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Hi friends! Last week I launched Tiny Buddha’s Gratitude Journal, after sharing some of the book’s fifteen coloring pages over the past several weeks. I’ve received some wonderful feedback so far, and I’m thrilled to know that so many of you are finding the book fun and helpful!

Along with today’s coloring page, I’m running a giveaway, offering five free copies. If you’ve already purchased one for yourself, you may want to enter the giveaway for a chance to gift one to a friend.

About the Journal

Including questions and prompts pertaining to both your past and present, the journal will help you see your life through a new, more positive lens.

The book also includes fifteen coloring pages, depicting awesome things we often take for granted, like nature and music.

With space for written reflection, these pages provide all the benefits of coloring—including mindfulness and stress relief—and also guide you to recognize the beauty in the ordinary.

Whether you’ve been gratitude journaling for years or you’re just giving it a try for the first time, Tiny Buddha’s Gratitude Journal will help you access a state of inner peace, contentment, and joy.

The Giveaway

  • To enter to win one of five free copies, leave a comment below answering the question in the coloring page above.
  • For a second entry, share this post on one of your social media pages and include the link in a second comment.

You can enter until midnight, PST, on Monday, June 26th.

If you’ve already received your copy, I would appreciate if you’d leave a review on Amazon here. It doesn’t need to be long—even a tiny review can make a big difference!

And if you’ve already colored a page or two, I’d love to see it! Please share it on social media using the hashtag #tinybuddhagratitude

Thanks so much, everyone. I am grateful for you!

About Lori Deschene

Lori Deschene is the founder of Tiny Buddha and Recreate Your Life Story, an online course that helps you let go of the past and live a life you love. Her latest bookTiny Buddha's Gratitude Journal, which includes 15 coloring pages, is now available for purchase. For daily wisdom, follow Tiny Buddha on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram..

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  • Selinebean

    My favorite season would definitely have to be the fall. I love watching the trees essentially show us through their change of color that there are always new beginnings even through the harshest, and coldest, times of the year. I also really enjoy being able to go outside, going apple picking, and drinking cider. The weather doesn’t keep me indoors because it’s too cold and it’s a delightful transition to the winter.

  • flybrarian

    My favorite season is Fall! I love the cooler weather, the leaves, and how things are starting over like school. It’s a season of renewal and it resonantes with me.

  • ShaunTheCHB

    Winter. The weather is cooler and the sun is not as brutal. We don’t get snow where I live, but I adore the rain, smells and sounds when it rains is very calming to me.

  • My favourite season is Autumn, I just love how slow life gets, how the colours change and the milder weather. The food is always my favourite to apples, pumpkin, spices, pies it’s all just so warming for the body and mind, it’s a very calming season to me xoxo

  • Alina Katharina

    My favorite season is Spring. I love it how everything starts to get color again and all the flowers and leaves come back to life.

  • Judith Westhoff

    My favourite season is Autumn. I look forward to the cooler days, the misty mornings and the turning leaves.

  • Cassie Vaughn

    Spring is my favorite. Everything blooms, and I love letting the fresh air in my open windows.

  • Melissa Stephan

    Spring is my favorite because it’s like a “waking up” if you will from Winter. The sun seems brighter, plants/flowers are blooming, and it’s not too hot.

  • Laine

    My most favorite would probably be Winter. I prefer the cold over the heat, it presents an opportunity to cuddle, and Christmas is around the corner. I believe in the magic that happens around this time. People are a little nicer and more willing to be understanding. I always hope that love comes knocking at my door during this time. Just to feel the magic.

  • My favorite season is fall. I love the reprieve from the sometimes oppressive heat of the summer, and how the air smells when everything gets cooler and the leaves fall off of the trees. It’s also the season of Halloween, my all time favorite holiday!

  • Kate Bennett

    My favorite season is autumn for it signals the start of peace and tranquility. I also love the oranges, reds and yellows which dot the landscape and the slight chill in the air. The cinnamon donuts at harvesting farms and golden pumpkins are also hard to beat.

  • Myr

    Since my son was born almost 3 years ago, I’ve started loving winter again. When we were younger, my mom used to have us all go play in the snow for hours. I now live somewhere where it snows maybe twice a year.

    My little bear comes running into my room to wake me up with “get dressed!!!! Faster!!!” and we run out to build a snowman together with whatever snow we can find that stuck overnight. Seeing him smile and giggle at the snow is my favorite thing ever.

  • Maude Cadieux

    Winter has always been my favorite season !! I live in a place where there is lots and lots of water surrounding my area. During summer the access is limited , but during winter, when everything is frozen, it becomes a huge playground for young and old to enjoy 🙂 That’s when the hiking truly begins for my adventurous family 🙂 Thank you !

  • Caralyn

    First off, I am blessed to live in a place where we have 4 definite seasons each with a “personality” of its own……that said, my favorite is Fall. Things are winding down from the hustle and bustle of Spring and Summer, but not completely buttoned down for Winter’s hibernation. The change in the landscape is stunning, the colors breath-taking, and the weather is perfect! I spend a ton of time harvesting the garden’s bounty and soaking up a lot of Vitamin D to get through the shorter sunny days coming up. Plus, hello!!! Thanksgiving….need I say more????

  • Laurie Zaleski

    My favorite season is fall. and not only because my birthday is the first day of fall. The changing leaves, the time for reflection.

  • nijumohan

    My favourite season is autumn. Always makes me grounded and reflective.

  • Michelle Childs

    I just can’t pick one…. I love the spring when the flowers first bloom and the fall because the leaf color change. I live the the midwest so it’s absolutely beautiful. Also mostly the both seasons are not too cold and not too hot.

  • Stephanie Burkholder

    My favorite season is definitely fall! The intense heat of summer dies down, some of my favorite foods are back in season, and the colors are beautiful.

  • Vivi Cat

    my favorite season is WInter. Even though in Florida there is no typical cold Winter. The Winters are mild here, but i love Winter because of Christmas. The smells and decorations remind me of family get togethers and spending so much time with your loved ones as well as appreciating everyone!

  • Notey Akpotive

    I love the summer, because everything is hot! Always prefer the heat over the cold

  • chris

    Summer! I live in Oregon and while I am grateful for our green forests it is nice to have real sunshine rather than liquid one!

  • irishguurl

    My favorite season is spring. After being dormant all winter, the trees, the flowers and the grass all start to sprout new leaves and grow. It always gives me a sense of renewal and empowerment.

  • Daynaob

    My favorite season is spring. It’s a time of renewal. It’s a time of looking forward to the fun things I will be doing in the Summer. The weather is getting warmer and I can take my dog to the park. I can go on picnics. I can bathe in the sun and realize how awesome it is to be able to feel it.

  • Toby De Simone

    I’m def a summer girl! I live in MI, the Great Lake State, and I am out on the water on my paddleboard as often as possible! Summer is the best!

  • PA

    My favorite season is winter. I struggle a great deal with perfectionism and often base my self-worth on how productive I am. My type A personality has me running ragged like an overactive hamster on a wheel. Winter is a reminder to slow down and rest and take stock. It is a time of reflection and with the new year, it is a time for greater intentionality and mindfulness in everything that I do. Winter is a time when I spend more time with family and am more aware of my relationship patterns and (lack of) boundaries, but it is also a time when I spend more time alone (which works wonders for this introvert). On a fun note, I love to ski, sled, and play in the snow <3

  • Kathie

    My favourite season is autumn. After the heat and fun of the summer, it’s nice to slow down…have time to reflect on how to be a better person…on how to be more grateful…more caring, more as God intended. Time to be still…to listen to the rustle of the dry leaves…take in the smell of everyone’s fireplaces as you walk by….to prepare to cocoon….to just BE

  • Kim Helmick

    My favorite season is autumn. The crisp air, cooler nights, ability to get out my hand knit socks again, the beautiful colors of the leaves, the harvest…..all add up to some of my favorite memories and moments in life!

  • Melanie Sartain

    I love Fall, for the crisp air, wonderful smells & lots of conversations around the fire pit.

  • Valerie

    My favorite season is Fall because it is the beginning of all of the fun holidays.

  • ccrgirl

    My favorite season is spring. Everything awakens, you forget about gloomy weather and days are longer. Blooming positivity, fresh air, smiling faces, that all reminds me of spring <3

  • Michelle Farabough

    My favorite season is winter. I look forward to winter because it reminds me of my childhood… when life was simple and always fun. Brisk air and sparkles in the snow transport me to my grandmother’s house, where there were always warm ginger snaps and tight hugs. I am grateful for growing up in Michigan where I could shovel the snow from the sidewalks and play in the snow. I’m also grateful for every minute I was able to spend with my grandmother. She taught me the art of gratitude. She lived it and modeled it. Because of her the core of my inner self is always focused on my blessings and what I can do to create a good feeling in someone else during my day.

  • Leah Embry

    My favorite season is spring. Everything coming into bloom, reminds me of the flow of life everything has a cycle. Rebirth is coming. Makes me appreciate life and renewal.

  • Dawn Bonser

    I love the Spring…I sense of renewal and rebirth. It is a reawakening and I love flowers and the green. Not too hot, generally and crisp evenings to gather round a firepit before the sweltering of Summer.

  • Breanna Girard

    My favorite season would be summer. I love the beach. I love the sun. I love the warmth that the sun has to offer. The sun makes me happy, motivated, healthier.

  • Ledfut

    My favorite season is fall….I live out side of Toronto, Ontario, Canada and nothing excites me more then the changing colours of the leaves on my way to work, the crisp air of winter in our midst, the animals running around in the fields preparing for hibernation. It’s a time of Thanksgiving and a time to slow down and enjoy the moment. I love wearing warmer clothes but feeling fresh when I’m outside. It’s good to be alive when you can bear witness to the changing of the searsons.

  • Jon Mastrude

    I especially like fall. The weather cools down, with the school year starting you can feel a new beginning, and the holidays and family gatherings are in sight.

  • Annetta Starr

    My favorite season is spring. Everything comes back new! I’m motivated to get all my Spring cleaning done. The flowers are starting to bloom, and the green is coming back. Reminds me of rebirth and beginning again.

  • Lorraine Draper

    I love spring the start of everything growing new again

  • asuncion luksic

    My favourite season is definitely fall. It starts to feel a bit colder, but you can still have sunny days, without feeling hot. This gives you a lot of energy, for example, to go out and exercise, and at the same time (specially when it’s colder), can slower you down progressively and make you want to stay inside and read, or just sleep.

  • Denise Ciencin

    My favorite season in autumn. I grew up in New York and loved when the leaves changed color plus Halloween is my favorite holiday.

  • Nancy Malta

    Fall is my favorite time of year. The weather is not too hot or too cold and watching the leaves change to amazing colors while anticipating cozy nights at home.

  • Joann Ford

    While some may feel that Spring is a time of renewal, my favorite season is Autumn because it brings relief from the heat & humidity of a Southern summer and signals entry to a season of family and thankfulness. It is a time when I come out of physical and mental hibernation to view the world with new eyes. I am always more optimistic and hopeful at this time of year but I’m working on carrying that feeling throughout the year to come. Well… after it cools off in a couple of months. LOL For the time being, I’m back in my air-conditioned cave.

  • Chrystine Brown

    Summer is my favorite season…Time seems to slow down. Kayaking, picnics, laying in the sun, swimming, kids out of school, vacations. The cool mornings while I water the flowers and garden or clean the pool. Going to the drive in movies on the weekends.

  • anup rao

    My favorite season is summer: Bright sunshine, warm feeling all over. Not too overbearing, and not too cloudy. Just the right climate to be active. Also the school holidays come during summer when we all visit our grandparents home 🙂

  • Michelle Farabough

    My facebook post… Reading tiny buddha is a wonderful way to lift your spirit everyday. Lori’s new Gratitude Journal is a must have for slowing down and remaining awake about all our blessings.

  • Amanda Teel

    My favorite season is summer, because I have the chance to travel, go hiking, kayaking, exploring and adventuring by myself or with friends. I feel such a sense of calm in the summertime, and find that I do a lot of self-reflection during this time. Happy first official day of summer!

  • Julie

    I love summer. So many things to do like swimming, going to parks, concerts, summer theatre and fairs. Summer makes you feel alive with all the activities and let’s not forget the picnics and parties. Also stopping at the local ice cream store for a nice cool treat!

  • Alan Bergson

    My favorite season is Fall. The leaves changing color reveals a that was hiding. Beauty as nature prepares for a new round of growth .

  • Amy J Erbes

    I live in Fargo, ND so I Love being able to be outside and not FREEZE. My favorite is going to the lake, going on bike rides, walks with our dog and just chatting with friends and family on the patio.

  • Kate Paullin

    Technically Summer is my favorite season, but Spring is the one I most look forward to because it means Summer is coming! As a freeze baby living in northern Ohio, I like finally getting to be warm once summer hits (as long as I’m not in AC, anyway!) I like wearing skirts and sandals. I like being to run something out to recycling or trash without having to put on shoes and a coat.

  • Amy J Erbes
  • Laura Crocker

    Fall is my favorite season. It is nice and cool and when I start wearing sweaters.

  • Dean Smith

    Summer. It reminds me of summers at the shore with my grandparents, and the values they helped build within me. I’m thankful for that and summer brings me back to that foundation every year.

  • Susan Fernandez

    I like the winter because I love the feeling of going inside to a nice warm house and cozying up with a good book or just watching a good movie.

  • Katelyn Ashley

    My favorite season is definitely Fall. I live in south Mississippi so there is a joke that we have two seasons…hot and hotter. So when we do have a few fall like days, I cherish it! It’s nice to feel the breeze through the open windows and doors, take a stroll or bike ride outside, or enjoy coffee at our local coffee shop!

  • Melinda

    I love summer because the children are out of school and we can spend everyday together enjoying flowers and walks in the woods and visiting grandparents and playing in the sprinkler and enjoying working in the garden together

  • Kimberly S

    My favorite season is summer because with the sunshine an dlonger days I feel motivated and happy. <3

  • MelanieFisher23

    My favorite season is winter. Watching a snowfall is quite relaxing and naturally promotes contemplation. Building a snowman brings out my inner child, as does bundling up with a yummy cup of hot cocoa. Traveling to the top of a snowy mountain, I become awe-struck with the beauty of our Earth, before I race to the bottom on my skis (and hoping that I don’t tumble my way down). I think my favorite part of winter is the quiet. Going outside during/after a snowfall, deep white beauty on the ground, and silence everywhere! I can truly appreciate the quietness of no cars whizzing by, hearing the ever-so-slight drops of snow building on the ground, and faint laughter of children as they swoop down a nearby hill on their sleds. Quietness, beauty, and fun…that’s winter. Besides, I’m a teacher and snow days ROCK!!!!

