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    Hi Switch….you are not alone! I am an anxiety survivor still learning to walk my new path. Your story really hits home with me. For me I had two main things help me and many life changes that combined not only help me feel like myself again it helped me find a life that is more peaceful then I have ever known. When I first noticed my anxiety it was small things, that twinge in my chest, my body would be tense. As it progressed I stopped engaging in the things I enjoyed in life. Then it seemed to grow into a monster inside me with a mind of it’s own. The most simplest of things would take everything I had just to try and make it through. It got to the point that I didn’t do anything that wasn’t a “have to” and driving was the worst!! I ended up being scared to just leave the house never knowing when the anxiety would show up. I have always felt that I am a very strong person, I’m the rock that everyone leans on. I knew I could accomplishing anything I set my mind to. But this……anxiety, panic and fear, I had no idea what was going on with me and I was paralyzed buy it. I finally got the courage to go to the doctor and doctor after doctor but they just wanted to give me medicine to deal with the symptoms and nobody seemed to be willing to help dig for the root cause. I have severe allergies to most medications and choose not to take them. Just like you I knew it was internal and I thought I should be able to handle it and I would get disappointed at myself for even having anxiety and angry with myself that I couldn’t control it. For months I fought a battle with doctors that didn’t want to help me. I was actually told it was all in my head and if I didn’t want to take the meds I was just wasting their time. After months of this a friend suggested acupuncture, not a fan of needles but I was willing to try anything. It was the best decision that I made and the events that followed have totally changed my life. I sat and talked with the acupuncturist about my symptoms and she asked me to take an adrenal test and when we received the results I finally had an answer. I had adrenal failure and the treatment was holistic and we used amino acids that I took for 7 months. So I would suggest getting your adrenals tested, saliva test are more accurate. I also went to a qigong energy healer an not only did it help physically but mentally, emotionally, spiritually. The difference I saw in myself was amazing and the simplest and best explanation I can give is that I not only felt like myself again but I was even better!

    There are many other things I have learned and changed on the path to getting rid of my anxiety ultimately my goal has become to get healthy with my body, mind and spirit. Because it wasn’t just my adrenals that were giving me the anxiety it was my life and the people and things around me. My intuition was telling me the life I was living needed to change and I didn’t listen and It kept pushing until it presented in the physical with anxiety and panic. As I reflect back I can see so clearly things that played a roll in it that I wasn’t able to see as I was going through it. I got my vitamins and minerals balanced, and cleaned up my diet and have learned a lot about nutrition. I learned about energy healing through qigong, I removed toxic people from my life, learned to let go, I use to have severe monkey mind that would have me floating ten feet off the ground at any given time and if you have experience monkey mind you know exactly what I mean. So I learned to meditate which has taught me to calm my monkey mind and Yoga keeps me grounded and connected with myself and the earth. I’m still learning to hear and listen to my intuition…this is a huge one for me. I have learned I am a HSP and I physically get ill if I let it go to long without making a change. But it is teaching me to trust myself again and to know that If I listen it will continue to guide me to my greater good. It helps me find my purpose and direction and with that comes a wonderful feeling of fulfillment. I am still learning everyday but I am no longer scared of life or how I “may” react to it. I am excited to get up and out of the house everyday and experience life.

    This is the first post I have ever done and I felt compelled to because I felt so alone when I went through it and was scared to talk to anybody about it fearing they would judge me and think I was weak. I really wanted you to know that your not alone and that you can make it through this….You can do this!!!

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