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    Right now I’m still betwixt & between in regards to telling her. In recent weeks she’s declined my invitations to go out, both times saying she’s busy, or it isn’t a good time. This week she did say maybe next week, but I’m still unsure if I keep persisting. When I do see her (at her work) she does give me attention, and we chat very freely. Though the fact that she uses the “I’m busy” line when I ask her out, and the very rare messages I send her go unresponded just leave me wondering if she’s trying to hint something. But then if that was the case, I would expect her to be much more closed off when I see her in person too. Part of me wonders if she just wants space, and that perhaps it would be best not to push things at this stage.

    I suppose at this stage, I have two choices. Let her go, leave her & if she would like to see me before she leaves then she can. Or, keep trying, and tell her if I can (either in person, or in a letter) but not expect anything to come from the situation.

    There another option, of letting her go, and seeing her (if I see her) in the country she’s going to. It’s my home country & do plan to make two visits there during the time she’ll be there. I’m trying not to get too far ahead of myself, to remain mindful, but that is another possibility I suppose.

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