  • Marisa White

    My favorite season is fall. I love the colors, crisp air, and preparing for my High Holy Day, Thanksgiving. I love everything about the day: preparing the menu, decorating the house, but most importantly, giving thanks with my family and friends at table. We light three candles: one to ask for God’s presence, once in thanksgiving for those gathered at the table, and one for those who are no longer at table but still with us. The reds, golds, scents of turkey and apples fill the air, and we smile and celebrate.

  • Madi

    I look forward to fall. I do my best self reflection in this time. Activities seem to slow down and allows me more time to go inward and nurture myself. Fall brings me closer to my family and reminds me of what i have to be grateful for. Hot yoga also feels SO GOOD in the fall.

  • Stephen Spodek

    SPRING for me. It’s a time or renewal and I can’t wait to witness the explosion of new life in my environment and surroundings; including all the plant and animal world. The blossoming of every kind of tree, shrub, flower, and plant, as well as the newly hatched birds, birthed animals, and insects. I love how all of my senses are bombarded by all of this going on around me. It provides me with peace and the knowledge that even after the darkest, harshest of times; I’m referring to winter in the Northeast, LOL, that no matter how beaten down everything gets, that at some point, when Springtime rolls around, the most glorious colors and life forms will explode all around me to inspire me and keep me going.

  • Lilian

    My favorite is Summer, because it is when I feel more energized, there are many things to do on the street, water sports, stand up paddling, and feeling the sun on my skin! I also love wearing fresh and colorful clothing! Summer is the best!

  • Ainsly

    My favorite season is Summer. I am a single mom of 3 glorious boys, 2 are in college. Summer means I get to have them all under my roof! Nothing makes me happier than spending time with my boys as I know soon enough they will fly off on their own. Thank you so much for your wonderful articles. They have brought me through the worst of times!

  • Jane

    My favourite season is Spring as it is full of new life. I love to see the lambs gamboling and new flowers appearing. The days getting lighter and full of new hope

  • Angela

    My favourite time of the year is Autumn! I love this season because it is still warm, but the creeping in of the cooler air starts to emerge. The crispness of the leaves and the changing of the leaves to beautiful oranges, reds and yellows tells us Autumn is on it’s way and Summer will be but a distant memory until it arrives again next year. Autumn is magical for me because the mixture of the two seasons is special for me.
    Thank you. Angela.

  • Kelly Broderson

    Cooler weather.
    My birthday.
    When I met my wife ❤️

  • Jess Miller

    I enjoy summer the most bc of the warmth. I was born in August so there must be a subconscious connection as well. I enjoy seeing everything at it’s peek blooming potential. I also enjoy the thunderstorms we experience during the summer season.

  • MamaKate Lickey

    Spring- I look forward to the thunderstorms; they make me feel renewed. The thunder is empowering and comforting at the same time.

  • Norma Jean Wingo

    Namaste, my favorite season is Autumn. Living in the West all my life I look forward to the cooling and resting of the earth and a rest for the animals here at the rescue.

  • Leslie

    Summer is my favorite season. The sun makes me feel happy and it means more time to enjoy those around us. Everyone is more relaxed because school is out and vacations are on the agenda. Overall, it just feels like the best time to enjoy life.

  • April Rutledge

    I can find something great and wonderful in every season. But I really love fall. Fall represents comfort to me. Cozy sweaters, pumpkin picking, snuggles under blankets, Thanksgiving. Pumpkin spice lattes! I love fall colors, love the start of boot season!

  • Rob Terry

    My favorite season is winter…it’s a time of rest from the busy year. It’s time to slow down, and reflect on what the year held and plan for what lies ahead.

  • marilyn

    My fave season is autumn. I love the breezy weather that has just a touch of warmth.

  • James

    I like Autumn the best. Drier air, cooler temps, amazing colors, harvest time. And Halloween of course.

  • marcygoldman

    All seasons are my favorite! The older (and wiser) I get, the more I’ve come to appreciate all seasons and have no favorites. It used to be Fall, because of the food (I am a baker) and sense of repletion and renewal. But then winter became a cosy time of reflection and hibernation (and holidays). Spring is indeed a fresh breath of air and the brimming energy of potential. Summer is my favorite because it’s an oasis from the pace of the other seasons. So I no longer have a favorite season anymore than I have a favorite son. I have become a ‘student of weather’ and happily enjoy the seasonal lessons.

  • Carl Alguire

    In the spring we have the rain. I love the rain. It’s freshens and refreshes. It cleans and renews. If feeds and softens the earth, brings life, ignites growth and builds. I love the look of the mountains and fields in the mist of rain. I look forward to the quiet rain, the evening rain, the smell of rain at night. Rainbows!?! Only with rain….

  • Kiran Sharma

    I am favorite of all all the seasons 😉
    I feel every season brings out something that’s best in me
    Summer: Brings out my carefree side, I bring this from my Summer holidays time
    Winter Brings out the romantic, passionate me
    Spring: Brings out the bubbly, lively, happiest me ever
    Rainy: Rainy season brings out the laziest me

  • Jessyka

    I would have to say ” the season of NOW” is my favorite. All to often I am in my head focusing on things I cannot change from the past and I’m learning it robs not only me from what’s happening in front of me, but also all those I come in contact with. When I am in my head trying to control and arrange or rearrange these life things, I’m not engaged nor am I focused on how I can help others. I’m consumed with selfish and self seeking motives and authentic joy and peace cannot come when I am focused on me. To just be where my feet are, right here right now, I have the attention and opportunity to do what’s in front of me and hopefully show up and be great full I have the opportunity to be in hat very moment. The season of “NOW”

  • Tania Sayre

    I have two favorite seasons. They are the spring and the fall because of the colors and the smell in the air. There is a feeling at both of those time of year of change to me that I hope brings out the best in everyone. It’s a feeling of change and new and a time to take a look at things in a whole new way.

  • B_

    I love spring and fall, perfect in between weather! I look forward to those two relaxing yet so different seasons! Thanks for this awesome giveaway! 🙂

  • Jenny Isaman-Burdinie

    My favorite season is spring, just the freshness of it, the warmer days mixed with cooler ones, the sense of renewal.

  • Heather Taylor

    I love Spring. Feeling the warm sun on my skin and all the pretty colorful blooms just make me happy.

  • Danette Beach

    Spring is my favorite! It brings with it a sense of rebirth and opportunity. The weather is amazing and if you pay close attention you can watch nature rebound from winter right before your eyes. It brings the most refreshing air and always gives me encouragement. In the midst of the constant changing of life, we will always have Spring to look forward to!

  • Patty

    I love spring and winter! Both give us freshness: spring air & flowers and winter: clear skies (sometimes) & beautiful snow. I feel most alive in these 2 seasons!:)

  • Kenneth Grace

    I’m a “fall guy!” Fall reminds me of the inevitability of change. The coolness in the air, the hue of the leaves, and the diffusion of light all serve to alert my senses to the beauty of organic change and the opportunities for new life that change delivers.

  • Julie Ann Fisher

    I most enjoy Fall. I live in Arizona and Fall is such a nice welcome from the triple digit temperatures!

  • Sara

    I love summer because of the warmth of the sun and the long days….

  • Alyssa B Colton

    I love spring… in northeast it’s late spring when everything bursts into green again. Always so hopeful!

  • Valo

    Autumn is my favorite season by far, The way nature transforms throughout the season is breathtaking, I live in the mountains and every fall night feels like a different ride home. I love ciders and baked goods and anything pumpkin or cinnamon flavored and don’t get me started on my love of Halloween! I am an October baby which may make me a little biased but I am 100% okay with that. 😉

  • Anna Kohls

    I love summer. Michigan is cold 8 months out of the year and I don’t spend much time outside. When the warm weather finally comes, I am so eager to have the house windows open, spend time in the greenery outdoors, and finally be warm!

  • galfromaway

    My favourite season? It depends on where I am. Summer for the warmth of it. Autumn in the Maritimes because it is still warm, and the leaves are changing colour. Winter, when we celebrate our daughter’s birthday. And spring for the new beginnings, and seeing the trees becoming fuzzy looking with buds starting to develop. 🙂

  • Bridget Smith Mattes

    I love the spring. It reminds me of being young and full of energy. The days get longer, fresh air, enjoying the weather, swimming and boating. I get a spring in my step and feel more alive.

  • Kitty Heart

    Fall is my absolute favorite! things slow down…things change…you get cozy and who doesn’t love cozy! the holidays are close by…family and friends…just typing this makes me smile! the colors outside…the breeze…the smells and flavors! nothing compares to a beautiful crisp fall day… sigh…I cant wait 🙂

  • Patmay1122

    Pat Mazzei

    I love summer! It’s warm and as a young mother it meant I would be home and my children would be home with me. It was a beautiful bonding time. Baseball, picnics, swimming. We were all together. Now I still work in education and am home in the summer, but now I have my grandchildren to look fwd to spending time and making new memories. I am ever so grateful for these blessings!

  • Margie Heckard

    My favorite season is fall – I love the smell of the leaves while walking in the woods with a comfy sweater, football season, apple orchards, pumpkin patches – the welcomed cooler weather from a hot summer in Wisconsin!

  • Lady A of Georgia

    I love winter. The brisk bite in the air. The clean smell of ice. The comfort of soup, jazz, warm socks, sweats, and the couch.

  • Mary Reali Hensley

    I absolutely love summer!!! It breaths new life into my spirit because everything is blooming and colorful and full of life. A new beginning to start new things <3

  • Teresa Johnson

    My favorite season is Fall. I live in Arizona and after we have made it through a very hot Summer, Fall is such a refreshing change. The mornings are crisp again, gardens can be re- planted, local hikes can be planned, birthday parties can go out doors again. I am making it sound like were all coming out of a bomb shelter 😀

  • Lauren Michelle

    I love the fall. I always love the crisp in the air. The ability to wear jeans and a sweatshirt. Drink hot chocolate. Watch the leaves change. TV shows come back on. Its just a wonderful time of the year.

  • My favorite season is the very end of the rainy season. I live in Mexico and here we have only two seasons, rainy and dry. The rainy season is short, from June until September, but oh, the beauty in September and October. It’s the butterfly season. The earth is lush and green. The flowers bloom. There’s nothing so awe inspiring as watching what was dead and dry for so many months come to life.

  • Theresa Bruton

    Spring is my favorite season. I love watching the colors change from winter doldrums to beautiful spring colors. I love watching the transformation of the trees coming to life again with their first tiny buds into beautiful bright blue green leaves against a beautiful blue sky. It’s very uplifting and refreshing to my spirit.

  • nicole shoe

    Definitely fall…it brings coziness and all of my favorite things…apples, cider, Thanksgiving, football, hockey and holidays!

  • Thu-Nhi

    cute art style. it would be a blessing to be gifted with one. thank you for the opportunity!

  • Donna

    Even when I was a child, I loved fall the very best. It is when I come alive. The air is cool and invigorating, it smells of burning leaves. I can hear the rustle of leaves. Even the light is different, better in the fall. I feel like it is the beginning of everything good and that anything is possible.

  • Amy Ritson

    I’m a summer girl. It isn’t a coincidence that I don’t normally work in the summer, because I’m a teacher the rest of the year. This is my time to throw myself into all of my creative projects that have been patiently waiting for me over the fall and winter months. I begin to “spring” back in the early months of the year and grow more and more eager for my summer freedom. I use this time to invest in my gardens, landscaping, sewing projects, journaling, reading, collage, musical interests, and etc. I’d love to have the gusto I feel in summer all year long!

  • Angel Jimenez

    Winter! I live in Arizona so cooler weather is the prize for surviving the heat that rules the majority of the year. 🙂 Plus, there’s just something about being able to snuggle up under a blanket with a good book or journal that makes winter beat out every season for me.

  • Kimberly Dacek

    I like summer because of the bright warm sunny days along with the cool moonlit nights. The days are longer so you can spend more time outdoors. Then there is also how you get to wear light clothing, shorts, and caprices. Lastly, summer is all about being free.

  • Barb Wilde

    The monsoons in the southern Arizona! Comes after a week or more of intensely hot unbearable heat, the clouds build up to towers of dark heavy moisture and then aaaah! The rain! The scent of it hitting the thirsty dust! The insane thunder and lightning that accompany the clouds, frightening and yet exhilarating at the same time. Half the city goes out to stand in it…looking forward to those storms as we bake in the middle of the heat, air conditioners grinding all night long, eyelashes feel like they are burning when you walk outside. Come sooner not later, monsoons!

  • Lisa Kelly

    Summer at the Jersey Shore! The nights get longer, and I can spend more time with my dogs and friends at the dog park, often until 9 or 9:30. Summer concerts at the beach! Walking on the boardwalk, swimming in the ocean, laying on my back at night out on my deck and looking at the stars and just being one with nature.

  • Teri Tischer

    Fall is my favorite time of year. It evokes memories of celebrating Halloween, and Thanksgiving with our daughter. Decorating the house, and creating a costume, as well as the joy it brought her. The weather is still warm, and the colors bring a daily reminder of reveling in what is truly beautiful. I now get to share this season with our granddaughter! What a delight!

  • Sking

    Spring for sure. It’s like a new beginning every year. Babies are everywhere, flowers are blooming, the air is fresh, the days are longer. A rebirth in so many ways.

  • Mindy Watkins

    It used to be fall but now it’s summer living in Washington. They don’t last long but they are the best. Camping, hiking & plenty of water activities.

  • Ann P

    Spring is a beautiful time for new growth as well as a time to cleanse the build up from long winter months in Northern Minnesota. It is a time for me to breathe in the fresh air and reconnect with nature. I’m grateful to live in an area where I can experience the four seasons fully.

  • Marsha Wachtel

    Autumn is my favorite time of the year. The weather is perfect, not too hot or too cold. I love the sound of dry leaves crunching underfoot, the smell of pumpkin pie, my favorite sweater….and let us not forget the re-runs of “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!”

  • annemarie

    I love spring. My birthday is in the middle of spring, a promising start for an exciteing new year. Looking out of my window I hear the little tits busy building a new nest and I see the jasminbuds growing. Each sunbeam warms my haert.

  • SwmpLady

    My favorite time is Summer. I love the beach, the feel of the sun, and swimming in the gulf.

  • Laurie

    My favorite season is: Fall. I love the spun-gold light of October, football Sundays, earlier dusk, and Halloween. I love the pumpkin patches and colorful leaves, caramel apples, and longer walks.

  • Connie Smith-Porter

    I love spring! Not only is the temperature perfect I love to watch everything bloom and become new again. I love that all the colors are fresh and bright and everything smells so good.

