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    Hello there,

    I think all the main answers here are great advices . Love yourself and believe that you’re worth it. This doesn’t have anything to do with the fact your father did “his best” at that time. If you have the chance to talk to him, do it, it helps but still you have to do some work to release any anger, forgive and heal .

    It takes time and patience. Do things that you love and start the day with a smile with positive affirmations: Meditation helps, and it can be done in many ways. You have to learn to love yourself and find your inner peace.your balance.

    I can tell you this because even if I had a father in my life, he unfortunately never showed me real affection and despite of being raise in a loving family and even with an overprotected mother, ás a child I got the feeling of being abandoned or without importance to my father because He didn’t pay attention to me as others fathers do with their children.
    He had his own issues and I could understand he didn’t know how to do it better, shame he didn’t try to learn or figure out but in any case i forgive him because i know it’s a feeling not a reality, though the feeling made a big scar in my life which i recognize in my relationships, by mostly giving myself and suppressing most of the time my feelings to don’t hurt others or make them leave me but , who truly loves you and wants to love you will listen to you and will share the time to get to know you BEACUSE EVERY HUMAN IS WORTH OF LOVE. Work on that and don’t compare with others, just cultivate your inner connection with your soul.
    Hope it helps, accept what it was and believe it’s ok and it will be ok.



    Hi Matt,

    Don.t desperate, as they said , your feelings are pretty common, but it.s important that we connect with ourselves and know who we are, learn to love ourselves to feel good and complete even though when alone. otherwise we can.t have healthy relationships. don.t jump into a relationship to don.t feel alone, you have to,learn that it.s ok to be alone and feel good.

    When you feel,better then it.s the time when ready to open to a more intimate relationship, meanwhile, if you feel like to meet new people , take a step everyday, go to places or groups with similar interest and little by little try to say a simple :-hi, how are you- . just be natural .breath and believe you can do it.
    Have a great day and look up the good things and the blessings around you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)