How to Accomplish Anything Leveraging Collective Energy

“Success will never be a big step in the future; success is a small step taken just now.” ~Jonatan Mårtensson

I love Zumba, the Latin-inspired dance program that has become a worldwide fitness phenomenon. At the three minute mark of every class, I am alive with how much I enjoy the workout: the rhythm, the moves, the music, the collective energy.

The room is filled with non-stop music pounding against the walls and ceiling, as over fifty bodies of all ages and sizes come together in synchronized movement.

At the 12-minute mark, the music is louder and faster. My focus is greater. Breathing becomes more intense.

By the 33-minute mark, my heart is thumping wildly, more sweat beads are forming, and my quads are sore from all of the deep squats. I feel a little tiredness beginning, but I have no desire at all to stop moving. There is something greater happening in these walls to pull me through any temporary aches.

When I’m starting to feel the workout burn, I know it’s time to consciously shift my attention to the collective energy in the room. I allow the energy of every pumping heart to lift me up and carry me through the intensity. I connect with energy bigger than my own body.

As I shake, turn, and step at the 41-minute marker, I remind myself that at every moment of the day, energy of every kind is circling the globe: High energy, low energy, stop-and-go, win-and-exceed, accomplish-and-finish energy.

A divine balance is always in motion: When I’m feeling a little tired, others in the room are feeling invigorated. When I’m feeling weak, others in the country are feeling strong. When I’m feeling uncertain, others around the globe are feeling absolute conviction.

There is always a way through our weak spots by connecting personal energy with the continual swirling movement of collective success and accomplishment. Not only is energy always circling the globe, but we can call on the energy of many to support us at any time with any goal. With this knowingness, there is a strategic secret available for success at any time:

Anything we want to accomplish is being successfully done right now somewhere in the world.

When we consciously shift our “right in front of me” perspective and tap into the dynamic flow of continual source, our abilities take on a whole new level of potential. Anything we seek to accomplish, grand or small, is possible.

Here are 5 steps to successfully accomplish anything with collective energy:

1. Intention is everything. Clearly define and know your goal. Be specific about the end result.

During my hour of Zumba, working out is my intention. Within that timeframe there will be a variety of different intensities, focal areas (upper arm burn!), movements, and tempos. Despite what happens during that hour, I simply need to stay focused on the end result I have defined. Don’t be distracted by temporary anything. Remember the main intention.

2. Visualize the energy of your goal circling the globe.  

What you want to accomplish is also desired by millions of other people around the world. The energy of your goal is alive and moving right now. To make the energy easier to “see,” visualize it as something beautiful and inspiring to you.

Make it a color. Give it texture. See it as organic, alive, and in movement all around you.

I see the energy of “Eternal Health, Well-Being and Awesome Fitness” rotating around the earth as bright green, pulsing, glowing, and deliciously invigorating. It’s a beautiful mental sight to behold!

3. Move with the force of that global energy and see yourself as part of it.

Now see yourself as part of that energy you just visualized. Consciously put yourself in the movement and flow of that greater global force. Be it and feel it on your skin.

During Zumba, I move beyond my singular heartbeat and connect to the bigger collective goal of every other person on the planet (not just the people in the room!) working out, moving, and physically challenging themselves right now.

We are all accomplishing this same goal together. We are all doing it successfully. Wow, what an “Eternal Health, Well-Being and Awesome Fitness” experience that is!

4. Release expectations of how and simply do.

How many songs are left? How many new moves will I be learning this time? How can I keep shakin’ it without hurtin’ it? The human mind wants to know exactly how an accomplishment will come about. But being connected to collective energy allows us to rise above the current minute and enjoy the full experience.

As long as I keep moving and going with the energy, all of the how questions will flow away. I just need to keep moving through each song (eyes off the clock!) and stay in the collective energy of the end goal. Simply do it and keep moving.

5. Don’t forget what your energy is doing for others. They need you, too.

I choose to stand in the front of the Zumba class so I can see the instructor’s moves easier. Even though I may feel tired at times, I remind myself that those standing behind me might need me to guide them. They may need my energy in order to push through an intense song or to figure out a current move.

There are people looking to you for your strengths, too. Remember that you are a source of inspiration for others. Your determination to stick with your end goal benefits others even if you can’t see it. Value the energy you’re putting towards a goal as much as you value others’ energy to help you.

When we are moving through the stages of a project, sometimes it’s easy to shift focus from the end goal and start to look at the temporary things. Or wonder about the how questions. Or feel like the goal is too big, or too far away, or too much for me, or too (insert reason here). Or we may wonder about the timeline and if we’re on track.

Yet the beauty of goals is that they are always possible.

There is never a lack of accomplishment in the world. There is never a lack of potential. There is never a lack of success.

But there can be a lack of connection to each of these qualities at times.

And that’s precisely when it’s time to connect to other people’s goal-oriented energy to carry you through. It’s available whenever you choose it. It’s waiting for you right now. It’s ready to welcome you with open arms and an expanding space.

There is always room for you to accomplish anything and be more successful. In fact, it’s exactly what will carry the rest of us through our stuck places, too.

Zumba is my basic example of this concept in motion, but I apply the same steps to all of the goals I am working on: writing my books, recording guided meditations, developing creative projects, painting, and even improving my diet (because I do adore sugar and carbs; hence, Zumba classes).

By the end of every Zumba class, my body, mind, and spirit are always soaring. The new moves may have been a little challenging at first, but I kept going and nailed them by the end of the song. I can’t even remember the temporary weak moments that came up.

I make a mental note to take this morning accomplishment into all of my creative projects throughout the day. I am invigorated with the knowingness that many people will be successfully working away on creative projects at the same time as I am. I see that inspiring creative energy as so massive, sparkly and vibrant that it electrifies me with glee—and I’m so proud to be a contributing part of it.

All of us in the class file out of the building smiling, holding open doors and offering well-wishes to each other. We exude a common glow and well-earned exhaustion after another successful session. It feels good to start the day with a worthwhile accomplishment.

Of course, there is one drawback to experiencing collective energy at the same time as everyone else. It’s called a traffic jam in the Zumba parking lot.

Photo by rockmixer

About Molly McCord

Molly McCord is a writer, teacher and contributing author to The Thought That Changed My Life Forever (Imbue Press, Winter 2011). She created the website Conscious Cool Chic where you can grab a few free guided meditations. And be sure to connect on Facebook for almost-daily inspiring thoughts and messages.

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