  • Maureen

    This is a trick question! How could I love one season more than another? They are all beautiful and intertwined. I love spring because it evokes growth, hope, and perseverance. The crocus and daffodils slip out and bare their blooms despite the late snows. Summer because it is gardens in full bloom and growth, beaches and pools, sailing and kayaking, hot, lazy days. Fall because it is refreshingly cool and crisp after the heat of summer, a time for harvest, and for those of us in education, a time for new beginnings and renewed energy. Winter because the snow blankets everything so serenely and provides us and the earth with a time to rest (except when we are skiing and sledding, of course), and the traditions of the holidays to enjoy.

  • Tammy Melvill

    My favourite season is summer. I feel alive and strengthened feeling the sun rays on my face and swimming in the ocean.

  • sotiria

    my favourite season is autumn, not too hot not too cold and my birthday is close and i get presents! 🙂

  • jen

    This is not my fear of commitment talking but, I don’t have a favorite season. Instead I have favorite moments within each season. I love the nostalgia I get when Fall comes around…reminds me of walking around the park during chilly mornings and stepping on crunchy leaves with a warm drink in hand. I enjoy winter and the chilly evenings that prompt you to snuggle up to loved ones and getting cozy… Spring makes me feel warm inside, and not because the sun shines a bit brighter from winter but because I get the chance to make another revolution around the sun…it’s heartwarming for sure! Finally, summer is summer–the days are longer and I get to surf Tiny Buddha’s blog a little bit longer : (and spend more time with my lovers 🙂 )

  • Barbara McDonald

    My favorite season is fall. It is a time for me to clean my garden, prepare my home for winter and the New Mexico weather is fabulous in the fall.

  • cmevans62

    My favorite season is SUMMER!

  • Silyne

    I love the summer. One: because my birthday is June 26th and two: I enjoy the heat to wear my sun hats and sundresses. I enjoy travelling this run of year with my son. It seems like a happy time of year with the sun shining people go away to experience new places and people, students graduating and starting their journey to not finding themselves but creating their own path. I’m a summer baby 100%!

  • Jaya Sridhar

    My favorite season is Fall. It is the perfect balance of hot and cold (I live in Canada) and symbolizes balance and the middle way to me. I love the fall leaves and colors and seems to be the perfect time of the year for starting afresh.

  • Gabriella West

    It’s spring for me. My body starts to feel a surge of energy and I love watching the fruit trees blossoming in our small wild city garden. The sun is just right…not the scorching heat of summer, but gentle and radiant. I particularly love the orange California poppies that emerge then too. I’m a May baby and wouldn’t have it any other way.

    PS. Thanks for letting me enter! The journal looks lovely.

  • Christina Humbert

    My favorite season of fall not only for the fresh, crisp air and the beautiful changing leaves but also for what it symbolizes and means to me. It is a symbol of letting go and how letting go of something can be so beautiful and freeing. The trees rid of themselves of these beautiful leaves not clinging on to them and basking in their beauty but rather they let the fall off in the wind and conttinue on in the face of harsh winter knowing that spring will come along with the rebirth of new leaves and life again.

  • Jacobi Schall

    I look forward to Fall the most. I love when the air starts to get cooler and all the Fall vegetables are ready. It was also my mother’s favorite time of the year. We used to take the whole family and find a corn maze and pumpkin patch to visit. Now that she is gone, those memories are priceless.

  • Catherine Van

    My favorite season is spring! I love seeing trees and flowers come to life, every year I feel it’s a new awakening and I find comfort in knowing that even trees and flowers can one day be bare and the next day be full of leaves and flowers! It’s refreshing and invigorating!

  • mandy

    I have to say it’s summer for me, this is the time when we tend to go out and relax more, we tend to exercise more even if it is short walks. Also, you find that everyone seems much happier.


  • My favorite season is Spring. My favorite holiday (Christmas) and my birthday have passed through the winter, and I’m ready to be refreshed. Warmer months and longer days are like a breath of fresh air for me. I struggle with depression, and sunlight helps. So, the bright light is like an awakening after a long sleep.

  • Jenny Knecht

    Not an easy question to answer – my first response would be summer as I by that time really long fort the warmth of the sun as it takes such a long time for the temperatures to reach; no jacket required, here in the north of Sweden! The winters are looooong and very cold yet give me permission to go inside in many ways! When spring comes – in such an explosive way up here it almost overwhelms me – the energy of all new life so strong. The fall a gentle refuge preparing me for reflection. My favorite season ? Hm… the persent moment when I remember to be grateful for it

  • Wendy Young

    My favorite season by far is Spring! Everything comes to life . . .it’s a time of rebirth, growth, and beauty

  • Jessie Weir

    Hey everyone! My favorite season is Winter! I love to cuddle up with a hot cup of tea, my puppies and Netflix. I like to feel calm, safe and secure. There’s something about being cuddled up and cozy inside that makes me quite content!

  • Sait M. Ilhaner

    I prefer fall. I love the colors of the trees and the smell of the fallen leaves. The fall is just the most inspiring. You can be inside drinking a hot drink but it’s not freezing outside

  • Sait M. Ilhaner
  • Greg Cruthers

    Summer. After long Michigan winters with gray skies and wind chills, being outside feeling the sun on my skin, listening to the birds and squirrels with a warm breeze and the smell of blossoming flowers. Priceless.

  • Lucie Laroche

    My favorite season is summer. I love the sun and swimming in the pool. I love the flowers and gardening.

  • Pam DiPesa

    My favorite season is Summer. I love how the air smells, and wearing sun dresses, and being barefoot!

  • Anna Lingan

    I love the spring. After a long, gray winter, feeling the warmth from the sun breaking through is a welcome feeling.

  • Kelly Sardella

    My favorite season is winter! The tranquility of a snowy day , warm sweaters ,seeing your breath , preparing for holiday gatherings everyone seems to be home more often willing to get a bit closer for warmth .To me it is a truly breathtaking & serene time of year

  • Michelle Boss

    Greetings! My favorite season is Fall. This is when a new semester in school always starts, and there is so much hope, motivation, and possibility during this time. I always feel refreshed from the summer off and can’t wait for the new friends to make and adventures to come.

  • Liz Hennessy

    I love the transition seasons, spring and fall. After a cold winter, I love when everything warms up and gets green. Then, after a hot sticky summer, I love the briskness and colors of fall. Fall beats spring for my favorite because of Halloween and Thanksgiving!

  • Liz Hennessy
  • Amanda Nguyen

    My favorite season is the summer. I love the heat of the sun on my skin (I’m always cold!)

  • Lisa Mettam

    My favorite season is Spring as it is exciting watching all the flowers and bright green leaves emerge everywhere.

  • Savanna Dee

    My favorite season is winter. I look forward to it because the cold and snow are so bright and refreshing!! 🙂
    Excellent question, really brings up fond memories from all seasons!

  • Paula Renee

    My favorite season is fall because I find the cooler days invigorating.

  • ScottMalthouse

    Not sure if you’re sending to UK, but I’ll tell you anyway. Autumn is by far my favorite season – so much so that I run a Google Plus community about it. It’s not too warm and not too cold. There’s that beautiful orange light that hangs in the air just before dark. The food is hearty and comforting and don’t get me started on Halloween.

  • Deb

    My favourite season is winter. I look forward to hearing rain falling on the roof, making soup, wearing lots of layers and watching tv wrapped in a cuddly blanket in the evening ⛄

  • thecuckoo

    My favorite season is spring–it starts warming up, but doesn’t hit the miserable temperatures. You can still wear a sweater, and yet not be freezing.

  • Kay

    It’s difficult to pick a season because they are all wonderful and unique but I will say spring. I like spring for the freshness and light after winter and especially the new growth and flowers

  • Kylie

    I love Autumn. Every year I look forward to the subtle shift in temperature; the way the sun is shining and the skies are clear but by 4pm you need a cardigan for the evening chill. I love the changing of the season heralded so magnificently in the colours of the trees and the town becomes covered in a fiery gold and copper display.

  • Zaff

    I would say that I love spring due to the many months of cold harsh weather that precedes it. But summer is my favourite because I love the late Summer’s evenings to spend more time outdoors and doing outdoors activities like hiking and riding my motorcycle. Roll on Summer each year!

  • Kayla

    My favorite season is: Winter; Why do I look forward to it? SNOW! I love cold weather, I really dislike sweating and bugs and Winter has none of that and cozening up in a blanket and hot chocolate is just sweet serenity for me and the warm clothes, ugh just everything lol.

    This journal is beautiful! Keep making them =D

  • Julie Coda

    My favorite season is definitely Summer! I love the constant warmth of the Sun and all the frolicking done by all the insects, birds, animals and humans. Everything seens so alive in the Summertime!

  • Kayla
  • Sabrina Haloulakos

    Winter, only for the fact that Christmas is in December! Being inside when it’s warm, and spending quality time with family never gets old, not to mention that delicious eggnog and rum mm. Would love to receive this amazing journal!

  • Rebecca Yavner

    My favorite season is Fall and I look forward to it because it’s a season of color, getting together with family, and slowing down a bit from the busy summer season. I can go hiking without the heat and enjoy more time outdoors.

  • Debi Burns

    My favorite season is Spring. For me, spring is about fresh starts, warmer weather, and hope.

  • Donna Axford

    Summer! I love the warm air, soaking up the suns rays, visiting the beach and all the summer activities/ festivals that go with it!

  • Julie Puccini

    My favorite season is summer – I love the warmth and sunshine and extra time outdoors!

  • Samantha Jane Galati

    I love winter! I prefer cold weather over hot and I really, really love Christmastime.

  • Elaine Brand

    Autumn has always been my favourite – mellow and beautiful colours x

  • Heather Donavant

    My favorite season is fall. I looked forward to leaves changing, the temperatures getting cooler, and our annual Halloween party!!! Fall is when we all stay outside longer since it’s not as hot as summer!

  • Emily Wassell

    Autumn as I begin to shed the parts of me I want to let go of that year and begin Winter afresh with only the things I need to take with me into the next.

  • Megan

    My favorite season is Spring. I look forward to it because to me it signifies a sense of renewal and hope. It allows me to feel fresh and excited for what is to come. I feel like it is a season for rejuvenation and new beginnings.

  • Karen Ekberg MacDonald

    Spring is my favorite season because it means we’ve survived another New England winter! I feel there is promise and hope with the trees and flowers blooming and everything smells so wonderful. The warmth of the summer sun makes people happier too!

  • Lindsay Bender

    Autumn most definitely is my favorite season. The colors of the changing leaves and trees, the smells of apple or pumpkin amongst other things, and the crisp air allow for one to be more mindful and present, and enjoy the outdoors. I would LOVE to win a free copy! I purchased a copy for a dear friend’s birthday earlier this week, and would truly enjoy completing the book myself! 🙂

  • Claire Dent

    Winter in Australia is my favourite season as it reminds me of my old home in England. The cool crisp breeze brings memories flooding back.

  • My favorite season has always been Spring. It represents rebirth and the presense of new life everywhere. Growing up in Texas, there are a few weeks out of the year in which the wildflowers bloom. Bluebonnets, primrose, Indian paintbrush, buttercups and many more line the country roads and highways (courtesy of our former, ‘environmental’ first lady, Lady Bird Johnson, who inspired the Highway Beautification Act of 1965). Spring brings rain showers, some gentle and some fierce, to wash away the old and give life to the new. Days are filled with the formation of new life, from new vegetation to the birth of white-tailed fawns and baby hummingbirds. Late spring to early summer is filled with starry nights and chirping insects. Cicadas and fireflies come to life. My favorite is the butterfly, emerging from its cocoon transformed by the process of life into a fragile, graceful and beautiful creature of flight. The butterfly is representative of my own story of continued transformation through adversity. I am grateful for all of Spring’s magical gifts, both physical and symbolic.

  • dreamey

    My favorite season is Autumn. I love it when the whether gets cooler and comfortable and you are no longer sweating and uncomfortable like in Summer. I love it when the leaves turn beautiful colors and crunch under your feet when walking once they fall from the trees. Once the leaves fall it is a perfect time for photography because the leaves are no longer blocking things. I love to put on sweaters and jeans and feeling just right and cozy in the cool weather. I am also a fan of Halloween and Harvest Festivals that occur during this time of year.

  • I love summer. The sun is hot and I can run about and play in water with very little on, without getting a chill.

  • CJ Faithy Kirkson

    Summer has always been my favorite season because I love spending time outdoors, especially swimming and camping.

  • Chris

    Spring because everything starts to get green again and flowers blooming, lilacs in the air and it is a sign of renewal. A chance to start over and hope for brighter days ahead! I live in the Midwest (U.S) and it gets rather dark and dreary looking in the winter. The sun is a hugely welcomed sight!!!

  • Janelle

    I love summer because the sunshine just makes everyone’s mood happier! You are outdoors more, exploring nature, and this is the perfect time for vacationing with friends and family!

  • Michelle Read

    I love Summer! Longer days, live music festivals, camping, boating, warm weather. Outdoor hikes with friends. Nature and it’s elements are a great healer for the soul!

  • Jenna

    my favorite season is summer, I look forward to it through all the other seasons. Cold weather and less sunlight makes it so difficult for me to maintain positive energy. I love the warmth of the sun, the long days, and spending time outside with my family and neighbors. Just thinking about these things make me smile!!

  • Ernesha

    My favorite season is the summer season. I look forward to it because it is the warmest time of the year. I love being able to enjoy hiking trails and swimming. I live in Colorado so the summer months are very enjoyable, compared to my home state of Texas!

  • Jerry Mander

    My favorite season is Autumn because I love the crisp temperatures and change in colors.

  • Buck

    My favourite season is just before Spring, when the snows have begun to recede and the ground is still frozen solid. I look forward to seeing the first bright green skunk cabbage melting its way through the snow to greet the Sun.

  • Roberta Celebrano

    Fall has always been dear to me. A certain bareness begins, a colorful shrinking of everything that is nature, maybe myself included. It reminds be of the beauty of letting things go and accepting that it can’t always be summer, that impermanence is beautiful, needed and change cyclic, always returning, always comforting!

  • Roberta Celebrano

    Fall has always been dear to me. A certain bareness begins, a colorful shrinking of everything that is nature, myself included? It reminds be of the beauty of letting things go and accepting that it can’t always be summer, that impermanence is beautiful and needed and change based in nature, cyclic, always returning, always comforting!
    Thank you for the gesture Lori!

  • Carolyn Nguyen

    Summer! Warmer, longer days of sunlight brings tranquility to my thoughts.

  • Ouida Patten

    I love Spring. It’s like everything that has been asleep during Winter is waking up, things are born and things are fresh and new. I love the flowers and colors and how the world seems vibrant and alive.

