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    Hello Anita, My actual name is Lynn. Thanks for your response really appreciate it.

    Reads to me that she wants to find who she wants in this life (and what she wants) because she is doubting that it is you that she wants in her life as a partner. – She told me before she want someone can challenge her, like hard to get something like that. while me someone is don’t like arguing.

    I forgot to mentioned she having a Bipolar II. Every month she is on medication. If not she will having a mood swing. On our first year of relationship I had been through a lots due to her sickness. She had depression (really bad one) I stay and making sure to take care of her until she fine now.

    I think that because she clearly doubts that she wants you to continue to be her partner, and because she is currently in search for a more suitable partner, the way you can get ready for any possibility is to let go of her (instead of leaving it up to her to let go of you). – she said this relationship is bored. No spark, this is why I told her find a way how to fix it. But seem she is not interested.

    There is a well-known saying: “you can’t have your cake and eat it too”- well,  she can (so far): she is keep you hopeful that she will choose you while she is searching for someone else. – I think I couldn’t agree more about this. It’s just a matter of time for me to let her go.

    If she doesn’t find a more suitable partner, maybe then she will be motivated to fix the relationship with you. – Do you believe a quote saying “let it go, if they come back is yours”. Like meant to be. but is hard for me to believe it. Most people who breakup won’t back to their ex.

    One more thing is, I really close with her family. her family treated me so good her mother care for me and even said I’m just like her own daughter. How can I move on when this situation where I stuck to go and stay?

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