people helped disconnect the trailer and pull it off of the road. One person towed it up the road to a flat, wide shoulder, offered me food and returned the next day to see that I was OK.

  • Feeling too much in debt currently. I let people in when driving as a regular practice. I thank the people that are important to me. I say friendly encouraging things to people in the grocery store. I bless people for the good things they do.

  • This is so wonderful, I could cry. I am tearing up.

    Blessings upon you and yours, now and forever!

  • Lovely!

  • Great!

  • What a wonderful story!

  • Good for both of you!

  • Very sweet!

  • Wonderful!

  • I love it!

  • Hugs

  • He did well and YOU did well for years to inspire him!

  • Great idea!

  • I am enjoying it, too.

  • Blessings and healing in your life!

  • Bless you and keep you!

    I was feeling like that yesterday and called my support people. I made it through.

    You did a wonderful thing!

  • Wow! How great! I hope you folks come home and tell each other about them each day. What a great thing to have to look forward to every day.

  • Love can come for surprising places. Romantic love isn’t the only good love.

  • My thoughts exactly.

  • Yes!

  • You are right there!

  • Ahhhhh!

  • Such a loving thoughtful thing she did. And you invited it and were receptive to it.

    May your sorrow be healed.

  • That’s the best thing to do!

  • May blessings and kindnesses rain down upon you!

  • How delightful!

    I never buy drinks out. I might now consider it once in a while.

  • Good thoughts! Good actions!

  • I bet you made their day!

  • What a nice celebration!

  • Great!

  • I can relate. I am working on paying down my debt, too.

  • You are a blessing!

  • So kind! Pet them from a stranger, me.

  • I forgot, I gave a friend with no health insurance a CHUNK of money to help pay for her cataract surgery.

    I paid a friend’s utility bill.

  • Andrea

    I made lunch for a co-worker

  • jess

    My mother is someone I look up to & try to emulate when it comes to random acts of kindness. She will send me a greeting card on every known holiday (even the silly ones) & even at random times to let me know she’s thinking of me. She will give the shirt off her back to anybody, but the random well thought out, personalized cards in the mail always puts a smile on my face and touches my heart more than an email or text.

  • Sarah

    I recently won a brand new (super expensive) phone with a $100 gift card to be used for the bill, but it had to be used with a phone service I didn’t have, so I was considering selling it. A few weeks after I won it I was talking to a friend of my bosses daughter and I made a comment about her current phone, which was broken. She said she didn’t have the money for a new phone and was using an old one that her mom had. It ended up that she had the service that my new phone was required to have, so I asked her if she wanted it. She instantly asked me how much it would cost and, because I had won the whole package, I told her that she could have it free of charge.
    It felt pretty nice to hand over a top of the line phone and the money to pay the bill without a second thought as to how it would benefit me! I love when I’m able to pay for others drinks at coffee shops, but that moment was a HUGE spike on my joyfulness chart!

  • Fortunate and Thankful Girl.

    Today I was walking into a store and there was a homeless couple heading into the same store. They had a dog with them. So one of them had to wait outside with the dog. Well, being a dog lover, they caught my eye. So I smiled at them in the parking lot. Then in the store the homeless lady came down the same isle as me. So I knotted my head and said “hello with a smile.” She said “hello” back. I was so thankful at the moment, because a relationship I was in ended today. I thought she was a nice lady and probably liked that somebody said “hi” to her and didn’t run away. And I was just thinking how she probably has a great guy for her and I was happy for them. And their dog looked healthy and happy. Maybe we both made each other’s day. I will never know. With that said and after being let down today, I try to smile at everybody because we are all somebody with a heart. Happy belated St.Valentine’s Day to all.

  • Mel

    waiting to pay for parking, machine wouldn’t recognise ticked of the guy in front of me. the machine speaker instructed the guy to meet the operator at the carpark gate with $1 to get his car out. He replied that he was paying on his credit card and didn’t have any cash. It was getting a bit tense, and although I was nervous in drawing attention to myself, I gave him the dollar coin. He looked a bit embarrassed but I assured him that he could do the same for someone else some day. Then a smile came over his face and he kind of skip/walked towards his car.

  • Shivani

    I have a maid coming to my home every morning at 9:30 AM. She has two small babies to look after and as her husband is a drunkard, she needs to earn by cleaning people’s home and washing their utensils daily. She starts her work at 6 A.M. in the morning and works continously for five hours by going to five different households to earn her bread and butter. One day, I was cooking breakfast when she came in and she asked me, “What was it that I was cooking?”. In the course of our talk, I came to know that she never had the Luxury and means to have breakfast in life and the first meal of the day she takes was her lunch. I was amazed and shocked to see her managing her hunger despite being a woman doing so much physical work daily and a nursing mother of two. I cooked some more breakfast that day to share with her. And that practice continues till date. Now she takes her morning tea and her breakfast with us. I am writing this comment not to get the above giveaway particularly but to request each one of us to take care of people, who work for us. A little more from us can make someone smile and live happily.