  • Lesley Murray

    We are so lucky having the different seasons, Spring is new & fresh, the promise of warmth & sunshine, nature awakens, buds appear, the birds & frogs start to sing their songs; summer brings long sunny days, a riot of colour in the garden, the smell of the heat & the flowers in bloom; Autumn brings a riot of colours, reds, rusts, copper, yellowing of leaves, a time for hunting for chestnuts & wild mushrooms, the smell in the air of cooler weather & bonfires; winter brings a crispness in the air, excitement of what is to come, log burning fires, being warm & cosy in bed listening to the rainfall, Christmas fetes, hot roasted chestnuts, mulled wine & cider, watching nature slow down, the sound after snow has fallen, crisp white trees hugging the snow on their branches, footsteps in the snow, long walks in winter sunshine & berries on the holly trees.
    I can’t choose between the seasons, I love that they are all different and enjoy them all.

  • Brad Roberts

    I love fall. The colors and the cooling weather after the hot Georgia summers makes me enjoy being outside.

  • Rosslyn Picton

    For me, it is a toss up between Spring and Fall. In Spring, everything is brand new and blossoming and in Fall, everything is folding up and going to sleep. Each of these seasons represent the chance for new beginnings. I feel excited about the possibility of change. I love the unique fragrance of Spring and Fall, the fresh air, and the coziness of a wearing a stylish jacket or sweater. Yes, Spring OR Fall for me!

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  • Andie Staisloff Youngk

    Summer- It’s that time of year where I feel free!!! Free to be outdoors more- free of heavy bulky clothing- free to enjoy home grown veggies- Work seems lighter- People seem to be happier-

  • Angela Dark

    I love the new hope that spring brings; I love the fullness of summer; I love the glorious colours that autumn shows as her promise to return. But for me, my favourite time is winter. The earth snuggles down to enjoy a deep, relaxing sleep so that once more it can wake invigorated and ready to begin the cycle again.

  • Louise Dale

    Winter is definitely my favourite season. Sitting by the window wearing nothing but your undies, a thick pair of woolly socks and an over sized jumper, with your hands wrapped around a cup of hot chocolate melting your fingertips. Watching each snowflake fall, Robbins leaving tiny foot prints on the untouched snow and listening to them sing is where i most feel at peace. Even the thought of winter poetry gets me excited, and not to mention it is also the time of year of a new beginning and mince pies haha!

  • Geraldine Garry

    I love the colours at autumn. Everywhere you go looks so beautiful. I also like spring and seeing all new buds growing and new baby animals being born. Every season has something beautiful to offer us so it is hard to pick just one.

  • catchatcaren

    Oh I would LOVE to win this!!! My favorite season is FALL, FALL, FALL!!!! I love the temps, I love football, I love the FOOD, Halloween, oh and my birthday happens to be in the fall! If I win, my email is cgittleman at mi dot rr dot com

  • catchatcaren

    This is my second entry, I shared on Twitter My email is cgittleman at mi dot rr dot com

  • Mosely

    I enjoy spring the most! After a long winter it is so nice to feel the first warmth of the sun. I love to see everything turn green and lush and the beauty of the spring flowers. It is so nice to be able to sit outside again and enjoy the great Outdoors!

  • Angela Pustorino

    Fall is my favorite season of all time – the colors, the changing weather. There is a beauty in watching things die and fade to make way for rebirth in the spring. I also have terrible allergies in the spring and wilt in the summer! Autumn offers me relief and also more time for contemplation, and cozy evenings, to sip tea and cuddle up under a blanket. It also brings my birthday! Lots to celebrate. (:

  • janetmouse

    My favorite season is FALL…besides the beautiful weather it is also when Football starts … Gratitude 🙂

  • Wendy Moore

    Fall is my favorite season… I love the changing colors of the leaves, the bristle of wind in the air, pumpkin lattes and the promise of holidays coming!

  • Shannon

    June is my favorite season, so I guess the answer is SUMMER – In the Winter and Spring leading up to it, I look forward to the L-O-N-G days of sunshine. I love looking forward to the Summer solstice knowing that every day is getting longer. The warm sunny evening after work to enjoy!

  • My favorite season is Winter. It feels cozy and magical! It stirs lots of fantastic memories and gives me a feeling of endless possibility and wonder! heatheranne99 at gmail dot com

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    heatheranne99 at gmail dot com

  • Christie Driscoll

    I love fall and all it’s many gorgeous colors (golds, reds, oranges), the falling leaves, the crisp air, the spookiness of Halloween (which is my birthday!). I love apple cider and pumpkin everything!! It reminds me of jumping in leaf piles and pumpkin patch hayrides. I love wearing sweaters and boots when it turns chilly. Fall is so cozy. It’s my favorite season!

  • Tracy Lynn Strey

    Spring is my favorite season. The rebirth and renewal revives my spirit.

  • Jessica Wheeler

    My favorite season is Fall– the colors and the smells take me back to when I was a kid. When everything was simple….sounds of crunchy leaves and the only thought on my mind was what I was going to be for Halloween…

  • Debra Branton

    Spring is my favorite time of the year. The days start getting longer, the gray skies of Winter give way to blue skies and fluffy white clouds. Everything seems new and refreshed, including myself.

  • SharonHoffmann

    I love all seasons for different reasons but the one I look forward to most of all is winter. I’m a snowflake fan and I live how crisp and clean the cold air feels! It’s a time to be cozy & hibernate. Enjoy the lights and hot chocolate, while wrapped in a blanket

  • Karen

    I love summer. My family’s schedule becomes more flexible, allowing us to be more spontaneous. And I love being able to go swimming in the outdoor pools.

  • vic

    I love the spring and with it life erupts and brings forth a new chapter in nature. It is a magnificent time of the year where optimism, love and kindness flourish and everything is so alive and vibrant.

  • kas

    Fall is my favorite season. I love the air — the smell, the crispness. I love the sweaters and boots and warm drinks and curling up in a cozy blanket at the end of the day.

  • Liv

    Autumn with its spectrum of colour showing nature in all its magnificence!:)

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  • Lorri Hochart

    My favorite season is a hybrid of end of fall/beginning of winter. Being an introvert, I love the time of year when the weather gets cooler, “sweater weather” or “hoodie-time” as this is the time of year that hay rides and trick-or-treating abound, and the activities favored are snuggling up by a cozy fire, and football games… And as weather gets colder, you can always add another layer of clothes… Only so much can come off when too hot!!

  • Ashley Northup

    I love Summer! It’s warm, and the sun stays out so much longer so I can go walking in the evening without worrying or feeling unsafe. 🙂

  • Maureen Crandle

    I love Spring – new life and a fresh start.

  • Angelina Diaz

    My most favorite season is Autumn when the leaves change color especially the Aspen’s in Colorado. The air is crisp & fresh & makes me feel the most alive! There is Chai tea to be had at all the corner shops & hoodies & sweaters are being pulled out of the closets. The snow starts to fall & we can all start lighting the fireplaces. Snowboarding is just around the corner & best of all the kids go back to school!!

  • Rebecca Payne

    I love Winter. Winter for me stands for light in the darkness, warmth in the cold. I love lighting candles all over my home in winter to make it feel like a cosy sanctuary. Snow is also my favourite kind of weather. There’s nothing better than a long walk in the wintery nature, crisp coldness, blue sky, and coming home for a warm drink 🙂

  • Kathy

    I love spring. My birthday is in spring. After a cold winter the weather is so beautiful. Not too hot, not too cold. Just beautiful. Love the new flowers, like everything went to sleep in winter and now they’re waking up.

  • Rebecca Payne
  • yvonne lala

    I enjoy summer because my country is summer all year round. The good thing is that I can ‘bathe’ under the slightly warm 10am sunlight. It feels really heartwarming and i would ponder about the positive events that happened. It’s also a good weather to sweat out all the stress and unhappiness too! 🙂

  • Jan Miller

    Spring is my favorite season.
    It is the rebirth of nature after the cold dark winter days, bringing sunshine, flowers and a sense of joy

  • Jennyfer From

    My favorite season is hurricane season. I enjoy the chaos of the weather, how it keeps me on my toes wondering when it will rain and then how quickly the sun comes back out. I love when it rains and the sun is shining brightly.

  • David Coles

    I love the first few snows of winter where the world looks like a fairytale and the hush is eaten in bites by the crunch of footsteps.

  • Kendra Netzke

    I love summer. I look forward to sunshine and swimming in warm waters.

  • artemis

    I love Autumn because the rustic color of the leaves remind me of the sun. Along with the cool breeze, it displays the golden rays at sunrise and beautiful orange as it sets. I can feel the warmth of these colors beaming rays.

  • Chindz del Rosario

    My favourite season is Autumn. There is something about the changing colours of the trees that touches my heart. I love how everything looks and smells. I love how trees bursts into different colours as if nature wants to prove it’s beauty to the universe before the leaves turn brown and fall to the ground. I always look forward to this season because for me it signifies hope and transformation. For me the changing colours symbolises beauty and strength, and the falling of the leaves to the ground symbolises acceptance and letting go of what is to come.. that is, the winter season. Autumn also symbolises hope for me, knowing in my heart that even after every leaf has dropped and all the trees are bare, everything will come full circle, the leaves will grow back and burst into those beautiful colours once again. For me this is the absolute definition of beauty, and i think people are the same.

  • Alyssa Torres

    My favorite season is summer. I was born & raised in a very sunny/warm place & now I live somewhere where it’s only like that in the summer for 3 months. I look forward to the summer because my depression eases the more I get out and soak up some vitamin D, and I get to travel with my fiancee. =)

  • Brittany Swain

    My favorite season is spring because I love to see nature come alive again after a long winter. The insects, the leaves on the trees, flowers blooming, the sun rises earlier and the birds chirp a little earlier each day. I love it! 🙂

  • Karla Jenkins

    Winter…here where we have wonderful snowstorms that cover the earth with a thick white blanket and silence. I love being “snowed in”, when it’s so deep nothing moves. We must stay home and make do with whatever is in the cupboard for meals, we can play outdoors or cozy up with a good book. And if there is a clear sky and a bright moon, there will be crisp moon shadows in the snow. I so like a sudden, unexpected holiday.

  • John Hughes

    Definitely a fan of spring and fall. New growth from spring, and beautiful colours from fall. I live in the hills in Arkansas and I am definitely a hill billy when it comes to enjoying nature. There’s just nothing quite like trees and lakes in those seasons. Beautiful landscape.

  • nunc coepi

    The season I most look forward to is Spring! It is a time of renewal, vibrant colors, mild weather, delicious fruit, and hope for a bright transition into Summer…just as it is tonight, the last day of Spring, with Summer just around the corner! Spring brings the beautiful birds (finches, sparrows, hummingbirds, and swallows) that bring so much joy into my world, along with an abundant variety of blooming flowers and trees. Spring is Vivaldi’s concerto that I most enjoy. After leaving Winter behind, Spring brings so many reasons to feel gratitude, and acknowledge the blessings that truly surround us no matter where we are (literally and figuratively). Spring is a breath of fresh air with anticipation of so many reasons to be grateful.

  • Virginia Joan

    I love spring – new beginnings and warmer temperatures – beautiful smelling flowers – baby animals – cant beat it

  • I love summer. The sun sweeps the Earth and helps things grow. I like being outside and I like feeling the sun on my skin.

  • Julianna Sabo

    I love the spring. There is something truly wonderful about the cold days of winter, slowly turning into warmer days. The trees and flowers begin to blossom, and for me, inspires growth within myself.

  • Sharai

    I look forward to summer, of course. The longer the days the warmer the nights. The warmth of the sun on your face and the light in your eyes at sunset or sunrise. Summer is forgetting about your worries for a longer while than usual, Summer is the best season, at least in my opinion

  • Sandy Borstad

    My favorite season is Fall because the crispness in the air, the beautiful colors and the cooler weather.

  • Sadaf Zubair

    My favourite season is Winter. I love how everything seems clean”er” and sharp”er” and fresh in winter mornings! I get to snuggle in my favourite blanket in the long winter nights and don’t have to worry about sweating or having a migraine at the end of a hot day.

  • Becky Stuto

    I love the Summer. BBQ, swimming, the ocean, road trips, the sun and vitamin D, warm night, watching the stars, camping, picnics, it’s just the best. ☀️

  • Krystle Conover

    I love spring. We live in MT so its not too hot or cold. It means its time to camp, bbq, ride utvs and more. I look forward to it every year because it means fun with family and friends.

  • De

    My favorite season is the Fall. Phoenix is so HOT until October so it’s nice to finally not feel like you are living in an oven anymore.

  • Nicole Standfast

    Spring is my favorite season. I lost my dad in May, and I thought yes he would die in spring. How fitting. A rebirth of sorts. I feel like I was changed after his death. Though I was 29 at the time I was still daddy’s girl. Springtime would usher in that feeling of newness. I was new to the world that spring. I was now alone. My mother, burdened with her own health issues, was still “a parent,” but my rock was gone. I remember that May day he died. It rained horribly all morning. He passed near 5:30 pm. The rain stopped after I left the hospital that now housed his dead body. The sun came out. Yes. It was a new beginning. He was not on Earth, but he was still with me. That springtime let me become independent, yet I’d always be my father’s daughter.

  • Nancy Shumack McMahon

    Autumn is my favorite season… the weather is pleasant, the air refreshing and the heat & humidity of NJ has dropped. The sky is gorgeous blue and the leaves are colorful reds, yellows & oranges – beautiful to look at. And, my birthday is in the fall 🙂

  • Amanda

    I love the beginning of Spring, when lambing is almost complete, trees are just starting to show green shoots of life, flowers are pushing through the damp ground – just peaking out, as if to check that winter is over – and the birds start to return to the garden. It is also a time to reinvigorate relationships, by visiting others and doing things outside with the children, after being huddled inside for a few months!

  • Sarai Brock

    Mine is spring… Right at the beginning when everything begins to wake up & the world starts to cone back to life… Its life giving… Like waking up from a long sleep & they’re nourishing my soul… It just makes me feel alive.

  • Jessie

    My favorite season is summer! I love its transition from spring to fall. I look forward to summer because I love the warmth of the sun ☀️ I know my body needs the sunlight, I am deficient in Vitamin D. I would honestly write more deeply, yet my thoughts are very personal to me, which is why I would be so grateful to win a journal! Thank you! ☀️

  • Kristina Pinkard

    I am dying to get ahold of this journal! I’m in the middle of a self enlightening life journey and I know this would benefit me tremendously. You are amazing for creating this journal!

  • wanda sue ward

    I appreciate the beauty and light in everyone and everything. LIVE LIFE in in COLOR and with an open heart!
    Thank you for the opportunity to WIN this beautiful book! Blessing to you and all who come to Tiny Buddha.

