Dealing with Uncertainty: 5 Tips to Create Trust and Patience

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“If you’re going to doubt something, doubt your own limits.” ~Don Ward

So far I’ve gone from Sydney to Melbourne, Melbourne to Moruya, Moruya to Sydney, and Sydney to Brisbane, and my Australian adventure continues.

I’m now about to depart from Brisbane and settle in on the Gold Coast in Queensland for the next few months while I get my yoga teacher certification and continue to explore this beautiful country.

It’s been five months, ten days, and four hours since I landed at the Sydney International airport from Los Angeles. When I first left, I had no real expectations other than to fully experience as much of this country as I could.

I had no specific plans other than to allow myself to be guided closer toward inner peace and freedom. There was no way of knowing how or if things were going to work in my favor.

How can we ever really know if things will ultimately work in our favor?

We can’t necessarily know, but we can absolutely believe they will.

When we re-commit ourselves each day to the possibilities of a bright and incredible life, each day begins to reveal more direction, and the clarity we seek emerges from the uncertainty.

I recently heard Tony Robbins say, “The quality of our lives is directly related to the amount of uncertainty we can live with comfortably.” This has become a daily mantra for me.

When we don’t know where we’re headed, that doesn’t mean we’re heading somewhere undesirable. We can focus on everything that could go wrong, or we can focus on everything that could go right.

Happiness depends upon our ability to make friends with the unknown, to respect and enjoy it, and to fully embrace and welcome it.

Some of my personal goals has been to start my own business and continue finding writing opportunities that pay me and allow me to help others through sharing my experiences.

Some days my head likes to ask me all sorts of crazy questions, like, “How do you intend to pull this off?” “When will all of this provide financial stability?” “What if you never get the opportunity to reach and work with as many people as you want?” “Shouldn’t you consider giving all this up and just doing something a little more reliable?”

I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t have days where I listen to that bugger, but when it gets me down and dark enough I tell it to stuff off! Before long, I’m answering myself and winning the case of Dream Catcher VS. Dream Smasher.

How willing are you to take a step when there is no stepping stone as far as you can see? Can you take the next step, trusting that by the time your foot hits the ground, the next piece of the path will appear?

Will you trust that if there is no walking path, you’ll be able to fly? Maybe you have reached a point where the path for you can only be seen with the faith in your heart rather than with the doubt in your eyes.

About two months after I moved to Sydney, the road appeared to be getting quite narrow regarding financial opportunities. My business was growing and I was doing a good amount of writing.

However, things just didn’t seem to be moving fast enough to provide financial comfort to support the lifestyle I desired.

I knew I had some friends who were about to open an amazing retreat in Victoria, Australia, and I felt like it would be a real gift to get to work with them for a while.

I ended up joining their team when I got here. I spent an incredibly awakening two months with them, and felt nurtured and supported in ways I needed. I also felt just enough unrest to know I didn’t want to commit to them long term.

Sometimes, something can feel much more right than anything we’ve found before it, but somewhere inside we know it’s still not it.

Our intuitive guidance is a great blessing when we couple it with courage.

I left the retreat and followed my intuition to move to the Gold Coast and get my yoga teacher certification. I had no idea how anything was going to work out, but I just so happen to have an enormous amount of amazing family all throughout Queensland and on the Gold Coast, who have been dying to meet me.

Ever since I left the retreat, I’ve been traveling and visiting with family, some whom I’ve met and some who I am meeting for the first time.

I have been totally taken in and taken care of every step of the way. I may not always know if the path will appear, but I keep stepping anyway, and I always find something solid to hold me up while I navigate through the uncertainty by following my instincts.

The thing is, you won’t always know. You will never have all the answers—but you can still maintain patience and trust along the way. These tips may help:

1. When you notice that you’re doubting yourself or your process, stop.

Observe that moment and bring awareness into your body where you are feeling the fear. Notice that you are focusing on everything that could go wrong. Why?

Acknowledge your power to change the direction of your attention. Then begin to shift your thoughts by asking yourself this question: “What are three things that could absolutely go right for me in this situation?”

2. Allow yourself to enjoy the things that go right!

So often we complain about how nothing ever goes right, but when things do work out in our favor, we don’t actually give ourselves the gift of basking in our own powerful creativity. It’s no wonder we feel so defeated all the time.

When something good happens, appreciate it and appreciate yourself for creating it.

3. Let go. Seriously, you have got to surrender the outcomes.

Stop living for tomorrow, for his or her response, for the paycheck, or for some future result.

Happiness depends on our ability to do our part, which is to set our intentions, and then let it go and give it to the Universe to work on. Trust that what you want or even better will come back to you. Maybe not right now, maybe not tomorrow, but it will come when the time is perfect and you are ready to receive it.

In the meantime, laugh, play, love big, get creative, explore, and please…have fun!

4. If it’s not available, you aren’t looking in the right place.

Whatever resources you need are always available for you. They just may not be exactly what or where you assume they should be. Think outside the box. Trust that you are being guided toward more joy and freedom, and thus you may need to listen to what’s showing up rather than getting all distracted by what is not showing up.

5. Whatever you need, ask for it.

It’s the simplest method I know, yet the one I forget the most. Seek out the answer, ask for guidance and courage. There is always help waiting for you to call on it, so call on it. Stay open by asking for the ability to receive the guidance best for you in whatever way it comes.

By applying these five tips in my daily life, I have found epic  courage, accessed untapped resources, and experienced a level of love and abundance that was once just a dream.

You can do this too.

Dive into the uncertainty and appreciate the mystery for what it is. As you begin to trust that the unknown is a good thing, you will find yourself creating a much happier story for each uncertain situation, and that is precisely what will begin to manifest as your life.

About Erin Lanahan

Erin is an Internationally Certified Life Coach, Yoga Instructor, and Motivational Writer and Speaker. Her mission is to inspire as many people as possible to return to their natural state of peace, abundance, health, inspiration & love so they may create the life the deeply desire. Visit her blog  and  You Tube Page.

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