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    Hi Helcat,

    Thank you for replying and your kindness. I am feeling…emotional whiplash.

    In answer to your questions we are both in our 30s but for her I am the most stable person (emotionally, financially, mentally etc) that she has ever dated. I read this thing about how love  manifests in our bodies, and if you think about love (with someone who shows it unconditionally ie normally a parent such as a mother) you just feel a bit of warmth but nothing big. But when you think of love with someone who is unstable it shows up with ‘butterflies’ such which is usually anxiety in the body. I kind of feel like…maybe when she thinks of me she ‘feels nothing’ just like she would with someone stable but cant connect the dots that this is a good thing.


    I saw this video yesterday may i ask if you have some time, do you think it makes sense in your relationship?


    There are so many themes this woman talks about, like feeling like best friends, not crazy passion scary feelings, calm-ness etc. It sounds like everything my ex kind of talked about.

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