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    Hi Nancy,

    I felt compelled to reply because you see I too struggle with “letting go”. For a task that sounds so simple it is a universally challenging task, and as humans we all have difficulties letting go of one thing or another. As frustrating as the process is, understand that “letting go” is as much of an action as it is a process! It may take some time, depending on what exactly it is you are trying to let go of, and how much you allow yourself too. First and foremost, you are already making progress by understanding that forgiveness, love, trust, and understanding is key.

    Whatever this “clutter”is that you speak of, find peace in knowing that YOU are in control of your thoughts, feelings, actions, and choices in this present moment. Don’t worry about the past, or the future. Let go a sigh of relief in knowing that you are only responsible for you, and that other people’s choices, words, actions are their own. Respect them, but understand you can’t control them. You are 100% in believing that the universe has a lot in store for you, it truly does. Try opening up to the endless possibilities that are in store for you–without expectations.

    Just remember, there is no right way to letting go, but put that same trust you have in the universe in yourself and you will find all the answers.

    I hope others may provide insight as well, but I also hope this helped a little! I know how hard letting go is…trust me when I say it is a struggle for many!

    Also be sure to check out Tiny Buddha’s many articles about letting go if you haven’t already. Lori has written several on the topic, and I found it really helped me.

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