March by Anna Shelley

March is my favorite track to date, and it is a procession of all the elements of the self, as it marches forth into being. All of our emotions, our memories, our personality traits, our talents, our intuition—our multifaceted self that comes together to form the magic that we are here on Earth.

Conceptual in thought process, I do better conveying via sound frequencies than words. As with all my pieces, this is improvised in one take. I set the intention of what my soul wishes to convey, and the music plays itself.

About Anna Shelley

Anna Shelley is a musician, artist, and muse based in Melbourne, Australia. She spends her time expressing her soul in weird and wonderfully creative ways. Go straight to her latest music, meditations, and musings, over here: AnnaShelley.com/oh-hai and visit her on Instagram here.

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