  • k8e

    Sending, and receiving, xmas cards to/from randomly selected people who need cheering.

  • Angela

    I came to a meeting unprepared and a co-worker left the meeting to make copies of all the handouts for me. Her kindness was unexpected and greatly appreciated.

  • About ten years ago my car died on the side of the road. I was 18, traveling alone and stuck between where I was coming from and where I was going. It was late August and a man in a bright red convertible stopped to help. He followed me off the exit and waited for the tow truck to come. While we were waiting, he said, “You know, I’m going directly past your town, I can give you a ride.” Without thinking too hard about it, I accepted the offer and spend a late summer afternoon cruising down the freeway having a very profound conversation with a man whose name I never did learn. Being stuck on the side of the road wasn’t a life or death situation, and accepting a ride from a “stranger” could have been dangerous…but I went with my gut and accepted and now have a memory I will never forget. This taught me to always offer help when I can and to trust in the good nature of (most) people.

  • Glowstick

    My boss has been sick all week. I took over, working double my usual hours, opening and closing. She is more than a boss to me so I wanted to help. I am beyond humbled by her gratitude, and that of her family.

  • i was going to my great-grandma’s house (she is like 90 living with my grandma) and I was bringing her a bunch of bananas cos she has no teeth left and can’t chew, but on the way I saw a gypsy mum and kid checking the trash cans for food and I gave the kid 2 bananas. He looked like it was Christmas!!!

  • Kimberly

    When I’m able, I love to leave a big tip at a restaurant On my birthday last week, we went to a yummy restaurant. We chatted it up with the server, and found out she had been through a lot in life. Left a tip that was $10 over the entire amount of the bill. I always wish I could see the reaction of the server! 🙂 I love random acts of kindness!

  • Stephanie

    I designed a website for the local animal rescue group for free and I’m also hosting the site for free.

  • Stephanie

    Love this idea! I’m going to start doing this as well. How neat would it be if many people started doing the same and almost everyone gets a smile in the mail? Thanks for sharing!

  • fal

    A very friendly, loving dog was following me as walked home from uni. I thought it lived locally and would potter back home but its tail was wagging behind me as i was about to enter my front door. There was a phone number on its collar which i called but thé owner was busy at work and Saïd hé could come by later to pick him up. so i got thé address and delivered thé missing family member myself as a surprise.

  • Suzi

    The small act of kindness that makes a big difference is sharing a smile with another person, whether you know them or not. That’s what I love giving and receiving. 🙂

  • Roslyn Hart

    I had paid for two hours parking space but only used 1 hour. I waited in my car for about five minutes until someone else pulled up. I went over and knocked on the window and asked if they would like to use the rest of the time on my parking ticket. The man was so grateful. He looked tired and I think it really brightened his day. He couldn’t stop saying ‘bless you’. I was so grateful for his gratitude, I was grateful to have the opportunity to do something nice for someone. It made my day too! 🙂
    Another nice story, at our staff xmas party there was a new girl who didn’t know any one. She was completely new to my country and didn’t know any one. I offered to take her out for lunch just to be nice and help her out. She is now my best friend, and the closest thing I have to a soul mate. Her friendship means so much to me and has healed so many woes 🙂

  • A few days ago I saw a lady carrying heavy loads of groceries. I can tell by herself that she was very tired and so I helped her carry her groceries all the way to her car. A small deed indeed but I at least got to see a smile from her after she departed 🙂

  • Guest

    A few days ago, I saw a lady holding heavy loads of groceries. I can tell she was very tired and so I offered to carry her groceries all the way to her car. She happily obliged and after delivering her groceries to her car to happily smiled and thanked me. I was very happy to see her beautiful smile as we departed from each other.

  • A few days ago, I saw a lady holding heavy loads of groceries. I can tell she was very tired and so I offered to carry her groceries all the way to her car. She happily obliged and after delivering her groceries to her car to happily smiled and thanked me. I was very happy to see her beautiful smile as we departed from each other.

  • InfiniteMonkey

    This is quite lovely.

    I’d fancy having it!

  • Ron Sims

    The school I work at has a fundraiser for my family and I every year. My daughter is a cancer survivor & the funds help immensely.

  • Tapsmiled

    I’ve made it my unofficial life’s purpose to make random people that I meet laugh. I go out of my way to make store clerks, wait staff, and pretty much whoever else I meet laugh or, at least, smile. I always think that the person might be having a terrible day, and the laugh I provide might be the only one they get the whole day.

