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    1. Incorporate your PASSION into whatever you ultimately decide to do.

    Your passion will lead you to be the best at what you do.
    When you are passionate about something, you care and innovate much more than you would at a job that you find less fulfilling.

    2. Accepting your employment title and everything that comes with it is a CHOICE.

    Every job comes with the basic repetitive tasks that need to be done on a daily basis to keep the company going. Accepting that
    can make your career move a bit easier. The question you should be asking yourself when looking for internships,
    temporary, or permanent employment…is “What part of the job duties description do I LOVE to do?”. “How will what I do make this
    job worthwhile?” If you find yourself at an impasse, it is not worth your time and resources and the employers time and resources.

    3. Analyze your OPPORTUNITIES in a positive light.

    You can build your “dream job” by seeing your opportunities in a positive view. Find out what the company’s mission statement is,
    learn about what the company does for your community / global community. Get involved with and support departmental projects.
    When you are in that type of mindset, opportunities for applying what you know and love will be more readily available.

    Good luck and never give up on your passion!

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