  • Kimberly Jones-Casey

    Spring is a time of rejuvenation. The air becomes warmer and the breeze carries the scent of lilacs, the first blooms of flowers, and the first cutting of the lawn. After the long, cold and silent winter, life begins to stir again and with it an excitement of what’s to come. The soul reawakens and is bursting at the seams to live life! It’s a time of wonder and curiosity and people’s hopes and attitudes are high. It’s a time of beginnings and an opportunity for our dreams and desires to take flight. Its a special time and for me, my favorite time of the year.

  • Yetiv Knight

    My favorite season is winter. I love winter because this season is a time for: rest, relaxation and reflection. On cold, wet and windy days I tend to stay in and read a good book, or watch an old Joan Crawford movie or reflect on my life. Winter slows down the “busyness” of life. Winter for me is a time to regroup, forgive and set goals. I am able to rest my mind, my body and my soul during winter!

  • Katie

    Whilst many thrive off of the blossoming and growth associated with spring, summer is definitely my favourite season. It is the season in which nature and human life is fully flourished, full of radiance and warmth. I look forward to the shoe-less, carefree nights spent with friends, yet also the mornings, where the seeping sunlight and twittering birds beat your alarm clock to waking you up.

  • Colleen Donovan

    My favorite is spring. I love renewal…my favorite Greek myth was Persephone and Demeter, and how she emerged again on spring. It just holds so much promise to me, that life is beginning anew and the cold has left.

  • Suzanne Marie

    I love autumn; the beautiful colours of the leaves, the crispness to the air and new school supplies. Even in my 40’s, I still enjoy getting new school supplies.

  • Pamela C

    i love winter. the stillness and closeness that it provides. this leads to an opportunity to reflect deeply and gives me the opportunity to dream about the coming year. there is light in the darkness of the winter solstice and anticipation for renewal of the spirit!

  • Chloe

    Springtime, the season when the flowers start blooming and sun returns to it’s bright roots is symbolic of growth. Throughout the harsh, cold winter it seems sometimes like it will never end. The ground is frosted in layer of snow, and the sun is nowhere to be seen. Bare trees bring to mind potential with no results, and it appears to be infinite. But then spring arrives, the snowflakes fade away and the buds appear on the strengthened branches. I learn from spring how the winter, when it looks like everything is doomed and nature is stuck indefinitely, is really preparing for a beautiful new world. And when spring comes, and the days are longer and the call of the chirping birds rings in my ears, I know that this is the ultimate time of year. This is when nature is at it’s prime.

  • Nana

    My all time favorite season is fall. Because I love seeing leaves changing color! turning into red, yellow and city become colorful. Then change to brown, fall to the ground, preparing for winter…plus I think fall is the best time to read or meditate. I feel more focused than other season! I don’t know why though.

  • Leah

    When I was younger, I loved summer because we had freedom from school and assignments and schedules. Now that I am older, I really appreciate autumn. I love the cooler weather, the visual changes of season, and the harvest time foods.

  • Jackie Wellfonder

    While I love the rejuvenation and blooms of Springtime, Fall is my absolute favorite. That is when I come alive. I love the coolness in the air, I love the colors, I love the spices and recipes, I love it all. I love the festivals especially and knowing that it is a precursor into the holiday season. I also love bundling up in hoodies, sweaters, scarves, and all the fun, Fall attire. <3

  • Amy

    My favorite season is Spring. Everything comes alive again after Winter. There are new flowers and leaves everywhere. The air is soft. The sun feels great. And, we all smile as we pass by each other!

  • Gleb

    Summer is the best! All those sunny days giving your a mood boost for free everyday! I was born in a rather nothern city and even though I’ve moved 10 years ago, I can’t help myself but to be glad every morning, when sun wakes me up! It’s just so much easier to live and be happy, if you’re not freezing and see the sun so often:D

  • Cherilyn Williams

    My favorite season is Summer. I have always enjoyed the warmth and everyone is heading to the beach, and we’re having barbeques and school is out for the kids and I take vacation. Plus it doesn’t hurt that my daughter was born in the Summer.

  • Sonya

    I hold the utmost adoration and appreciation for the Summer months. I take in the good and bad of the season and am grateful for the warmth, the liveliness, the energy, and production that the summer brings. The passion of the sun and the vitality of nature to produce a bounty of nourishing edibles and ideas for both our body and soul, is just mesmerizing. So I salute the the dog days, the humid air, and the sweat-filled atmosphere; for they are the signs of a hard days work for both the land and its creatures. It is beautiful.

  • Kate Butler O’Neill

    I like fall the best – the deep smells, the start of cold nights, great for sleeping. When I had young kids at home it meant the return to school :).

  • Ashley Workizer

    My favorite season is summer. I enjoy the cool touch of wind from the ocean and the opportunity to be outdoors. Summer is a great opportunity to take your yoga practice outside while connecting with nature and sunshine. Summer nourishes the mind, body and soul with longer days of sunshine it creates more light in the heart.

  • Lindsay

    I love summer. Simply because there’s so much freedom in it and it enables people to operate at a slower pace.

  • Lori Moore

    The spring is my most favorite time of the year, The earth waking up after a long winter’s nap. My favorite spring occurred almost 20 years ago when my father beat cancer. The last day of his treatment, the nurses presented a picture of a daffodil peaking up throw the snow. I remember us talking about everything being reborn, and brought to surface with the spring, while still be coveted by last seasons snow. All of the new birds, baby animals, smells of new grass, is breathtaking. But that one special spring, I realized Spring also represented Hope.

  • Shirin Advani

    Winter is the season to which I eagerly wait for each year. the cool breeze has a serene effect on my mind & body. It increases my capacity to perform.The days are shorter & nights longer & time flies in a jiffy.It is the best time to indulge in some hot coffee , soups , hot chocolate & some delicious barbecue cuisine & to spend some time near the fireplace.To a sports lover it is the best time for ice-skating.The snowfall,snowman & snowflakes all provide a picturesque view to visualize. It is the best time to wear clothes made out of materials such as wool, velvet & heavy silk & to flaunt stylish jackets. One looks forward to Christmas holidays , picnics with family & friends & kite flying festival. Walking, Exercising , breathing fresh air & other fitness rituals can be easily performed without perspiration. It enhances the glow in an individual.One feels comfortable & cozy under a blanket while the temperatures outside are cool. It also is the party & wedding season & amounts to provide abundance of fun & frolic. On the whole this is a season which gives a feeling of coolness & keeps the mind relaxed, serene & rejuvenated!

  • Patricia Matilla

    I live in Florida so we only have one season and it includes humidity, heat, and rain. I do however definitely enjoy “spring”. I love that its not hot and definitely not cold, but those days when a light jacket will do and the trees look really green. Spring also makes me look forward to good hair days.

  • Megan Dew

    My favorite season is fall because everything about it seems so vibrant. The colors of burgundy and orange and gold that reign over this season are warm and inviting. The weather is inviting as well, warm enough to enjoy outdoor activities but cool enough to not get overheated. I love the way it represents the cycle of life, that we flourish and still have beauty in us up until the last minutes, the same way a leaf or flower does. Oh, and I did I mention the flavors of fall? Cinnamon, cloves, pumpkin, hearty soups and chili. Yum.

  • Cabinpoet

    I look forward to summer and an increased surge in energy. I’m a fire sign and summer fuels me. I feel invigorated, creative, and alive. The water calls to me; I want to be in it, on it, and surrounded by it. Summer provides evenings for great conversations and priceless opportunities to convene with nature. It gives you an excuse to play. Burning the candle at both ends all summer provides the perfect conditions to settle into fall and look forward to a long winter’s hibernation.

  • Emily Matteson

    My favorite season is Spring — the rebirth, new growth, the fresh smells, and longer days. Spring fills me with joy!

  • Josh yount

    I very much love autumn. There is a crisp chill to the air that brings to me a sense of energy and refreshment. It is a beautiful time to be in nature and experience not only the changing of the leaves but to encounter all sorts of wonderful wildlife as well. Fall festivals are a great source of happy experiences with family and friends and finally the stars seem to shine just a bit brighter.

  • I love the colors and cliches of Autumn (pumpkin everything!) but summer is definitely my favorite season. I love it because after a harsh winter and spring, I start feeling pretty stinkin’ depressed and the sunshine helps me feel so much happier. Also, I can go swimming, camping, disc golfing, to the zoo, etc. etc. etc. Definitely the most fun season for me! 🙂


    Thank you for hosting a giveaway! 🙂

  • Covis Concha

    I love spring in Mexico City. The climate is wonderful, we start using our summer clothes, it doesn’t rain. But the best is when my favourite trees, jacarandas, bloom in full color. That’s my favourite time of the year. It makes me really happy!!!

  • Amy

    My favorite season is Fall. I always look forward to the weather starting to cool off a little. I am in FL so everything pretty much stays green all year but we are a few hour drive from GA where you can see the trees leaves turn red, orange, yellow, Auburn and brown. Such a beautiful array, mother nature’s palette of color.

  • Amy
  • Lydia Adams

    My favorite season is spring! To me it represents new beginnings and oportunities, and it’s also so beautiful to see all the new flowers budding.

  • Lydia Adams
  • Tina

    My Favourite season is fall. The beauty of the colours, the tranquility of the season, the smell in the air. Harvesting the produce, baking fresh apple crisp or pumpkin pie, making beef stew, the turkey for Thanksgiving, the family get together, the love and joy of Fall is just so amazing. But then, it leads right into winter, with the fresh snow and crisp air and snow shoeing. Which leads to spring -new flowers, fresh buds on trees, birds singing, the renewal of the earth. Which brings us to summer. The warm sunshine, the dips in Georgian Bay, the bonfires in the fresh night air.
    How does one pick just one favourite season when they each have their own elements to be grateful for?!

  • Myles Cummings

    I’m a keen photographer. So it has to be Autumn for all the amazing changes in colour it brings.

  • Kristy Elizabeth

    I love summer and fall! These two seasons allow me to spend as many days and nights with my horse! She is my rock, my safe place, the best therapist I could ever ask for. Warm summer nights spent with her and nothing but the smells of fresh cut grass and the sounds of the birds is the most amazing thing! Crisp fall days spent with her on a trail ride exploring the most amazing wooded areas, the smells and beautiful fall colors.

  • Ann Estes

    I love spring, all the lush green and flowers, new surprises daily. The air is fresh and light, perfect for long walks.

  • Helicopter Mom

    My favorite season is fall because it always feels like a new beginning. No matter how old I am, September means the start of a new school year – new friends, new teachers, new classes… so I love the fresh start feeling of fall, even now that I’m long past school age!

  • Aegira

    My favourite season is Autumn, that brisk ‘nip’ in the air that eventually turns into winter. I love the colour changes nature gives us but most of all I love the respite the cooler weather gives me from the pain of Rheumatoid Arthritis. I love sewing, the cooler weather gives me the gift of movement in my hands, they unravel and straighten up enough for me to hold a needle and indulge in my passion. For that I am grateful =)

  • Jane

    Spring is my favourite seasons because it’s warm enough to get outside and do some gardening but it’s not too hot. I love to start a vegetable garden so I can watch the vegetables grow and eat food that I’ve produced that looks good and really tastes good.

  • Jeanna Magary

    My favorite season is winter, because I live in Florida and it’s too hot and humid most of the year, but winter is nice. It’s cool and breezy and not as humid. Sometimes I can wear a sweater! I also love celebrating the holidays with my family.

  • Ken Miller

    Summer, after putting up with an Alaskan winter, darkness, 4 foot snow drifts, darkness,, snow,,etc…you’ve earn the Alaskan summer.

  • Kerry

    Every season is beautiful…just being grateful each day!

  • muggs56

    I love all seasons. I like the change. When it gets too hot in August I think” Remember this in February” and that reminds me of freezing last winter. Spring and fall are nice because it’s not too hot or too cold. But winter and summer add the spice so I can appreciate them. Bitter cold is invigorating and makes me want to move to warm up. Working up a good sweat in the summer is its own reward and followed by a swim or shower is hard to beat.
    I lived in Florida for eight years. The weather was nice, but I missed the changing seasons.
    Happy in Maryland.

  • Gigi Gallodoro

    Fall is my favorite season in the north east because you can enjoy the feeling of the sun while the temperatures are crisp and mild. The beautiful foliage is another reason autumn is so wonderful. I love to see the trees go from deep shades of green to yellows, oranges & reds!

  • Michelle

    The Fall is the best season ever! The temperature is beautiful. The colors of the trees is amazing 🙂 The smell in the air is so fresh and clean. Everyday is a great day to get up and enjoy the weather.

  • I am blessed to live where we enjoy all 4 seasons, and there are things I love about each of them, but since I have to pick one, I’ll say Spring. The Springtime air smells and feels sparkling fresh, new colors explode & I love the symbolism of everything waking up.

  • Joanna Lizette

    My favorite season is winter. I love the feeling of wrapping in many blankets and drinking hot chocolate. It gives me a sense of comfort that other seasons cannot. Growing up in Arizona helps since we basically only have two seasons here (summer/winter). I can also drive to Flagstaff and enjoy the snow! If it were to rain when it is winter, the feeling is even more powerful and I just feel amazing! I would wish that I did not count not only on winter to make me feel this way, so I am working on trying to feel that feeling the rest of my life.

  • Joanna Lizette

    Here is my link:
    I wasn’t sure if this was how to properly paste the link lol but I shared it on my Facebook. Thank you so much for creating this giveaway!

  • Lisa Ghiglieri

    I Love the Fall Season and there are so many Reasons why.
    There is soooo much Beauty to look at outside!
    From Fall Leaves and Beautiful Trees to Pumpkins and Wreaths by doors.
    Also the smell of Cinnamon and Apple baked pies cooking in Ovens Worldwide.

  • Mary Petrakakos

    All of them! You could not have any one without the other. I do love smell of winter air under the sun..thank you very much for the chance to win!

  • Karen Cole

    Spring to me is growth….after composting past moments in the fall that no longer serve me, letting go of items that I have been blessed with, to share with others, incubation/ hunkering down in winter ( while keeping healthy movements) ….ah, SPRING is the time to stretch out/ reach up to the sky, wiggle into those new areas where I yearn to be and explore and taste new with a fresh, rested mind and body and say AHA, I am blessed with this new day and season!

  • Mar

    I love summer for the sun, the light and the bright blue down here, from the sea, and up there, from the sky!
    I also appreciate soft and colorful clothes – it makes me feel colorful and smiley inside as well 🙂

  • Katie Templeton Mayr

    SPRING! Sky is blue, leaves are light green, all the animals jumping about. Still cool at night, warm through the day- what’s not to love? Except maybe pollen. I hear that sucks for allergies. 🙂

  • Vic Toria

    I love fall. I look forward to the break from the heat. The smells are indescribable and the afternoons/evenings are peaceful. All of the colors are vibrant. It’s not too hot and not too cold. Perfect weather for shorts and a sweater. It’s a time where people are still enjoying time before the start of winter. It’s a beautiful time of out with the old and in with the new.

