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    Dear Vida,

    thank you for your prompt reply and kind words and wishes –  I find it really supportive. Unfortunately, I haven’t found any solution but leave everything as it is. He is there, with his family. I have left that city and now there are more than 4 000 miles between us. We are both trying to adjust to the situation. What does the distance mean for the beating loving heart? Nothing. We both are silent, trying to hide the truth deep inside our minds and hearts. Maybe just more time needed, I don’t’ know.

    Vida, I completely agree with your idea of having that spark, love, and connection. I am 34 now and I have gone through 2 divorces by the present time bcz didn’t pay much attention to the abovementioned things. On the other hand, life is not perfect and we are not perfect as well…on the other hand, choosing the wrong person, or starting the relationships with the wrong motivation, can easily turn your life into hell.

    Please, hold on. By the way, in our society is the same idea –  if you are mature enough and out of  “marriageable age” (smth between 22 and 28) it means smth wrong with you ( I prefer thinking that smth wrong with them 🙂 ) So I do understand quite well what you are talking about.

    Please, hold on. Thank you for your support one more time.


    Hi Vida.
    By chance, I have found your topic and your message about arranged marriage. Hope, you have found the proper solution and you are fine now.
    Just to share my own experience concerning arranged marriage: this year I have fall in love with the Indian guy from a traditional family.
    Our short passionate affair turned into complete hell for both of us – once we understood that even the fact that we were badly (and mutually) in love with each other, understanding each other with no words, ready to spend a whole life beside each other, sharing the same life values and interests etc. etc., despite all these things which are considered to be the rock-hard ground for long-term and successful relationships, there is nothing to do bcz he has already gone through arranged marriage a year before. Nothing can be changed –  the culture and family do not accept the idea of divorce even though they live separately (in different cities).  Too many consequences to overcome…No hope, no solution. Two broken hearts.
    My story has no happy end. Arranged marriage without sincere feelings – brings suffers and pain.
    Hope u are luckier.
    P.S. sorry for my English language, it is not my native one

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)