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    I truly wish that I could provide the answer you seek but I have responded to your request on the basis that I consider the mother of my 5 year old son to be someone who shares a very similar life experience. Whilst her dad did not leave her mother he was always at work and since she was an only child she has grown up harbouring a very serious grudge for her feeling of being neglected. Consequently she has had many failed male relationships and has serious self-worth and esteem issues which when we first met were totally eradicated through the excessive attention that she received from me which of course she was not accustomed to.
    Your penultimate paragraph hit the nail on the head for me because you mentioned the deep pain and resentment that you experienced because of your upbringing and the comparison with your peers ‘incredible life experiences’ because this is how the mother of my son views her own situation – bitterness, jealousy and envy eating away at her otherwise kind and generous soul.
    In the case of my ‘partner’ she has sought solace in anti-depressants and alcohol but I believe the one true favour that she has done herself is to heed the ancient Greek aphorism ‘Know Thyself’ through her in-depth study of astrology which was one of the common interests that brought us together.
    When you look at your natal chart you will begin to understand/appreciate the karma/life path that you chose before incarnation and you will hopefully begin to understand why your life is as it is. Combine this knowledge with the advice of many sages and you will realise that there are many reasons to be positive and that dwelling in the past or wishing for a brighter future are both actually futile. I’m not sure whether you know of the works of Eckhardt Tolle but he espouses living in the present moment (The Power of Now being one of his works) for by doing so you create the future you deserve.
    I wish I could have answered your request in a more practical manner, as your asked, but this is the best I can do right now.
    Astrology may, or may not, be the key to unlocking your inner knowledge – it works for some but not for all.
    The very best of luck seems somehow an inappropriate phase because I believe luck is created by attitude so instead I shall wish you success in finding what you seek.

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