Master Peace Box: Meditation-Infused Art Classes, Delivered Monthly

Do you ever read about other people’s creative hobbies and think, “Man, that sounds like a lot of fun”? Do you ever look through creative Pinterest pages and think, “You know, I bet I could do that”?

There’s something about art that instantly evokes a feeling of joy and relaxation—or at least it does for me. Maybe it’s memories of carefree childhood afternoons spent creating Lego houses and playdough sculptures. Or maybe it’s the fantasy of being an artsy kind of person—eccentric, free-spirited, and driven by passion and awe.

Whatever your personal draw, there’s one thing we have in common, us aspiring amateur artists: We love the idea of being creatively zenned out, and we’re always excited for an opportunity to get lost in a state of fun and flow.

If this sounds like you, you’re gonna love the Master Peace Box. I know I do! What is this box I speak of?

The Master Peace Box

Each month, you’ll receive a box of supplies that pairs with their monthly art and meditation classes. You’ll learn from expert artists, work with different curated mediums, and enjoy a moment of closing bliss from a renowned mediation guide. All skill levels are welcome! As a bonus, all boxes come with self-care products to enhance our holistic wellness and mindful living beyond the monthly event.

“It’s like MasterClass and Headspace somehow gave birth to an art studio… l love it so much!” 

Their August box launch event will be an acrylic class to teach you the fundamentals of painting a human eye, taught by LA portrait artist Devin Wesley.

Devin works with black and white paint only, so you’ll learn shading techniques and more acrylic best practices without diving into color theory (great for any experience level).

This class will incorporate a guided meditation on balancing energy/ yin & yang by certified meditation teacher Laurasia Mattingly. Bonus self-care products include: a gratitude journal, candle, palo santo, crystal infused bath bomb, and more.

The Master Peace Box Mission

Their mission is to inspire joy and peace through creativity, insight, and community.

They connect like-minded conscious creatives to experts (via classes), themselves (via meditation), and others (via Zoom opportunities to meet, chat, or share creations with other attendees in a no-pressure environment).

How Master Peace Box Came to Be

Founder Michael Gallagher was always drawn to art and felt a strong pull to meditation, which particularly helped him through his deepest difficulties. He started to realize that when he created art, the chaos of the world and of his mind (his biggest challenge) always seemed to still, even if just a little bit. He wanted to create something to share this feel-good hack with others, all while learning to reconnect with his love of art in the process.

“When we create, we can hear our inner critic a little more easily. We, therefore, can practice redirecting the judging or evaluating energy that pulls us out of the moment. When we do this, we start to come more fully into the now, and into a deeper experiential awareness that thoughts just come into our mind. This realization helps us to separate from our thinking in order to get to our deeper, more enduring self. The benefits extend beyond creating; we learn to appreciate our unique expressions and qualities, to detach from criticism (and praise), and to come to peace with what is.”

I think that’s what we’re all looking for—a break from the constant chatter in our minds and a chance to feel fully present and alive. Creativity can be the path to that kind of bliss and peace, regardless of our skill level. And the beautiful thing is that we can create anywhere, at any time with a little guidance and the right supplies.

How to Get the Master Peace Box

You have multiple options to get started with Master Peace Box:

  1. Join for a monthly box
  2. Try a one-time class with all supplies and bonus products
  3. Try a class for two (date night)
  4. Drop-in to the Zoom class with your own art supplies (link access only)

As an extra bonus, monthly subscribers get additional access to exclusive virtual wellness events and giveaways.

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I don’t know about you, but I’m happiest when I think less and do more—when I stop making excuses to keep doing what I’ve always done and say yes to the things I’ve always wanted to try.

If you too want to get out of your head and get into your heart—and get a little paint on your hands in the process—I highly recommended giving Master Peace Box a try. You can sign up just for August or jump right in to the monthly membership. Either way, I have a feeling you’re gonna love it!


*Learn more about this month’s instructors, Devin and Laurasia.

**Though this is a sponsored post, you can trust I only promote products I love and can easily personally recommend!

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