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    Ali Shapiro

    Hey David,

    I love how you framed the question because small steps always add up to big results. And, the body does best when it’s homeostasis, whatever that is in the moment, is changed gradually. I am a health coach that helps people with this all the time.

    I think the biggest ticket for people is to start focusing on how food makes them feel. My clients are always judging things whether they are “good” or “bad” or a package says it’s “good” versus seeing the reaction into the body. Adults learn very differently (my Masters is in coaching/adult development) and must learn from real experience and reflection versus “training”, yet most nutritional advice is given to us like we are little kids in school. Focusing on the experience of food does dramatic things for people’s habits!

    So many people turn to outside validation like eating the right amount of calories or if they are losing weight but the motivation has to come from inside like, “I have more energy today” or “My moods are so much more stable.” That also helps people simplify what food work for them. Everyone really is different.

    Great thread!

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