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    I’m actually going through the same thing with this woman who took it upon herself to judge me and send me abusive messages on Facebook last year which resulted in me threatening her with legal action if she did it again and also the ending of my partner’s long term friendship with her boyfriend (my partner and the guy used to work together)

    I didn’t realise that I was going to be angry with this woman for so long and I still don’t understand why because she was technically nothing to me as I hardly knew her but it was what she said in those messages that took me to a place in my past that I didn’t want to be and it impacted on my mental health and emotional well being for some time….a lot longer than I wanted.

    At the moment I’m pretty much doing number 1 but I have though of doing number 2 who and I have done number 3 many times…

    My partner and I have had a discussion in regards to any future reconciliation that may come up between those people and us and I said to him that if he chooses to rekindle or accept any attempts of friendship from them I would accept and respect that but at the same time that I do not want anything further to do with them on any level again.

    Forgiveness is the key to peace but at the same time it doesn’t necessarily result in healed relationships nor does it mean you should trust or associate with that person again…

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