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    LDR’s can be very rewarding, or very hurtful. The emotional input you put in the relationship is way higher than when you’re together everyday. There’s no body language, which is proven to be around 60% of our communication. Words are all you have for the time being. That’s going to take some emotional stress you both have to go through and deal with. You HAVE to understand what that lack of basic communication does to each other.
    You also have to cope with the time apart and to cherish time spent together. You have to build from those short(ish) expierences, because again that’s all you have.

    Also, understand that an LDR provides an additional stress on the relationship; what are we going to do to be together forever? Emigration is a long(think years) and tedious progress, with countless months of waiting for the rights papers and documentation. Depending on which country you’re both from there are additional difficulties that’ll make it harder for either of you to move. And all the while you can only say ‘I love you’ on Skype so much without it being too painful to bear.

    It’s a shitload of emotional and real life investment you’re about to embark on. Sure, once you see each other on the airport again your heart beats twice as fast and you feel alive again. But the imminent future for you two also needs consideration. Is that stressful path worth the journey? Can you wholeheartedly answer that question ‘YES!’? Than I say go for it.

    If not, than I say calm yourself and be your own interviewer.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)