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    I have to give special thanks to John for posting the link to the video. This explains SOOOO much to me. Like others here I’ve been on the other side of your issue. For me the addiction has carried a very heavy cost. I’ve ruined what could have been a happy 20 year marriage, I largely ignored my children through their best years growing up, and I suffered for years with depression and anxiety, and so many other negative side effects.

    While in the midst of this addiction I was completely unaware of the phyisical and mental changes happening to me. If someone had confronted me I too would have denied any “problem” and blamed my symptoms/issues on other causes while, as the video suggests, my libido went into the basement and I increasing neglected my wife. In the end it took her having an affair to snap me out of it and realize what I’d done (and by then it was too late).

    The last eight months of recovery and trying unsuccessfully to keep my marriage and family together has been the most challenging and painful time in my life and yet I’ve also seen the rebirth talked about in the video.Since quitting watching porn I’ve lost 30 pounds, I am in the best shape of my life, I feel 15 years younger, my libido has never been higher, my thinking and mental state is sharper than ever, I carry more confidence at work, and on and on. As I mentioned I could never have known how much this had affected me and until watching the video I didn’t really understand my “recovery” either.

    Have your boyfriend watch the video and quit before it is too late and the damage is too great. If he won’t quit you can predict where this goes and what you have to look forward to if you stay with him. Like others I’m not anti-porn now but I’m living the example of what happens when it goes overboard and my suffering has been huge.

    Hope this helps….

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