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    Those are definitely a lot of stressors. Fights with our spouses will unfortunately continue to happen over all sorts of things. All we can do is work together to get better at having them to lessen the amount of hurt we create.

    In regards to not showing your feelings. . . something that works for me is to privately feel them to the max. For example when feelings of sadness or hurt or anger, instead or lashing out at others or trying to hide them, I take a few minutes to close my eyes and feel how my body physically feels these emotions. I feel how they travel through my entire body. If I feel like crying I totally do and really feel it. My dad says it’s a form of meditation. What I really appreciate about this habit is that I let it out. Even if I don’t want to draw attention from my husband or others I get to let it out by myself. After feeling the emotions fully (doesn’t take too long) you’ll also feel how they dissipate.

    As women we do need to talk about what feels like everything we are going through. Sometimes those closest to us are not in a position to listen or truly empathize without trying to “fix us” and only make it worse. So finding a good friend that is would be a good idea. Of course talking to a professional is always an option. Writing them out like you did here or more in detail in a personal journal works almost as well.

    I hope this helps and wish you the very best.

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