Conscious Healing: The Power of Mindfulness and Meditation

“Smile, breathe, and go slowly.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

One morning I woke up and noticed a few strange red bumps on my arms—bug bites, I thought.

Then, the next day, more bumps. Within one full week, my skin went from being clear and tan to being covered with red, scaly, teardrop spots all over my body, including my face.

My self-esteem and confidence were thrown out the window; my comfort zone reduced to about the size of a prisoner’s cell.

I went to the dermatologist, avoiding any possible eye contact or bright office lights, and made my way into the office. The doctor came in and I watched her eyes go straight to my arms and hands. By the look of it, she immediately knew what it was.

I’ve had Psoriasis before but nothing this excruciating. She explained to me that I had Guttate Psoriasis. In short: no magic pill to cure it. Creams alleviate it (although they never worked for me, ever). Light therapy helps, but the ultimate cure: meditation and believing that I would get better.

Just put yourself in my shoes for a second and imagine your skin completely shifted gears on you over the course of one week, and the only answer that you get from a professional with a foreign-sounding name, holding an iPad, is meditation and belief. Sounds like a load of crap, right?

But when you’re in the mercy of the unknown, and you literally feel like jumping out of your own skin, you will do anything to get better.

I’m not here to complain or give you a medical testimony on Psoriasis. I’m here to tell you how my skin alleviated tremendously in about two months by being mindful of my actions and thoughts, harnessing the effectiveness of words, and exercising the practice of meditation.

Go Slowly

I knew that feeling sorry myself wouldn’t heal my skin, so I took the dermatologist’s advice and began practicing meditation.

When most people try meditating, they quit because they don’t know what it is they’re trying to accomplish, or even how to start.

But what if it’s as simple as relaxing?

What if you meditated because it helps you organize your thoughts, mitigate negative emotions, and maintain some peace in your mind? Isn’t that worth it? I firmly believe that the practice of meditation is the sole reason why my skin cleared up, and it also allowed me to better focus on my tasks and get them done.

Note: Meditation isn’t necessarily a cure-all, and medical treatment may be necessary; I had to go to light therapy to further alleviate my skin. However, meditation can ultimately have positive results. It will be as effectiveness as you allow it to be.

Some tips for meditation:

Sit in a quiet room, set your environment to your comfort, and close or open the door (your choice). I sometimes sit on the floor; other times I sit in a chair like I’m at the psychiatrist.

Sit still. Take deep breaths, in your nose, out your mouth. At one point, you may not realize you’re even breathing because it happens so naturally. It’s truly fascinating, and it feels liberating.

Try to think of nothing and just be. Be the person in the room. Be you. I try to think of a white room without any surroundings, corners, or edges.

While you attempt to do this random thoughts will pop up: What’s for dinner? When will that email come in? Ice cream sounds good right about now. And so on. Simply observe them and let them pass.

Focus on what you want. For me, it was for my Psoriasis to go away—so I would focus on clear skin. I would focus on getting better and not feeling the way I did. I consistently told myself—even if it felt like I was lying—that I would get better. I adamantly believed it.

Sure, there were days I was completely down on myself, but the point is to catch yourself in the act, refuse to give into negativity, and focus on the small, positive steps that lead to a positive outcome.

Do this for ten minutes a day if you can. If you can do more, then do it.

Practice often. All you need to do is breathe.

Always remember: go slowly.

The truth is, meditating takes much practice. You learn to develop the habit of sitting still, purging your negative thoughts, and simply breathing.

Mindful Words and Actions

It’s not just seated meditation that creates positive change in our lives. Being mindful of our language can also make a big difference.

I believe that words are an influential and determining force—not only the words that we say, but how we say it.

If you consistently use negative, undermining words, the result will consistently show. If you use positive, encouraging words, you’re more likely to create a positive outcome.

I had to quit saying: “My skin is awful. I’ll never get better. I hate my life.”