  • Jen

    I am looking forward to summer!!! Love the warm temps, the little pop up thunderstorms, putting my feet in the sand and ocean. Basking in the sun and finding unique ways to stay cool…sitting on a front porch under a fan, taking a swim in a pool on a warm summer night, vacationing in new places and old. Love the long days and short nights. Love summertime : )

  • Amber Summers

    My favorite season is summer! Growing up I always looked forward to being out of school & doing fun activities and taking trips. As an adult I still enjoy the hot summers here in Texas since I love water activities. Plus my last name is Summers lol

  • Alexis Hayward

    Fall is my favorite season because it feels like it’s the season of change from the weather starting to feel slightly cooler to the introduction of the holidays. I also like to see the leaves changing in colors as they fall from the trees. I just pretty much enjoy this time of the year.

  • Denise Breakall

    I love Thanksgiving! I know it isn’t really a season, but, it marks the beginning of the season of giving. When I step outside the retail establishment’s view of the season and notice what people truly do to show their love for each other, it becomes my favorite season. Kicking it off with true Thanks-giving is a great way to start the season!

  • Leslie Musick

    The season that bursts forth with beautiful new life symbolizing new beginnings is Spring as it evolves while displaying a time of celebration and renewal.

  • Taylor Jasmine

    Summer time! When you feel the sun and the warm ocean on your face, you feel free from every negative days. Cause you get to wash them all away.

  • Vic Toria

    I shared! I hope I win. I’ve been wanting to get your journal!

  • Melissa Vallieres

    I love Spring, when it begins to look like Summer. It’s hot but not too hot, flowers are blooming and everyone is happy that winter is finally over.

  • applachrenew

    All seasons, reminds me that everything is change, everything is in transition, every season has something new to tell us about life, death, suffering and renewal. Seasons connect us to ourselves and to this living Earth

  • Fall is my favorite season because the leaves are so beautiful and it’s not too cold, and fashion is at its prime.

  • Amy Bresler

    I love summer – the days are longer. You don’t have to drive home in the dark. You can stay outside longer. The flowers bloom, the sun is warm and the moon is bright!

  • Scilla P

    I live in Florida so it is hard to tell. Haha But when I lived in DC my favorite season was Spring. Seeing beautiful colors everywhere just made me happy! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Rosie Henderson

    I love winter. To me cold means fresh, crisp and new snow hitting the ground. I love to see snow falling, playing in it, and seeing it outside the window at night while I’m in a chair next to a fireplace, chillin. South Lake Tahoe is my haven of choice. 😉

  • Maryrose

    I love the holiday season! 🙂 There’s at least one in winter, spring, summer or fall! They are wonderful reinforcement / reminders to celebrate milestones or loved ones or community, etc. Plus, living in San Diego, there really is just one season…SUNSHINE.

  • Maryrose

    I shared the Gratitude! Thank you!

    Link to shared tweet:

  • Susan Tromanhauser

    My favourite season is fall. The warm days, but cool nights.

  • Lili Geek

    I love Spring… Where everything is new and reborn and it is my b-day! Means hope and renovation for me.

  • mo toons

    I love the end of summer/beginning of fall – great time to be outside roller skating!

  • Hilary Wells

    I look forward to Spring every year, and it’s not because I dislike Winter. I LOVE Winter. However, I love the themes of re-birth and growth. Spring is a prime metaphor of shedding old habits and flowering into a new you, so to speak. Re-generation. Re-birth. Growth.

  • Mabel

    I love spring the best. After the grey and dismal winter, the first faint splotches of green leaves and the appearance of the first robin brighten my heart. I can ditch my constrictive outerwear. The flowers arrive. The weather gets more exciting (storms and sunshine, sometimes in the same day or even the same hour). The air is fresh and clean and the world is new again. 🙂

  • My favorite season is fall. I am lucky to live in New England, so the gorgeous blazing colors of the fall foliage is one of my favorite things. I love the crisp autumn air, pumpkins on people’s front steps, hot spiced apple cider and apple picking, sweater and boot weather, the smell of the fallen leaves… after the heat and humidity of the summertime, fall is like a breath of fresh air before winter comes.

  • Megan Doherty

    I love the fall. The smell of leaves, the cool, crisp evenings, and the dramatic wind and weather surrounding Halloween has always been my favourite. Where I live we have four very distinct seasons so I can easily say that autumn gives me the most pleasure.

  • Christy Sharshel

    Autumn is my favorite season. The crisp coolness in the morning air, just cool enough for a sweater, brings such a relief from the heat of summer and the shorter days and scent of the turning leaves is a sure sign that winter’s rest is on the way 🙂

  • Christy Sharshel

    Shared on FB but I guess I am confused about what link to post in a second comment 🙂

  • Jayde

    Summer. I love the warmth of the sun, swimming, barbecues, being outside by a bonfire at night, fireflies, and the sounds of nature.

  • Kathy

    Thank you for the giveaway. My favorite season is spring because I love watching the new growth appear and feeling the colder weather disappear. Spring talks to me of hope, brighter days ahead, and new beginnings.

  • Ruth Schwartz

    I love the beginning of Spring. All the plants starting popping back into life. The leaves on the tree are a fresh green. Plants start jumping out of the ground. After the world has been in black and white we are suddenly treated to a multitude of colors. The temperature starts to stay where there is a brisk chill in the air. Not cold enough for a sweater but not warm enough for shorts. As Spring continues I love to open the windows and have a fresh breeze blow thru the house. Sleep with them open and be able to hear nature singing its songs. The sun is bright, the wind is cool, the leaves on the tree shimmer and sparkle. It is the time for fresh beginnings. Babies being born so they have time grow and flourish before the harsh winter. Yes, I’d have to say Spring is my favorite season.

  • Linda McMillen

    My favorite season is Spring…the world seems to come alive with color and beauty every Spring. After a long cold Winter, Spring reminds us that God is alive and well and showing us His glory!

  • Kathy Clements

    I like the autumn best. It’s still warm enough to make the most your your day, but that slight chill in the air in the evening is ideal for a comfy jumper, sitting by a fire or having a bit of a snuggle! Also because of the beautiful colours that the trees turn, it’s like looking out of my window onto a rainbow

  • Kathy Clements
  • Deborah

    Fall is the time of year that’s like Goldilocks’ ‘just right’, the ‘tween time after summer and before winter when the weather turns friendly and all shades of autumn beautiful. Great photo oops! Crops are harvested and I get to cozy in with baking and prepping for Halloween, my favorite holiday and the season’s best friend. (The Green Man was made for this time of the year!) Then there’s Thanksgiving with the harvest and family time. I love it!

  • Val Kowalewich

    Fall — it is the time when everything prepares for renewal…..a hibernation to refresh and start new in the spring……

  • Dawn Wasilauski

    I cannot select one over the other. Each season brings its own beauty; the changing colors of the fall, the sparkling of winter’s snow and ice, the glorious awaking of spring and the sensational colors and smells of summer. No, not one better than the other, each unique and special.

  • Carissa Hayward

    Although I find beauty in all the seasons, by far my favorite is Autumn. I have such wonderful childhood memories of the colourfulness of this season. The cool crisp air, the big bright maple leafs of orange, red and yellow colour, the laughter, joy and endless hours of fun jumping into a big leaf pile. To me autumn is beautiful in colour and chalk full with fun.

  • Kay

    Fall is my favorite season. The crisp evening air makes me feel so alive. And it is football time again!

  • Jenny Wieand

    Autumn is my favorite season. Besides all of the beautiful colors and coziness of it all I feel, that for me at least, it is a time of winding down. A collective sigh as we sink into the season after all of the hectic, busy bustle of spring and summer. Physically it is not as hot (nor too cold) and I feel as though I can inhale a big breathe of comfortable air. Enhanced by the lovely scents and sights. Mentally it feels as if ushers in closeness of others…friends, family, etc…
    Even with school starting back up and the impending holidays.
    Dang, now I want chai tea and a slice of pumpkin pie.

  • Bonny McIntosh

    My favorite season is fall, the beginning of new beginnings. Its the time of the year that colors are vibrant and its the start of new classes, new hobbies, and the harvesting of the gardens. I love the smells of fires to keep us warm and the return of warm blankets to tuck into. I love the start of planning of Thanksgiving and Christmas. There is also the anticipation of winter with all the activities it holds. I really do love the Fall Season!

  • Vic Simmons

    Autumn, because it means I have 9 months that are comfortable before summer returns!! I hate summer more than I can even say.

  • disqus_H2r7P9CrOd

    Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the changing of the leaves, the warm and beautiful tones of yellow, orange and red. Fall brings a real change, perhaps its the anticipation of the holidays but I feel inspired, rejuvenated.

  • Sharon O’Connell

    Autumn has always been my favorite season. The colors of the leaves, the crispness in the air and the feeling that time is slowing down all comfort me.

  • Stacey Ramirez

    Summer will always be my favorite season. I think I’m mostly in love with the idea of summer school alway stressed me out and summer always ment having free time to do anything I wanted. The late nights,spending time by the water wither it’s a beach or a pool, and fireworks in July. Summer is just the perfect tim to be outsid.

  • Hannah

    I’m Hannah, and I’m 17. I’ve always told people that my least favorite season is winter, but as I sit here, writing this, I’ve realized that perhaps winter isn’t as dreadful as I’ve always thought it to be. Winter is the time when I am most pushed to my limits, regarding my comfort zone. It seems that each day, just getting out of bed pushes me out of my comfort zone, as I am cold and irritable. I want to see the sun shine, but many days it is obscured by clouds, and I love the sun. Every decision that’s usually easy for me to make, becomes harder in this season. Winter is the season of which I am most grateful for because it is the time when I am forced to slow down, think, and have more patience. I am so grateful that I received your email directing me to this article…otherwise, I think winter would never have been my favorite season. Much love to all. 🙂

  • Janet Owen

    Your books are amazing. My favorite season is Summer – Flip Flop season!!

  • Michelle Bennett

    Winter!! Living in South Florida, this is the only time I get to indulge my love of sweaters, boots and scarves, even if just for a few weeks.

  • Shenina

    My favorite season is Fall, as I love the change of colors, the cooler temps, and the falling leaves.

  • Joan G-D

    To me the Spring is the most exciting month, it is the time of Re-Birth for everything, young animals, trees and flowers, and new hope in everyone’s heart. I wait in anticipation for the first young buds and shoots to appear, all of the world seems to be waking up…….

  • Elysia Hodges

    My favorite season is autumn. The weather begins to cool, the holidays approach… something about the atmosphere feels magical to me. And it doesn’t hurt that my birthday is in autumn, too. 😉

  • Jadice-Teal N Momz

    I love Hawaii during “winter” time because it’s easier to snuggle up comfortably without the heat or humidity (it still visits during the winter, but not as often). 79°F is considered freezing for me, but it lifts my spirits, makes me feel lighter, and allows me to embrace the warmth with hugging; whether it be hugging a thick warm blanket, pillows, or someone else. It all works for me.

  • ermina

    Since i was here in qatar for work to provide the needs of my only daughter and some of my families (parents & siblings), being a single mother was really really a tough task i had in life. So i always looking forward even once in a year for the time to get my vacation leave during summer season in the philippines to be with my only child to spend time and express my love and care for her wholeheartedly. thank u.

  • McKenna Lily

    My favourite season is spring, perfect temperature, still a little rain, flowers starting to bloom it’s a pretty season.

  • Mamabear

    “I think now…” to quote the Dalai Llama – it’s summer. Gardening, swimming, family road trips, no school (for my kids). There’s a freedom in the lack of structure.

  • Mamabear

    And posted to facebook

  • Michelle Wiegand

    My favorite season was to be spring. Not only does my birthday occur in that month but it seemed to bring so much new life. sunshine, happiness, and energy that shifted my mood and gratefulness for everything in a positive direction. However, as I learn more about myself and grow older, I realize that I truly love all the seasons. what I love most about them is the transition they bring. I look forward to each changing season and what it has to offer. It brings me present in my life. I anticipate and look forward to the growth that’s going to happen during that change, or the absence of growth. It helps me to be accepting of the circumstances around me and allows me to be more present in my life. I am truly be grateful for each season.

  • Cindi Marshall Oakey

    Chicago born & raised I live for the heat, the colors and the freedom of summer; so much that I’m transitioning to live in Miami from Atlanta. Funny, just yesterday I sensed that ingrain feeling a little sad June is nearly over, July 4 marks halfway mark of summer weather – in Chgo. Miami is like summer all year ’round.

  • K. Noelle

    I loveeeee every season for different reasons but most look forward to east coast fall. I love the color variety in the trees and camping in the crisp air! Also hello pumpkin beer!

  • K. Noelle
  • Lisa W

    I look forward to summer because everything is sun-kissed, buzzing, and colorful. I am grateful to soak in those lazy lounging sunsets and the sound of the ocean waves crashing ashore. The smell of a BBQ, children laughing, and the taste of fresh-squeezed lemonade on my lips. Summer is to be savored…it makes me feel alive.

  • Karen Sorenson

    Winter is my favorite Season because even in Winter the beach is warm. The Tourists go away and you and find treasure galore on the shore. The beach becomes quiet and laid back with locals and Canadians, whom I adore. Prices are slashed in 1/2 and Snow Birding is such fun.

  • Kent Tayler

    Spring, because it feels like everything is beginning anew again.

  • Christina Venticinque

    Autumn. I look forward to cooler temperatures and observing nature’s changes as we prepare for our winter period of rest.

  • melissa piggott

    Spring and summer…. I always feel more inspired and achieve more in these seasons… I know that could be a mind game but I love the smell of a hot summers day, the ocean when I dive in and wash away any negativity… best feeling in the world. I’m from Australia and currently living in nz but can not wait to get back to Australia for this reason in itself.
    Happy day everyone

  • melissa piggott

    Totally agree

  • Christine Hauray-gilbert

    I look forward to Summer. The cold Winter months and gray landscape seem never-ending. Summer brings colors, butterflies, everything comes alive, people smile more and go out a lot. We don’t have to wear so many layers. It’s brings feelings of freedom and optimism.

  • Lisa Smith-Albidrez

    My favorite season is spring. I love the feeling of the cold winter air coming to a close and the fresh smell of flowers being in bloom. The outside temperature is almost perfect everyday; especially, here in Las Vegas. I get so excited and energy filled by enjoying this season, every year!:^)

  • Maria

    I’ve come to fall in love with Fall. I recently moved to Texas and miss the cool fall evenings that can be spent with friends by a fire and hearing the crunching of leaves beneath each step. The colors surrounding you couldn’t be prettier and it automatically brings a smile to my face!

