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    In the example you give why does accepting that a bad relationship is bad equal staying in the relationship? Once you accept something is what it is it frees you to grow and move on. The opposite is to be in denial that a relationship is bad and stay stuck in it denying the truth and constantly struggling to make the relationship something it isnt. Once you accept it for what it is you can make a choice based on truth.

    Acceptance means not struggling to change something that you can’t change or being stuck in wanting something to be different that can’t be like another person’s behaviour or feelings.

    Accepting that you are jobless doesn’t mean giving up on everything, it means not attaching emotion to it. You could be jobless and angry about it, use alcohol to escape that reality or you can accept that currently you are jobless and put effort into remedying the situation rather than resisting the situation.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)