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    Hi Anita,

    Apologies for not replying before. I am better thank you, how are you? I have thought about the responses and had time to reflect and I realise we were just not compatible, at least not then. I suffered with anxiety and health anxiety and I feel as though he pushed me, because he wanted things his way. More exciting and potentially risking getting into trouble sometimes. Which highly stressed me out. I also did feel like I was being taken for granted and as if  I was being treated like the help or a maid with constantly picking up after him. In my mind it feels like I was doing everything he wanted, wanted to keep him happy and as soon as I let my guard down and started doing things for me and not just keeping it easy for him, he left. My perspective I know, not his. He probably sees me as this moany, boring, frigid girl who made him feel suffocated. But I feel like he didn’t have much respect for me and I can see that now after looking back at old messages.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)