  • My favorite season is winter, which most people find strange. But I find it comforting. Snow outside, hot chocolate inside. The barrenness of trees and shrubs, the cold, crisp air, the smell of rot and decay, the soft breezes tossing crumbling leaves around. The anticipation of the first signs of the coming spring.

  • Melissa

    I’m in love with Fall. Growing up in the hot and humid South, Fall means cooler and drier temps are coming and I can enjoy outside a little more. I love the colors, especially in the mountains; I love the crispness in the air; I love the fire pits, the gathering of friends and family around said fires. I love the hot chocolate and being able to wear hoodies again. What isn’t there to love about Fall.

  • Vivian

    I love winter. I love that its when my birthday comes around. I love the rain outside and wearing all the warm layers when you get out of the house. I love all the warm homely foods the best.

  • Jill

    My favorite season is Autumn. I love walking in the brisk Fall air after a hot humid summer and allowing the cool breeze to invigorate me. Watching the little animals scurrying about gathering their winter stores is so soothing. And absolutely nothing compares to the colidescope of Autumn colors.

  • Spencer H

    Fall is my favorite season. Memories of going off to school after a lung summer break, bring me back to an idyllic time in childhood. The colors of the soon-to-be slumbering leaves catapult me to the “now”; a now in which I often find my tent facing a red orange covered peak, the beauty of which is almost a spiritual experience. Sitting by a fire in my comfy cozy fleece with warm woolen toes has an almost Prozac-like effect on me, winding me down from what was usually a busy Summer. The smell of the new fallen leaves as they cartwheel across the ground in small wind-blown waves reminds to that, like me, nature too needs its rest.

  • Christina

    I love each season for their own reasons. But I am partial to the winter because 1.) My birthday’s in January 1.) I loved being off from school during the wintertime, especially those random snowdays. 3.) SNOW!!! 4.) Christmas <3 5.) NYE (basically a whole bunch of celebration going on this time of year 🙂 )

  • Maureen Warner

    My favorite season is winter. My fondest childhood memories are from Christmas. With Christmas just around the corner, winter really feels like the most wonderful time of the year to me, so winter brings me feelings of love and peace.

  • Kelly Hawkins

    I live in Florida and absolutely love Winter when my family comes down and stays. My grandparents are here year around and this is the time when they are surrounded by their family and friends and that makes my heart smile knowing they are happy!

  • Jen

    Autumn. I think all teachers feel the whirl of excitement in the first few weeks of September. It feels like I have the opportunity to make everything right. There’s hope. The air has a unique crispness and a sharp, welcoming smell. The sun is hot but the gentle breezes are cool and soothing. The world feels happy and encouraging. It s my favorite time of the year.

  • Susan Hanson

    Summer. I love the heat, baking in the sun on the shore. Flowers in bloom everywhere. Fresh fruit and vegetables in abundance. Sitting on patios until late at night enjoying the company of family and friends.

  • Gillian

    I like fall best because there is a certain melancholy bittersweetness to the air and energy that I have loved since childhood. When I was growing up in the southwest, fall brought beautiful cool days and quiet evenings that had a certain softness, giving me a lot of peace and serenity. Seeing the leaves in the trees up in the mountains change from gold to orange to red was a wonderful way to ease into the season. I loved the excuse to wear a cozy sweater, and the changes and passing away of the former always promoted some good introspection about life in general.

  • Becky Friesen

    my favourite season is spring, I like spring cleaning, and opening the windows and letting the breeze into the house after winter.

  • Sarah

    I love everything about the change of the seasons in spring. Seeing the first little green shoots pop out of the ground, a symbol of the beautiful flowers to come is so exciting and refreshing after the cold winter months. I also love rainy days and how they nourish the earth to bring forth all the new life. The blooming of the trees just makes it such a lovely time.


    Hii all,
    My favourite season is winters. It brings a lot of good food and healthy stuff. Winters are also blessed with beautiful sunbathing sessions with family. I enjoy every bit of it. Warm clothes, cosy siblings, hot coffee. What else one needs?

  • Gabriela

    I Love Spring! Everything comes to life : burst of energy, joy and music ! Flowers blossoming, trees getting green, birds singing, so many colours and people smiling ! Exhilarating 🙂 🙂 <3

  • Heather Jamieson

    I love summer because it reminds me of the best two years of my life living with my grandparents. We would play all day running with the dogs in the woods and creek, we would spend the evenings helping to prep all the veggies for canning(snapping green beans and dicing tomatoes), we would lay on the floor by the box fan watching “Dolly” with my Nanny, and then head to bed to lay by the open window to listen to the crickets and frogs sing their beautiful lullaby as we drifted off to sleep. The sounds of summer are so wonderfully calming, the crickets, the frogs, the birds, the rain, the storms, children’s laughter as they play outside. They are all the perfect background to love by. I wish I could bottle that feeling and crack it open during the winter to help me get through the cold and the darkness.

  • Lori C

    Autumn. Aside from the splendor of colorful leaves, the crisp breeze and the smell of wood fires in the air, autumn is a hint of what’s to come. A time to slow down from the busyness of spring and gives us the opportunity to be grateful for the abundance that summer provided. It’s a time for reflection and preparation to journey inward for the winter.

  • Barbara Polidore

    Summer is my favorite season because I love the warm weather and wearing sandals.

  • Melinda Ohlsson

    I love spring as it is a season of renewel. It makes me feel that everything is given a rebirth each year. If things aren’t going the way I would like in life in spring I feel like there is a way to make changes.

  • Dawn Makarowski

    I grew up on a farm and having to get the crop off in time is always a gamble with the weather, so farmers will (almost) literally live on the field. I used to take warm plates of dinner for my now-passed dad. Together we’d eat in silence as he re-fuelled his body. I’d take this over a 5 star meal any day. The dust, the fall colours, the sound of machinery, unspoken love between us, joining him in the combine as I ‘drove’. How exciting! My favourite childhood memory.
    I also love the fall foliage as the colours change. Like a snake loses its old skin, autumn calls for new beginnings.

  • Karen Clark Ellis

    Autumn is my favorite season! I love the clear days and crisp, cool nights. The changing colors of the leaves, hoodies, bonfires and turning inward for the long winter sleep make me happy. This season ushers in the holidays, from Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas and welcoming another new year, it is a time of love, family, fun and memories. 🙂

  • Deana Rose

    My favorite season is Autumn because it’s so hot where I live and the summers can be very uncomfortable. I like when the air is less humid, and when it starts to feel cooler. It just makes me so happy!

  • Jennifer Houghton

    My Favorite season is Fall, The serenity and sense of peace it brings to my life is amazing. I will also be getting married in the fall :).

  • Sabina Kay

    My favorite season is summer ….with all the new flourishing growth, the extra warm sun … I was born and raised in Tucson,Az I know this all too well! Where the sunshine is abundant and always feels good to my skin. My birthday is in the summer and reminds me of being a kid on summer break, long days of swimming with friends and just a season to relax and be myself. So I’m grateful for the other three seasons because I know spring leads to summer and the others are for rest and anticipation of summer!!

    Sabina K Martin

  • Jessica Bartolotti

    My favorite season is Winter. With Winter comes the holidays and fond memories of Christmas and childhood. Shiny wrapped presents under the brightly lit tree…oh what surprises await inside! My husband and I love to decorate the entire inside and outside of the house for our children and to make wonderful memories for our children. Evening trips around the neighborhood, bundled up in warm clothes and sipping hot chocolate, viewing the colorful lights on neighborhood houses. Feel the cold air on our faces as we huddle together, the four of us, enjoying the wonders of Winter.

  • Christina Psarrou

    My favorite season is Spring. Nature is reborn and blooming at that time of the tear and it reminds me that us, humans, can also change to a better self even if we come from a frozen winter. Thank you all for this nice community!!

  • Marc Holmes

    I find joy in every season. The buds of spring remind me of renewal, while I crave the rays of the sun in summer at the beach. Because I work in an academic environment, fall is a time for beginnings while the trees shed their leaves. Then in winter, I just need a little snow to make me want to play.

  • Amy

    Winter all the way!! I love it because of the stillness the snowfall always brings…the warmth and coziness of staying home, the silent darkness outside, the snuggling warmth of the fire….everything about winter I love!

  • R

    I would have to say Winter. Winter has a meditation about it. All the tress, plants, ground, animals etc. are settling in for a portion of time where they reflect. If it snows, the snow blankets all the sounds that a regular city experiences daily, and things that were unseen before become seen. I’ve watched nature just going with the ebbs and flows of each day, taking it so effortlessly. Park benches, parks and beaches empty, but in a calm and peaceful way. However, the reason I see this is because I’m fortunate enough to have a roof over my head and I’m able to feed myself with nourishing food. If I were in different shoes I’m not sure I would find Winter as enjoyable. I often think about others during Winter time, and often send blessings out into the world in hopes it can reach someone who needs it, so without Winter I might not be as aware of my own blessings.

  • Colleen

    I love fall the most as the brilliance of nature explodes as a feast for my eyes. The breeze wafts woodsy scents and feels good on my face. It is a time for of complete beauty and contemplation .

  • I love autumn. It is my birth cycle and I feel a kinship with the cooling change of season into a more reflective, preparation time of year which reflects my nature.

  • Jo

    I love the spring and the hope of the new season as the first brave flowers push their way through the cold ground to find the sun. Magical every time.

  • Nish Nishimura

    All seasons are beautiful to me and I look forward to each, but I would say Winter is my favorite as it is a time when I feel the most gratitude. The previous seasons have been a time of change,starting new goals and completing challenges and learning lessons. Winter becomes the time of rest and reflection. A time of going within and understanding the messages from the events that have happened earlier.

  • Gregory Sneed

    Fall because I just love the crispness in the air. It envigorates me and motivates me to keep giving 110%. It is also the season of my mothers birthday who has not been with me for 17 years now. Miss her but my memories of her comfort me.

  • Lebogang Baletloa

    I like all four seasons but for health sake I like summer the best because im active I eat more fruits, exercise and gym, interact,socialize and drink more water not forgetting that during summer chances of me getting to work late decrease because I don’t have trouble getting out of bed quite as often the other three seasons.

  • Kathie Thoming

    Spring always feels like new beginnings, fresh start, beautiful colors, and newness to life! Autumn has the feeling of warmth, family, beautiful colors, and a sense of closure. Both of these seasons are my favorites!

  • Jenny

    I have always connected with the 4 seasons because I feel one symbolizes the time to shed our souls of clutter and sadness and another that reminds us its time for renewal. For example: Fall or Autumn is a season when colors get warmer and then die and fall of to prepare for a new season. I like to sit quietly on Fall days watching the leaves fall from the trees and bushes. Then I take the time to let go of all the clutter inside my soul that I need to let go of.

  • Tami Rush

    My favorite season is summer. It brings back fond memories of my mom (lost her this past October) and spending long, hot days at the swimming pool, staying up late eating Popsicles. I miss her terribly.

  • Fall. I love the colors of fall, the cooling of the temperatures and nature preparing for deep peace and silence of winter. It’s a time to regroup from the beginning of the year and see where I’ve been in life. It’s a time of great reflection and meditation as I go into hibernation from the busyness of life in general. A time to retune and a time to be grateful for the year of life that was given to me. I take great joy in the fall. I spend time in nature taking photos and writing new piano music around it. Grateful, reflective and emotion, is what this time of year brings to me. 🙂

  • Katie Pedigo

    My favorite season is absolutely Fall. I love the crisp fall air, the changing colors in the leaves, and the FOOD. Some of my favorite activities of the year take place in the fall, and football gets back in the swing of things. Fall always seems too short, but that’s probably because I love it so much.

  • Your Computer

    Winter, cause Im in Florida.
    Its getting hotter. This year no frost in central. Gardens stop growing in summer.
    The sun used to be yellow now its white. Lol
    Fruit trees bare nothing or very little. This coming from Tina, 96 year old neighbor and gardner. So, since i love the outdoors winter is good to me.

  • DJ Harper

    Fall is my favorite time… spring runs a very close second! It must have something to do with the changing colors in the plant life, and also the color of light! The air smells are amazing too! Tjank you!

  • David Pace

    Spring is my favorite. Less rain, more green, warm but not hot
    Thanks Lori!

  • Samantha Dickson Draganac

    Fall would be my favorite Season ( although each one holds something special for me) because for me Fall represents New beginnings and change in the most colorful way 🙂

  • Cat D T

    My favorite season is Spring! It gives me a sense of renewal and hope. A clean slate. So refreshing after months of cold and dreary winters around here.

  • Laura Walkingstick

    My favorite season is Fall. I love to feel the air become cool and the air is crisp. I love the smells in the air of firewood burning in the distance and the woodsy smells of fallen leaves. My ideal day is having a cup of coffee and sitting on a porch listening to the birds. I feel alive during this season.

  • Sabrina crow

    Autum and the different colors and the refreshing weather of course has its specialties 🙂

  • Kathy

    My favorite season is spring. I especially love to see the beautiful almond blossoms that turn vast acres of trees into a beautiful pink carpet.

  • JB1991

    My favorite season would have to be, New Beginning. Sometimes the universe may challenge you or parts of you, which brings different situations in your life that leads to new journeys.Rather it be you loosing a loved one, getting over a relationship or starting a new job. Those times are hard but its a fresh start. New ideas, new seeds to sow and benefit form. New Beginning,Renewed Mind.

  • Sian Marie Hughes

    I do love winter the best, I’m always warm so I enjoy feeling the cold air and weather, also brings back comforts of childhood like looking forward to Christmas time, now I have a son I look forward to our winter fun together like pretty fireworks on bonfire night, dressing up together for Halloween and of course waking up together on Christmas morning and enjoying these moments with each other. I also love snow it’s so beautiful and there’s nothing more relaxing to me than the sound of rain

  • Chi Sherman

    My favorite is fall. I just love breathing cooler air/not being overheated and being able to snuggy down in a jacket at night. 🙂

  • Laura Metcalf

    Spring. Fall is beautiful, but spring means the dark days are almost over and it will be warm soon!

  • Matthew Meinert

    I love the spring. The warmth, growth, vibrant colors and smells. It reminds me of impermanence and the ever changing cycle of death and rebirth.

  • Kim Truong

    I love fall because of colorful leaves, and the weather is neither too cold or hot.

  • Rachel Winters

    My favorite season is fall. There’s nothing I love more than waking up in late September/early October to the first hints of crisp autumn coolness in the air. Throw in the changing landscape, fall produce (apples, pumpkins, etc.), football, Halloween and the quickly approaching holiday season, and there is seriously nothing more comforting than fall to me.

  • Amelia Lucille Goodall

    My favorite season would have to be summer because I get to spend more time with my youngest child. We live close to the beach and many other natural wonders. Nothing better than getting to share and see those things through the eyes of an almost 8 yr. old.

