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    I adore how you write, your emotional honesty is so wonderful… I can totally relate to being “freaked out” by the law of attraction, as I was also that way at first and am still always amazed at how easily it works and how when I set a “deliberate intention” for something… in fact that is really all you need to do each time. There should be no effort made to manifest what you want at all… Just say “I intend for ….to happen”…make it as specific as possible, and feel that thing happening on that day… that’s it. The only other trick to it, is that you cannot follow it up with any negative thoughts to the thing not happening. This will just cancel out your request. It’s not cheating, it’s the way this Universe was created out of Imagination, so of course it’s a Law that works for us. 🙂

    Yes, we are all attached to the struggle, this is due to the EGO part of us. The Ego loves to eat drama for breakfast and will always try to ‘horrible-ize” everything in our lives and keep us down. When it runs out of drama, it will go to any length to create more drama until it is no longer hungry, until the next time. I have more info on this on the EGO my blog here…

    As for the rest of life, it always starts with us changing inwardly. The best way to start this process towards enlightenment is to “Fire the Judge (in us) and become the Witness Observer instead”…This means start with noticing/observing how you think, how you react, how you feel and how you behave in any given situation. Look at how old you feel in that moment, this will give an idea if you are reacting out of an old childhood wound or if you truly feel that way…when you do this, remember NOT to judge, just observe what goes on within you. The reason for this is that feelings are not right or wrong, they just are…

    Next time you have communication with your family, try to remember to take note of how you feel, where you feel it in your body as this is where the energy of the feeling can get blocked…emotions are e-motion, or energy in motion. This energy is designed to keep flowing and not get blocked. If you don’t release this energy it eventually becomes blocked and turns to ill health.

    I have an online self study course on my website for learning about the Law of Attraction if you or anyone is interested in that. You can find it here as well.

    I hope any of this helps you and you are able to start the journey to a creating a peaceful and joyful life…

    Create a wonderful day!


    Julia Shehadeh

    Good morning Inky,

    I am so happy that you asked me your 2 questions.

    I will briefly try to tell you about my relationship with my mother, just to give you some perspective, and not to detract from your problems at all, but also to help you to see what can be overcome if you really want to.

    My mother and paternal grandmother used to beat me as a young child, my last memory of that was at 11 years old. my mother’s father and oldest brother sexually abused me from the age of 2 and my last memory of that was at age 14. All have died now except my mother, who had treated me very poorly my entire life, until I was able to find peace with it all. My mother betrayed me in the worst way, she knew of the abuse and did nothing to save an innocent child, her own guilt over it causing her to beat me instead of facing it herself. Even through it all, I still loved her and wanted her to love and respect me for who I am (as children always do).

    At face value, what happened to me can be judged as disgusting, hateful, painful, etc etc, and I can choose to live with that and say oh poor me for the rest of this lifetime but I have no desire to do that. How would that help me to move forward and live a happy life hanging onto the past that I cannot change? The Law of Karma escapes no-one and so the bad deeds will be repaid by them eventually.

    One day it occurred to me, that I didn’t want my mother to eventually die and leave things unfinished between us; and I realised that I needed to repair the damage within myself, before I could expect any kind of loving relationship with her. On looking deeper into myself, I realised that I was also suffering from abandonment issues. My mother had deserted me emotionally and my father had left when I was 11 years old and he had been my rock. Many people carry these feelings of abandonment from childhood into EVERY relationship they encounter for the rest of their life. It is debilitating and binds one spiritually so that you cannot live a healthy non co-dependent life. This I had to overcome and at times it still rears it’s ugly head for me, but being aware of it, I can now control it.

    So I learned the art of acceptance. Before you can change any situation you need to fully admit or accept that it exists/existed, WITHOUT judgement on it. The situation is not seen as good or bad, it just IS! This was followed by learning forgiveness, for all those involved. Once I felt that I had reached a point where I had accepted what had happened to me, and let it go completely, I was then able to move on with my life but also start to rebuild the frail and fractured relationship with my mother.

    I came to later understand that she was also sexually abused by her father, and that she was so afraid of him, she didn’t know how to protect me either. If I were to judge the apparent ‘excuse’ I just gave for her behaviour towards me, I would say “she should have protected her only child at any cost”, right?! However, if I tell myself that, then I am still sitting in judgement of the past and not letting it go. Judging things doesn’t change them or make them better. What it does do is it holds the vibration close to me so it can continue to affect me.