  • Daria

    My recent random act of kindness was, I bough pizza (his favorite food) to our regular customer, young man in a wheelchair who lost his mobility and healthy brain after car accident 20 years ago

    P.S. would love to share that photo with you if interested

  • Today I sent a thank you email on adorable stationary to a kind man in the hospitality business. From his reply, I know he appreciated it. Simple and kind.

  • I walk with a forearm crutch. Recently, I was visiting Berlin, and on the days when I moved between living situations, I was carrying rather a lot — and was visibly stressed. When I approached a subway station and saw the enormous flight of stairs I had to climb next, I’m sure the look on my face was unmistakable. Even so, I was stunned when a woman stopped and offered to help me get my bags up the stairs. It was extremely kind of her, and really made my evening much better. What a gift!

  • NA

    I recently forgave a girl who did wrong to me, I tried to be nice to her several times but she kept being mean to me, posting nasty things on Facebook etc.

  • I try to make kindness a part of every day, and in the past week I’ve been doing the same thing every day. There is a homeless man who is always sitting outside the Tim Horton’s near my school, so every day I go by and get him lunch, and we eat together and chat. It’s really lovely to speak with him and know that he’s got a good meal at least once in the day…

  • Atreau

    The other day I was complimented on my look!

  • Drew

    The gifts of this book and a rare about Benjamin Franklin the a have to my co worker for his son just because I knew he would truly appreciate it even tho I have never net his son!

  • Navy

    While walking a fair distance behind a lady at a mall, a $50.00 bill fell, possibly from her purse or pocket. I picked up the bill and ran up to her quickly, telling her she dropped it. All acts of kindness count, no matter how big or small. If I can make a difference to brighten one’s day, or make people smile, I find it very rewarding. 🙂

  • Tridiv

    I recently went to this TEDx event when a person was talking about a place calle Seva Cafe’, they don’t really charge people for the food served here, they let people decide the value of the food and let them pay in cash or kind, i.e. The customers can choose to pay whatever they can afoord, help serve, help clean up, help by donation raw materials to cook, it a brilliant initiative which talk about moving from Transaction to Trust, Consumption to Contribution, Scarcity to Abundance

  • Brittney

    It’s a small thing, but sometimes I email coworkers throughout the week just to compliment them on something impressive I have noticed that they have done, or maybe just on their overall attitude.

  • Tara Saunders

    I am in the start-up phase of my handmade accessories business and last week I received two tote bags with beads trays from one of my sister’s friends. She has also opted to give me more of her jewelry supplies that I was planning to go out and buy this weekend. I am truly grateful for this act of kindness and I will definitely put them to good use.

  • Organized a blood donation camp in my neighborhood for which 49 donors came forward and donated blood.

  • My last act of kindness was to send a message to my brother who is working abroad , to encourage him to hang on, and to tell him how much I am admiring him for the strength he has, to put up the effort he is putting, and the ambition he has to make something of his life. His reply went straight to my heart, when he told me that he was doing exactly the same thing, for his girlfriend, when he himself was on the verge of giving up, and needed somebody to support him. With tears starting to well up, I realized how much we need the kindness of the ones around us, and our loved ones, and how easy it is to give it.

  • Robby Goldstein

    I offer encouragement by texting positive words to friends everyday and more recently by sending valentines to my girlfriends who have no one. Also, I received a simple hug from my doctor saying that my operation was going to be okay, it made all the difference.

  • Joy

    Wow, that is such an amazing act of kindness. Thanks so much for sharing. Truly inspirational. You are such an angel.

  • Agnes Lim

    I came to USA for college in 2006.Originally from Indonesia, a country which is located 22+ hours away from USA, I had not previously aware that hunger and homelessness also exists in this so called the richest country of the world. A weekend trip with small group of friends to Kensington, Philadelphia has changed my perspectives of life. I found the true happiness when I served food personally to the homeless in the soup kitchen, packed, drove and brought a week amount of groceries to families with 4 or 5 kids who lived far away from the center. I am currently doing my master in Food Science and upon graduation, I would like to dedicate my life to help addressing and solving food hunger related issues. Somehow, I help the random kindness I did, not only helped those in needs, but also helped me to grow as a better individual. Act of kindness is also beautifully infectious. Try it and find yourself immerse in the true happiness!

  • Aimee

    I try to help others any and every way I can.

  • SamuraiTwinkie

    Thanks for the comment, Evy 🙂 Yes, I’m well aware that romantic love isn’t the only good kind of love. In fact, after much reflection, I’ve realized that my friends tend to treat me with more love and respect than most, if not all, of my ex-boyfriends =P