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    Hello Tannhauser,

    Though its little late, if you are still stuck I will advice you to do certain things. As I have also been going to Kundalini crisis from 2015 , I know what you mean up. I will give in points and reasons too. First reasons.

    it doesn’t matters what faith you are Nature is universal thing. Yogic Technics are like technology, remember its not religion. Religion is a ruling process of society which enables harmony among people for a better life. Spirituality is the way of Yogis, who focus on Enlightenment. Its a process of many lives.

    A cording to yogic ways, we have 5 bodies. The outer body is Food Body. Which we accumulate with food. Or so to say 5 elements. When we die we leave the 5th ( food body) and carry the 4 bodies with us.

    Kundalini activates either by yogic practice or by some actions or merit of previous life. Kundalini basically purifies and gives us broader view in line with nature it is said. And according to my own experience its true.

    I wont say I have been through it yet. But after these years what I learn is that , like many doctors , people say about it like being a psychological issue, I would say they are true but its 1/10th part. Yes everything is psychological. What people don’t know they just name is psychological issue for a better reply. But in a way they are right too, because they speak from their understanding point of view.

    Basically I felt I belonged to 2 world, slowly later I accepted. Its not we don’t have 2 worlds within us but we only realise when Kundalini gives us permission. So basically we have little control at first.

    Now the main point about how to make it simple.

    1) Change your food to Satwic Diet ( search in Ayurveda about Satvic food).

    i would recommend you to be Veg for certain period and see.

    2) If Kundalini symptoms started when you had a relationship breakup..fights.. depression or anything very deep crises. Try to go to root of that emotion. Is it Anger, Jealousy, Hatred, Loss, Blame etc. Each emotion has physical pain in your body. See where and develop good attributes related to that chakra

    3) There are certain centers in body ,but actually they are not in physical body but lets say they are. So first Chakra is in root of spine..its basic quality is Sexual desire. Good quality is Celibacy and good morality.

    2nd Chakra is below Navel ,this chakra is full of good and bad feelings…mostly it is here we all suffer. So the idea is to cultivate good quality. Like for Anger Forgiveness.. Hatred Friendship. Go to the feelings and watch it. When you angry see .. your anger. Dont see reasons see only anger like a movie then you will know. Mostly we react to certain feelings.


    3. If your body gets hot. Bring a bucket full of clean cold water and soak your feet for at least 1 hour a day. I am doing right now ?.

    4. Always eat home cook food. Eat good healthy food. Food makes our 5th body that is our physical body. Conserve our vital energy by not indulging in heavy sexual activity or stress full relationship. See the value of everything not fun.

    5. If you can meditate by looking your breathe once a day just after you woke up.

    6. Start breathing deeply from belly. Learn Alternative breathing technic. Learn Pranayama.

    7. Stay away from angry family memebers , friends or anybody ..just stay away for a while until  youunderstand yourself. Let them win the argument. Do regular checkups, take vitamins especially vitamin d and b12. Let doctor and friends give that psychological lecture, they are caring but its not full story.

    8. Learn to laugh..walk in without books of yogis and accept change as normal life. Kundalini is the biggest eye opener of your own life ..its cleaning process if you go with flow and knowledge..if you fight its hell. Accept first your own mental help too..but know within its a long path to better life. Spiritual life has choosen you to make you better. Those chains of pain we have self imposed will break slowly and its painful.

    Wish you best.

    We make our life ourselves..we again make it hell ourselves. Our body stores everything life after life. We suffer or enjoy it also in life after lives. God has many names.

    Peace Love Truth and Bliss is how you can know he is there. But before that we need to make ourselves able to see that in us. Cleaning and stability is a long process my friend.

    Hope it helps.

    • ? Jai Shamvo
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