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    You need to simply accept that you cannot go back and change things. when you let go of constant thinking and judging yourself or your acts; you will be released of these “back lashes”

    what’s said is said, what’s done is done.

    But next time, before you say anything, ask yourself… Is this what you want to say?? Then stick with the first answer that comes to your mind.


    This is great!! We have been taught since childhood to not speak highly of yourself as its considered conceited. But we DO need to know US… our true self. Not in an arrogant way but simply in a self respecting way. So here’s my list…

    1. I Love that I Love to love others.

    2. I Love helping/ taking care of people, and like you Casey, I go above and beyond my own happiness to be there for others.

    3. I have a great sense of humor. I sometimes embarrass myself but I still make people laugh. E.g Recently, my best friends Grand Mother passed away; I asked my friend what should I bring with me. She said “Just a sympathy card” to which i said “Should I put money in it?” We both laughed ( I am truly sorry if I have offended anyone but Life is eternal. It does not end when the body dies)

    4. I can see the good in the most difficult of situation and/or most disgusting of people. (excuse my judgement)

    5. I love to read and grow; I am faced with some very painful moments of my life but I’ve read so much about self forgiveness and gratitude that I am amazed at how much light there is in darkest hours.

    May love and light be with you all


    Dear Brian

    Many times we think that if we love someone, they should love us back. When the truth is… We should fall in love with ourselves so we’re not seeking love from another to begin with. Perhaps this is universes way of teaching you that you need to go inside to seek the answers. Perhaps Universe is working with you and taking people away who do not deserve you.. that’s not to say that they are “bad” people. They are simply not on the path that you are.

    We’re all perfect beings, we’re created with a purpose… So I am sure there is nothing “wrong” with you. Just keep sending out love and compassion out to the Universe and the same will be returned to you in millions. Release all expectations and trust that Universe will send you someone who will love you the way you need to.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)