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    Hi there jaia,

    English is not my native language so please understand any mistakes i will make. I’m happy that your decision is for yourself and of course it’s also for him. Being someone who chooses right over what your heart really want is the bravest thing you ever do. Yes, you might feel a bit lonely, sad, and you feel like your world was about to break because of your decision, please know that it’s fine. You choose that decision and please stick with it. If a man wants you in his life then, he’ll throw everything just to be with you. Give him time to think and if he never come back to you, then dear please hear me out. Please be strong and just trust the process because i believe that you can. It hurts but soon you’ll get better. Imagine giving him the thing he want but he cant throw the thing you don’t want to is unfair please stick with your decision because our heart can do a mistake once you listen to it. Yes. you lose him but, it’s better than losing yourself so please stand up and pick your crown up because that whats queen do. And you are a queen so please keep your head up because your crown is falling

    – Honey

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)