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    Evie Alexander

    yes, I have felt like that; I intellecttually run thru the litany of reasons to support the “kind and forgiving” response, reaction, thought, but find there
    is a part of me feeling sad, mad, hurt or just WRONG! I have come to see that there are parts of me that long to feel all the “right thoughts”
    and parts of me that just absolutely WONT. I then long to share those parts with a friend of family that would lovingly listen to the “wrong bad thoughts”
    without telling me how wrong that is or preach all the loving kindness I already know!

    when I cannot find this, sadly most of the time, I have to do it for myself.

    I go into those hurting parts and ask them to tell m what’s up. I listen to them, love them, and strive to
    give them what they are seeking; just to be heard and loved anyway. I tell these parts I understand why they feel whatever they feel and let them know it is ok.

    I KNOW now that this is ok, and that in alowing these feelings to be healed I can
    get to the stronger part of me that I allow to reign; the loving, forgiving self who I choose to give the ultimate power!

    I no longer fear they will be allowed to run rampant and over ride the higher parts of myself I gave to love. I can let them be heard
    and trust Love will win.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)