Instead, I had to begin exercising mindful thoughts such as: “My skin will get better. I will finish my eBook. This is only one obstacle, and if I get over this I will be stronger than yesterday.”

You can apply this to your life, your passions, and craft.

If you consistently tell yourself that you will never lose weight, or you’ll never find happiness, then guess what?

You never will.

You Have Power

By developing the habit of meditation, and exercising mindful actions and words, you will decrease the stress and anger in your life and harness your personal power to create and spark positive outcomes.

When negative emotions pop up, you will know how to cope with them instead of feeding into them.

I could have sat in my room and felt sorry for myself. I could have procrastinated writing for the next few months. I could have thought that the doctor was full of it and completely disregarded her advice.

But I didn’t. I chose to be mindful of my thoughts and actions. I chose to practice meditation, regardless of how daunting it may have seemed.

I chose to put effort into getting better.

After a few months, my skin cleared up dramatically, my mood became less foul, and I finished my eBook, largely through simple, mindful practices.

You can change your life too, starting right now.

You won’t see drastic change in a few days, and maybe not in a few weeks.

I felt antsy because I wanted to get better quickly, but I’ve learned to be patient with myself.

Go slowly. Be mindful of your words and actions. Start choosing to live a more fruitful, positive life.

About that eBook I mentioned—it’s about harnessing the power of words, and it’s my free gift for you.

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About Paul Jun

Paul Jun is a writer and author. His latest book, Connect the Dots: Strategies and Meditations on Self-education, is available; check out the book trailer. His blog, Motivated Mastery, is where he connects the dots between subjects like mastery, philosophy, psychology, culture, self-awareness, and more.

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  • Amber74

    Thank you for this post and for the free book–I started reading it this morning. Words indeed do build Empires, over and over again. Some last many lifetimes, while others crumble to dust the instant they are erected…all are constructions of our thoughts our ideas our dreams that we come to know and live through our words 🙂

  •  Very helpful.Thanks a lot.Cheers 🙂

  • Thanks for the support, Amber

    Well said 🙂

  • Cheers Vasanth 😉

  • I need to slow down… get more out of everything

  • I have “Smile, breathe and go slowly” tattooed on my wrist as a reminder to do just that.

    “Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way; on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally, – Jon Kabat-Zinn

  • I’ve been thinking a lot about meditation recently and getting into it. This is a timely reminder to quit the cerebral gymnastics and just DO it already. Thank you for sharing your story. 🙂

  • smerk

    Thank you, and Namaste!
    love’n’light )

  • Jamielgreco

    Enjoyed the post, but I’m unsure how to think of nothing and focus on an issue, (Like clear skin.)

  • Neha Ghosh

    So simply put yet so powerful. Thank you for sharing the positivity. Will definitely practice the way you wrote.

  • Pattyc_21

    Great post!  I always like to hear different ways to meditate which will help me.  Thanks!  

  • Glad you enjoyed it Neha. =]

  • You can do one or the other. Thinking of nothing is hard and through meditation it helps clear out some thoughts in your head. When focusing on a issue, such as the skin, its best to tell yourself positive ideas and thoughts so you can negate the negative ones. Believe me, when I first heard it I was very skeptical, but through stringent practice, I believe it helped me stay focused and positive.

    I hope that helps Jamiel

  • That’s awesome Ashley. Good idea for a tattoo 🙂

  • Thank you Patty, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  • Frankie

    Thanks for sharing, I can’t tell you how timely this post is!  I’ve suffered from acne for 30 years and every day I literally have to put on a brave face to face the world.  It’s hard for people who haven’t had such a condition to understand the extent to which it blights lives. Anyway, I’ve just read ‘how the mind can heal your body’ and ‘biology of belief’ with the purpose of visualising to finally clear my skin and was feeling very positive until a few days ago. Then the doubts crept in and I started to feel a little panicky that I was kidding myself.  For some reason I woke up this morning and thought maybe I should try meditation, and lo, there was your post!  It’s given me faith and inspiration to carry on, thank you.  