  • Lori Craven

    My favorite season is actually a tie between Autumn & Spring. Autumn, because of how beautiful the colors are, the fall bounty we’ve waited 3 seasons for, and the activities centered around celebrating creativity & gratitude. Spring, because the world is emerging from its long winter’s nap ♡

  • rac rac

    I love fall: the colors, the blue sky, the food and the beginning of gatherings!

  • Cindy Gericke

    Love summer with the kids home, no need to be somewhere by 8am. I work, so gotta be there by 9 but that extra hour to enjoy breakfast or coffee and the mad morning rush out the door sets a great tone for the rest of the day

  • Theresa Anne

    Spring is my favorite time of year, watching everything start to bloom, seeing the gorgeous flowers start to come out to play. I love the way spring smells, earthy and brand new. I like to think of all the new life that is creating new vibrations in our world. I also really like Autumn as well, it is also earthy smelling with the rotting of the fallen leaves, reminds me to do give away ceremonies, to let go of the collection of outgrown things that have accumulated over the course of the year.

  • k9cancer

    I love Fall. It’s cool, breezy and allows a person to actually go outside and enjoy fresh air. The sounds of birds, dogs barking, wind blowing just seem to be clearer and more comforting. Long walks are comfortable and my dogs can go with me without worry of the heat from summer or the rain. I also love fall because the best holidays fall in that time period. Memories come rushing back during fall days of the excitement of starting school, meeting new friends, going Hallowing. It all is so full of such great memories, great times and the start of great holidays

  • Lisa Strykowski Belfiore

    I love summer. Coffee on the deck in the morning with the sunlight filtering through the leaves; backyard campfires with the family; rejuvenating my soul in the ocean; warm, late-night walks…the season when memories are made!

  • raynemaeker50

    It used to be summer when I was younger. School was out..complete freedom! When I got married and had children, it changed to winter..The joy of participating in the holidays with my children and wife! Now as an older man…Spring. The harsh winter weather gives way to getting outdoors and seeing friends and visiting with the neighbors who are getting out, doing yard work.

  • Kathryn

    Summer is truly my favorite time of the year for so many reasons. A break from school is the first reason that comes to mind. I love having the freedom to read whatever books I choose all summer long. Maybe it’s just because my birthday is in July and I’m a cancer, but the summertime is when I thrive and seem to be most happy. I love spending time at the beach, watching sunsets, eating ice cream, tie-dying, and hiking, among many other activities that are so much more enjoyable in the summer. Not only that, but I have so much more free time to spend with family and friends with not a care in the world. Nothing compares to sitting on my deck overlooking the pool, enjoying a cup of coffee on a cool summer morning.

  • Sarah W

    Summer is my favorite season.
    I really like the sunshine and summer thunderstorms!

  • Delly Bee

    Autumn. Colours. Smells. Bonfires.fireworks.halloween. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Amanda Taylor

    I like spring best, especially after a cold, dark winter. It’s a new beginning, a new start to everything. Open windows and doors, plants sprouting and more time outdoors!

  • Gayle Peterson

    Everyone seems frisky, even if they haven’t been confined because of freezing temps. It’s a smell and feeling in the air of new beginnings, birth and rebirth, gardens and baby animals Spring always makes me feel like Road Trip!!!

  • Sarah chamberlain

    I love spring the best. Everything is waking up and color is coming back.

  • Leslie Killeen

    Winter is my favorite season. It allows me to slowdown and reflect. It lets me go into a dormancy where I can look back at the past year and reflect and look ahead to new beginnings in the Spring. A caterpillar cocooning in winter to be reborn as a butterfly. It helps me feel hopeful. I know for new things to come about old things must pass on and this is the time to do this

  • Trudi Saxton

    Spring i think, early bulbs peeping through, tiny, brand new and perfect leaves on trees, without fail. I find nature so reassuring

  • Shannon

    I love Winter. It covers the land in a soft coat of white sparkling diamonds and makes everything look magical and postcard perfect.

  • Annie Hill

    My favourite season is spring, spring, spring! After the cold, dark Canadian winter, there’s nothing like the first sit outside with the sun beaming down on you as you dream about the garden to come.

  • lilknaap

    Isn’t there something for us in all the seasons. The fluffy white sheet of snow covering the rusty wooden bench during winters, the spring time when the first green bud makes its presence felt, the summer season which brings out the best in us, the smell of soil when it rains for the first time, the melancholic feeling of the autumn season. The cycle of nature resonates with the cycle of my life. I love my planet!

  • Jennifer Owens

    My favorite season is Spring because it is the time of year I rescued my dog 8 years ago. We also both celebrate our birthdays in the Spring. Thanks!

  • Cheree’ Philip

    That is a very difficult question,since I love the beauty and difference that each season brings. If I have to say my favorite season, I would say the fall. I love the fall and look forward to it every year because of the cool,crisp air, the bright colors the leaves transform into,it triggers the transformation inside myself, i sense the spirit of going inwards, and warm toasty nights by the fire, warm soft sweaters,and cups of hot tea or coco.

  • Dottie Stahlman Ahl

    My favorite season is Autumn. I have always loved school, and have worked in the field of education for 34 years. Autumn to me, is a time of renewal, a time of new opportunities, and new experiences associated with a new school year! I love how the colors of the leaves change to such bright and beautiful colors. As autumn progresses I find my self looking forward to the quietness of the coming winter.

  • Pari Gilmour

    MyfavouriteSeason is summer because I love the extra hours of sunshine and the hot weather

  • Dianne Kammerlock

    Favourite Season? Is the Sun out? Then that’s it, the time goes too fast but Summer would be great for me☀️

  • Farrah

    Fall is my favorite season!
    Love all the colors when leaves are changing and the weather is perfect!!

  • Les Roy

    My fav season is spring. After enduring the gloom of winter it is uplifting to see all the spring brings. Also the realization that there are many wonderful months ahead before the next winter.

  • Katrin Hapunkt

    I like every season. Spring, because everything is new and looks so freshly. Summer, because you can walk barfooted-sometimes. Autumn, because of the colours and the light. Winter, because I like the feeling of the cold wind on my face and the snow-if I’m lucky and it actually snows here.

  • Keri Olson

    Spring is my favorite season. Living in Wisconsin where we often feel the stark harshness of winter, spring is the season of hope and renewal. The many gentle shades of green lure me back outdoors. As spring unfolds, I become new, too.

  • Nina

    My favorite season is fall. The air i so crispy and clear, the colours in nature are so beautiful, and the light here up North, I live in Norway are so amazing in autum.
    I really cherish those warm days in the autum, and they give a little extra to keep up the spirit in the cold and hard winter we have.

  • Laura

    My favorite isn’t a season but the transition between summer and fall. I love how the heat of summer turns to the crispness of fall. I love to see the Earth and her plants change colors from vibrant greens to vibrant oranges, reds, and yellows. I love to hear the wind blowing through those plants as they tingle from their dryness, but always knowing that the cycle will come again. I love to see the birds flying in the sky as they head to warmer temperatures. Summer to fall brings cools the earth, and I just love it.

  • Di Farmer

    My favourite season is spring. I love the cherry blossom trees and have just started looking at art journaling so would love a chance to win so that I can start creating along with my meditation practice. Thank you

  • Marc Sacconi

    Fall is my favorite season because of; the cool air, football season, memories of school starting, leaves turning, the smell, baseball playoffs, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and my birthday.

  • laiglenoir

    Spring is awesome, lengthening days, warming temperatures, greenness slowly covering everything, bright colors & the lovely scents of flowers, its like a daily adventure seeing what bit of loveliness will happen on that day.

  • Alice Chen

    In California, we do not have many seasons but there is one season that I look forward to the most and that is autumn. In light of the crisp air and nature shedding itself, it produces the most vibrant and magnificent colors that shows beauty even in the cooler and darker season. It inspires me to look inward and appreciate all the gifts of life, especially when nature decides to give one last shot at showing it’s absolute best before it withers away, hibernates and eventually starts anew.

  • Muz

    Spring … the air is sweet, the wind warm, outdoor activities abound, the promise of new growth and the awakening of one’s soul …

  • Jo Hector

    I am blessed to live in the UK, where each of our seasons are definite and beautiful in their own way. If I had to pick a favourite, I would go for the illusive British summer; there is nothing more beautiful than the contrast between the bluest of skies and the greenest of hills setting the backdrop for the the abundance of colour that emerges in the height of the season. Our ‘summers’ may be short lived, but that just makes them all the more worthy of gratitude 🙂

  • dolby dubrow

    My favorite season is Fall, I love the crisp air and the beginning of the Highway to Hell of holidays. I love the challenge of staying centered when everything and everyone else is falling apart because of the quickstep to the New Year! It gives me an appreciation of what it really means to slow down, breathe while everyone else is holding their breath. I create space for myself and others. Fall is my grounding.

  • Kimberly Hart

    I love Spring because the air is soft and warm and the bluebirds return.

  • Kristen Gerzin

    My favorite season has just begun. I love the summer season in Minnesota. The vibrant flowers, the many festivals that occur throughout the twin cities, spending weekends outdoors on the patio with friends, going to cabins, heading up north to spend time with family, boating, sunshine. It just brings so much joy and activities for the family.

  • Tidy Simple Life

    Fall is my favorite season. The air turns a little cooler and it’s the ushering in of the holiday season. I love the colors of the leaves and the slower pace that comes with letting go of the summer heat and yard work.

  • Candy Medrano

    Spring! Warmer weather, lovely blooms and marks the end of winter. Thank you for your generosity

  • Kadie Coverstone

    Fall is my favorite season for many reasons. I love the feeling of renewal- the changing colors, the crisp air… I also love Halloween and taking my niece trick-or-treating. This year I’m especially excited for Fall because I’ll be celebrating my first wedding anniversary! ❤

  • Sylvia Tarraran

    Summer, to be able to swim in the beautiful, calming and cleansing ocean, to walk on the fine soft sand and rest in the sun or shade on the sand feeling the beauty of the earth.

  • Anne Jones

    Fall is my favorite time of year. I’m 52 and I cherish a memory of walking to school in kindergarten (walking?! And alone?!? And at Age 5

  • Whitney

    Spring is my favorite season because I love when the days start to get longer, the flowers begin to bloom, the grass turns green, and the sun shines a little warmer on my face. It generates a feeling of hope and joy inside of me.

  • Edyie Pedi

    I love the season we are ‘in’… most favorite SUMMER……freedom outdoors, freedom with light clothing, freedom with making eating meals…fresh garden vegetables, salads and fruits. The aliveness of the parks and forest –ocean
    with animals…dogs, squirrels, birds. Once the cold…brrrh weather changes…the OUTDOORS!!!

  • Ximena MB

    Spring!! It bring me hope and sunshine!

  • Mikeila Cebedo

    Summer is my favourite season because I love to feel like a flower and bask in the sunlight all day.

  • Kimberly Adams

    Definitely summer. I love the glorious feeling of the sun on my skin. Or the smell of the beach. Or just floating in the water. I love sharing these sensations with first my children and now my grandchildren. The sights and sounds and smells of summer remind me that I’m alive.

  • Nikki White Hoffman

    My favorite season is winter.I love the snow and crisp cool air . The holidays can be stressful sometimes but love the good times with friends and family. It seems as though people are all in good moods at this time of year.

  • Lauren

    Autumn is without a doubt my favourite, the air is cooler after a long hot South African summer. Perfect for outdoor runs!

  • janet

    Spring is my favourite season. I love the colours and all the signs of new life that signal the end of winter and the coming of summer.

  • dz

    spring ….. the opportunity every year to be reborn

  • Tom Hosmanek

    Fall. I like the colors of nature and the clear, crisp air outside!

  • Robert Jones

    Summer, because it provides me with no weather excuses to get outside and explore nature and be grateful for everything I have

  • beth casey

    i look forward to fall everything slows down and i like the leaves

  • simon

    My favourite season is summer!
    Living in the uk we don’t get much sun but when we do we love it, doors and windows are open in the house to get the fresh air in, me and the kids playing in the garden or park, seeing others enjoying the sun and life in the park is relaxing. and friends coming other and having bbqs.
    I could go on with a list of why summer is my favourite but I will end it there!

  • Stacey Bradford

    summer! I love being able to get outside!

  • Stacey Bradford
  • Faeridream

    My favorite season would have to be fall for multiple reasons. I have chronic autoimmune dysfunction and the weather affects me a LOT. I’m almost always hot but am very sensitive to the touch when it comes to cold. I love beautiful sweater weather with a gentle breeze. I’m also often stuck in bed, sick, so I enjoy looking out the windows and seeing the beauty of the changing colors & falling leaves that come along with the fall!

  • Mike Donovan Hausler

    My favorite season is summer. A time to explore outside and enjoy all of what nature has to offer.

  • natureguided

    My favorite season is late fall, here at Yosemite, because the air cools down (there’s a chill and crispness in the air), and the crowds go away so the trails are much more enjoyable. Oh, and the leaves start changing which I find comforting…

  • Megan R

    Well I feel kind of silly…this is such a seemingly simple and common question, yet I can’t seem to decide what my favorite season is. For me, I love them all! I think my favorite part of changing seasons is that first glimpse of change, both literally and metaphorically. I love the feeling on a crisp fall day after a long hot summer that brings me back to the first day of school as a kid, or first snowfall of the year when you curl up with a hot cup of tea and decide to neglect all responsibility (maybe that’s just me), or my personal favorite, when chilly spring days begin to get warmer and before it’s appropriate, you make the executive decision to break out shorts on the first slightly warm day and just rock the whitest/purplish, most unattractive legs with the confidence of a damn rockstar. Why? Literally just because it’s the first slightly warm day of the year and they hell not? I think people notice the little things more when we perceive or see our environment changing, and I love that 🙂 I love the feeling it gives me and I love watching other people appreciate the little things that typically pass us by. But, I guess if I HAD to chose, I’d chose winter because there’s something about snowboarding that makes my heart feel like it’s free as a bird and I love that…my only hesitation is I hate being cold, but I guess there’s always something, right? 🙂

  • donya9

    The season I enjoy most is SPRING !!! The beauty of new plants bursting to life, grass popping green full of color and the radiance of the sun spreading from every corner, gives me a renewed feeling. I find, these little things bring a smile to my being, both internally and externally !!! What a wonderful world we live in !!!

  • Trish Chasity

    I w3ill give it a shot even though at times I may be even sad and blue with worry and over coming depression. I always look forward to Spring because not only my birthday is arounfd that time but it is great to know that With new things sprouting and growing my life can and will get better with time no matter what I am facing. Sounds cheesy and most people will not believe it but to me that is so true.. I love Fall and Winter too only because When I walk the streets of my city , I have my pea coat and have my cup of mocha and I am traveling around from place to place while listening to my favorite band U2. Again, yeah sounds cheesy but I love it.