    The only way through this was to just accept her as she is, not try to change her, wish she were different, feel sad that I never had a nurturing mother, play the role of the victim for the rest of my life… So, I began to think of her with love, mixed in with sadness for myself of course at first, but also accepting that she is also on her own spiritual path, the same path we are all travelling on, she is just perhaps a little further back on the path or on a different branch of the same path, we all live in ignorance and unconsciously to some degree… No amount of wishing, hoping, making frustrated remarks, being mean back to her, ever made a change or even begging her to see me as I am, as she couldn’t see what it was that she was doing to me. I could only change my view point of it all.

    As soon as I changed, she changed. It cannot be any other way and we are all vibrating energy and like attracts like. What goes on inside ourselves is ALWAYS reflected back to us by other people and situations in our physical world. When we change our attitude on the inside, the people and situations will have to change as well, its a Universal Law.

    So, yes we now have a very good relationship, she lives in Australia and I am in Spain. She writes kind and loving things to me, sometimes I even get 2 emails in one week…it used to be one a year if I was lucky, and usually filled with hope of my demise. 🙂

    Yes, the Law of Attraction, is really the Law of Vibration. It’s one of the natural laws that exist for us to use, so why not take advantage of it? Your mind and your imagination is in control of your world. The idea that the world and all it’s circumstances control your life is false and it is a belief that is drummed into us from childhood. By changing your own attitude and thoughts/beliefs about anything at all, you can change anything you want in your physical world, even they way your family members behave. You can then teach them by your own example, for words don’t teach, only actions do.

    The missing link to the Law of Attraction/Vibration is in the art of allowing those things which you want to change, to actually happen. It is only our stubbornness and unwillingness to let go of control and just allow, that stops us from getting everything we want and need. (this is the hardest part of manifesting)… 🙂

    I am enjoying chatting with you…thank you for the opportunity. 🙂

    Julia Shehadeh

    Hey Inky, glad to hear you are working on yourself, for this is the hardest job in the world and the only one worth doing.

    There are spiritual answers to every problem and in this case it revolves around feeling separated from the family. While you judge you will always fell separate but the lucky thing is that relationships with anyone are never completed while you are still attached emotionally. There is always hope to repair if the parties are willing. Love conquers all… 🙂

    Julia Shehadeh

    Hi Inky,

    For many years I had a similar relationship with my mother, always wanting her to make a move or to call me, to have a full and healthy relationship with me. I even had to make an appointment if I wanted to go over to her house and visit. One day, I realised that you cannot change people, no matter how hard you try or coerce them into being more as you would like them to be; at least not outwardly.

    What you can do is 2 things. Firstly accept your father 100% as he is and think of him only with love. This involves letting go of the judgement entirely… no easy task…We are all on the same spiritual path, and as such, some of us are more willing to reach out and be loving than others. The ONLY person you have any control over in life is yourself. So, the second and unseen thing you can do, is to imagine the relationship you would like to have with him, your inner acceptance of who he is and where he is the beginning of helping him to change towards you. Once you begin to view a positive relationship with your father in your mind and let go of the outward appearance of how it seems, you change the energy vibration between you and he will start to want to connect with you. It is your judgment of him both inwardly and outwardly that you are feeling, that is keeping you apart, not his excuse that “its not in his nature”.

    Refrain from self judgement as well. This just leads to a feeling of guilt which in itself is judging your self for a second time over…Just because you have been out of the loop, doesn’t make the person you are either good or bad; you are still your same loving, kind self. Try from now on to accept things as they are, without judgment and you will find more peace in your life if you can begin to do this. Just step back from circumstances for a bit, and observer them instead of jumping in immediately to judge. Most of us just spend our lives judging everything and everyone, and living what I call ‘unconsciously’…

    Has it ever happened to you that you were thinking of someone that you haven’t seen or heard from in a long time, and suddenly out of the blue they call or email or show up in your life again? The reason for this is that your thought is an energy vibration, and as you think of that person you send out a vibrational message to them, which they pick up and respond to. This works much faster if you think on the other person with kindness, love or appreciation. You can do the same thing to find you father and have him contact you.

    You have within you more power than you can ever imagine. You are not a victim of life and you don’t ever need to play that role either. If something feels ‘ wrong or bad’ to you, it is because it is not in tune with your own personal vibration…in other words if it feels wrong, it is wrong for you. You can use this as a guide to what is going on in your life and then choose whether or not to be a part of that situation.

    If you can begin to watch your own thoughts minute to minute and change them from negative to positive, you will soon start to create a wonderful life for yourself, without judgement, fear, sadness etc…

    I hope what I have suggested helps you to find more peace.



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