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    Hello Ana,

    I’ve learned to stop my brain cold when it starts playing the whole “I’m not good enough” sound track at work.

    Understand there is no good or bad. You are not good enough. You are not the worst either. However, what you are is THERE.. so give it every ounce of your time, energy and effort and you’ll be amazed by what you can do. You can’t play the what do my colleagues think of me game. Nobody wins and you’re just making yourself miserable imagining what they think of you(which doesn’t matter anyway because you’re just projecting your own fears-you can’t read their minds so don’t try). Just focus and work hard. You won’t have all the answers and there will be setbacks but if you are giving it all you have then there will be triumph. The key is to actually DO the work it takes to succeed. Don’t procrastinate and don’t let yourself fall into the avoidance pattern. You are in control of YOUR actions. You are so fortunate to be in a field where making mistakes is somewhat expected. Research Science is all about eliminating the wrong answer to get to the right one. 🙂
    So get in there, roll your mental sleeves up and really give it all ya’ got, girl!

    Take it Easy,

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