  • John Yeo

    it is good to find a worthwhile post that is informative, free and does not require signing in to a whole unwanted cycle of mysticism. Thank you, relaxation is the key to many things.

  • Zooey

    I can’t tell you how delightfully stunned I was to read this post.  I suffer from psoriasis, too, as well as from anxiety and depression.  With the warmer temperatures, I’ve been longing to wear skirts and shorts, but my psoriasis is worse on my legs and I’m embarrassed.  Yesterday I was feeling particularly anxious and depressed, in large part because of my skin.  I have been told by my therapist that meditation will definitely help me, but I’ve lacked motivation to get started.  As I was turning on my computer yesterday, I thought, “If happiness and peace are really possible for me, if I really have a purpose on this earth, then something VERY specific will be revealed to me today.”  Just a few minutes later, I read your post.  I could not believe it!  Thank you so much for writing this.  It has given me the motivation and hope that I so desperately needed.

  • I love this post – so well-written and a great introduction to meditation and one reason why it’s so helpful!  I especially like that you focused on starting with 10 minutes a day… I tried so many times to get a daily habit over the years, and when I finally tried 10 minutes every morning, it stuck.  Best to you – I appreciated reading your story here today!

  • Dasha

    thank you!

  • Hey Zooey,

    I’m ecstatic that this post has helped you out. What perfect timing!

    Definitely get started on meditation. Start slowly, and whenever you catch yourself feeling upset or anxious, try to just breathe and realize that things will get better only if you make the decision to. It’s hard as hell and easier said than done, but through experience I realized that its best to commit to a positive act than fall prey to a negative one.

  • That’s awesome to hear, Frankie.

    Whenever doubts settle in, be sure to remove it right away. If let untouched, it could easily further manifest into something unnecessary and detrimental. Slow and steady. Breathe. I’m very happy that this posted as given you inspiration. =]

  • Baby steps is definitely beneficial. And thank you for such a kind compliment (I always love hearing writing compliments :))

    As for habits, from my personal experience it has always been best to start slowly instead of rushing into something and expecting immediate results.

    Thanks Alannah

  • I’ve tried seated meditation in the past but I didn’t really dedicate enough effort to it, and I quickly gave up when I felt like it wasn’t working. But all I hear about are the benefits. I think it’s time for me to step up and try again.

    Also, I’m with you on mindfulness! It’s amazing how much of a difference it can make to our lives if we slow down and live purposefully, being mindful of every thought and every action.

    Thanks for sharing your story.

  • zimt-peppermint

    This kind of scares me, because I just googled Psoriasis and it looks like what I have had. I thought it was something else. I will try the meditation. I have also tried EFT and it gave me a lot of improvement. 

  • Tacodee225

    I truly enjoyed this post. What a treat! I have just recently started reading up on meditation and your article really got it right. I’m so excited about beginning my journey and I thank you SO much for being kind enough to share your ideas and knowledge and help strangers. I appreciate it dearly. I can tell you have a giving heart. Bless you.

  • Guest

    Meditation is healing and brings tranquility

  • Yami

    What a nice post. Thanks for the simple explanation about mediation.

  • Survivor

    I also have the gift of psoriasis. I did not see it as a gift, until I started meditating.

    This meditation really works!!

    The meditation is healing my body.

    I had the arthritis, but now it is gone with the meditation. (hopefully for ever)

    I have had a mole on my face for 2 years. Yesterday it fell off. (I kid you not)

    My P has finally started clearing with only smaller spots that remain. (about 10 percent left on skin)

    I get new outbreaks now and then. ( i don’t understand it)

    Most of my spots are less than 3 weeks old, the old, die-hard spots are melting away like butter. (HEHE)

    My experience has taught me that 10 minutes meditation is too little for me.

