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    Thank you Inky & Samdlb both for your replies, it’s really appreciated just having different input!

    If I can start with yours Inky, I do get the idea of keeping them busy! This is what I meant about keeping her active with sport & also it’s good for the body & mind! She’s not the type of kid to hang around shops after school & she certainly doesn’t see her BF outside of school hours.
    I think that there’s certainly merit in ‘new faces & places’ and we’re in Australia so things are a little different over Summer holidays but I do like your idea of getting involved with charity to assist her with university placements. So thank you!

    Samdlb thank you for your candid response! I do tend to agree in that if it’s swept under the carpet so to speak until she’s at uni it creates an opportunity to have a major blow out.
    You weren’t judging by the jackass comment lol, I agree that his lack of involvement isn’t right & it’s unfortunate because there are so many separated dads out there who fight to see their kids, her Dad has had open access to her & hasn’t taken up on it. Very disappointing. Will take on board the counselling advice & reading material, thank you!

    I guess I thought we were going ok (as in she’s a well mannered & pretty well behaved kid) but I guess it’s when heading into adulthood that things really start to come out.

    Thank you!

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