Collective Trauma Online Summit—A Transformative Free Event

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by everything that’s going on in the world and powerless to help? Even if you avoid the news—which to be honest, I generally do—you’ll still be bombarded with the latest conflicts and tragedies when you log on to social media. We may look to our smartphones for a little break from the chaos, but really, there’s no escape from it.

It’s not that we don’t care—that’s not why we often try to zone out and tune it all out. It’s just all so heavy and scary and disheartening, not to mention never-ending. Still, we can’t just avoid reality, not if we want things to change. And we can’t simply disconnect from it. Whether we face it head on or not, it all takes a toll.

We are all affected, in some way, by collective trauma.

We all bear psychological scars from the many disasters and catastrophes we’ve faced as a society.

We’re all carrying the weight of traumas passed down from generation to generation, possibly without conscious awareness.

And many of us are working through our own personal traumas while contending with all the tragedies we see in the world around us.

The good news is, we can heal our collective wounds, find new ways to address the critical challenges we’re facing as a society, and create a world with far less pain and suffering—if, that is, we’re willing to work together.

If, like me, you’re committed to healing and helping others do the same, I invite you to join meditation teacher, mystic and systems-thinker, Thomas Hübl for a free global online summit to explore one of the most important issues of our time: collective trauma.

“When we address and heal collective trauma, we go to the root of problems and conflict that can divide people and nations, while preventing future generations from unnecessary anguish and residual problems that get passed through generations.”  ~Thomas Hübl

Thomas Hübl created this free nine-day summit, which starts on October 12th, to bring awareness to how trauma is not just an individual issue but also a collective phenomenon. Our traumas stay alive (repeating in our life and our world) precisely because they are unrecognized.

During the summit, Thomas and other speakers will discuss not only the social symptoms we’re all experiencing, but also the steps we need to take to address our challenges through global collaboration and creativity. The summit will explore the following areas:

  • How each of us is affected by collective trauma
  • How community can be a resource in the healing process and pathways to bringing different groups together for large-scale healings
  • How the current structures hold us back from group healing and what we can do to create new supportive structures
  • How our global immune system operates and what can be done to strengthen it as we move through greater stress on the planet
  • How we can invite humanity into a new future where we have the tools and teachers that can work to heal collective trauma

When you attend this online summit, you’ll learn new insights from leading experts including:

  • Dr. Gabor Maté – Bestselling author and speaker
  • Dr. Claus Otto Scharmer – Senior Lecturer in the MIT Management Sloan School and founder of the Presencing Institute
  • Rev. Angel Kyodo Williams – Zen teacher, author, social justice activist
  • Daniel J. Siegel, MD –  Best-selling Author, Founder of the Mindsight Institute
  • Woman Stands Shining (Pat McCabe) Diné (Navajo) activist and international speaker
  • Ken Wilber – Founder of Integral Theory
  • Monica Sharma – Best-selling author of Radical Transformational Leadership
  • Richard Schwartz Ph.D. – Developer of the Internal Family Systems model of psychotherapy
  • Terry Real – Best-selling author and founder of The Relational Life Institute

You can register for the Collective Trauma Summit for free here.

This is the first even of its kind, and it’s going to be powerful and transformative, accelerating our understanding of health, collective healing, conflict resolution, global governance, and the nature of our climate crisis.

I hope you emerge on the other side of this summit feeling more aware of our shared wounds, more empowered to proactively heal them, and more hopeful about our collective future!

About Lori Deschene

Lori Deschene is the founder of Tiny Buddha. She started the site after struggling with depression, bulimia, c-PTSD, and toxic shame so she could recycle her former pain into something useful and inspire others do the same. She recently created the Breaking Barriers to Self-Care eCourse to help people overcome internal blocks to meeting their needs—so they can feel their best, be their best, and live their best possible life. If you’re ready to start thriving instead of merely surviving, you can learn more and get instant access here.

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