    After half an hour of meditation, my spots start looking far less red, they even start feeling less bumpy, and become a healthy pink. The itch starts to dissapear after 20 minutes. Not to mention the high I get. Drugs or alcohol can’t beat this!!!

    One day, I did an hour. The results were fantastic, the next morning. Almost better than a new steriod topical cream overnight.

    I still struggle making time for this. Meditating is hard work. If only I can do an hour a day for a week straight, I hope my P will go finally. Practise makes perfect.

    I used to do light therapy as well. I find mixing the meditation and light therapy don’t work as well. Long daily periods of meditation work far better.

    It’s nice to know I am not the only one who has found faith and meditation.
    In my experience, the longer i meditate, the better.

    My faith carries me through all of this!!
    Good luck and may God be with you.

  • Indunil

    This was really exciting for me to read and I can’t believe I came across it. I’m also a person who suffered from Psoriasis when during University and the first year of my work life. I had large patches on my stomach and chest area that didn’t make me feel good. My mum introduced me to hypnotherapy. I listend to this every night before I went to bed and within 14 days it cleared up. But I think to do this you have to truly believe it is going to work.

    Recently I went to a vipassana meditation course for 10 days in Auckland, NZ. This was an amazing experience for me. I truly believe even this meditation could have healed me if I hadn’t come across hypnotheraphy first. We do have the power to help ourselves, and sometimes I think only we are the ones who can help ourselves. I’ve completely changed who I am. I use to be very angry & impatient person hence only i suffered and those around me. This will no longer occur, because I’m working on myself everyday (morning & night). If anyone is ever interested in attending this course, you can google 10 day Vipassana course & see if it’s offered in the country you reside in. 🙂

  • great reading. made me relax..

  • I am ….. “human”

    Thank you very much, really this is actual “truth” and real god power of “I”, it is within and anybody can sense it in calm and stress-less condition, only point is one has to believe in self and supreme. Why not, there is nothing outside, its inside where everything is possible. (from Plato’s philosophy), Nice article.

  • I am ….human

    get more “in”, you already came out of distraction or call it fantasy of world outside. A person who can still in any situation and can recognize self at any condition is already became the “truth”. (just for extra information, see plato’s philosophy) I concluded my-self like this: If mind is “think and imagination”, heart is GOD to feel “it”, so we got what we want, and to understand it, one has to “feel” it. “there is no dice to play or change, it is god, you and everything in “it”.”

  • Anna

    I just want to thank you for this post. I have acne and it may not be the same thing as psoriasis, but we relate in a way. I started a new treatment and the man who is helping me told me to believe that I would have clear skin again and whatever he is telling me to do is going to work. I am depressed inside, but I’ve been training my head to get rid of that and really believe this is it – I’m going to clear up my skin. I just didn’t think it was enough so I came across this and now I know how to do it. You saved my life. Thank you.

  • Please help me understand??

    I’m confused, & it just may be my naive ways. But, I’m reading “Try to think of nothing and just be”…yet I’m also reading “Focus on what you want”. So I’m confused. 🙁 Should I think of nothing while meditating and just try my best to keep a clear mind/thoughtless mind…or should I “think” on the things I want/things I want to achieve?

  • ßand Nnann

    Thank you! I have psoriasis and I practive meditation but not regularly. and that’s what I want to change. Your post gave me strength to give it a new start again – go slowly and breath deeply! I’m about to participate on a 10 days vipassana meditation camp in may. I’m positive that my skin will like it !!! 🙂 all my best to you” Peter

  • AnnaPaolaGorozpe

    Recently I bought dermalmd acne serum because I am self conscious of my red pimples on my posterior. When I see my girlfriend at the end of the week I like to strut around and put out the vibe, and if I slather this serum on my rear at night and in the morning when I goto work a few days before we meet I have a nice clear complexion on my rear face and it brings out the shine of my soft fur.