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    Uchiha Madara

    I’m gonna tell you something pretty shocking so you may reject at first what I’m about to say, but please read it all, think about it a bit and then reply.

    Romantic love is not real.
    It’s something society had made up a long time ago, it’s just an illusion we cast upon ourselves.
    In reality society took this feeling of ‘great affection’ and made it holy and special and unique.
    It was done by inexperienced people who felt this ‘great affection’ for the first time and were overwhelmed by it. (people like Romeo & Juliet)
    Always constantly talking about “The one” as if there must only be one person than you can feel like this for.

    Take a moment and think for a few minutes, what is love really?
    The way I see it Love = great affection + great fear
    One can feel great affection toward multiple people, love comes from the fear you will not find another person whom you’d feel affection for.

    I’m telling you this, so you’ll at least logically understand that you can make a new bond
    with a new guy that would be as strong and even stronger than it was with this guy.
    and you’ll feel the same emotion you felt again, this emotion that everyone and their sister made to a religion.

    I know that losing a bond is difficult but you’re future love life is bright, believe in it, it’s true.

    My recommendation for you is to start noticing when you’re thinking about him, and when you do immediately stop and think about something else,
    also make sure to make yourself as occupied as possible this is crucial.
    When you feel the time is right go out and meet new people.

    so Eliza I hope after reading this you now feel super special awesome 🙂

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